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“Did you pack everything that you might need?” Tiffany asked as I carried a small backpack on my back. While she had two travel suitcases fully packed, ready to go.

“All I found was a backpack in Anxillion’s bedroom. Only had enough room for two days worth of clothing and a toothbrush and toothpaste. I think that will be enough.”

Tiffany laughed nervously.

“We’ll be there longer than a few days. Let me grab another luggage and throw some of the clothes you have hanging in my room.You go back and collect more undies.”

Tiffany set her 2 violet colored luggage cases down and turned back around to her bedroom. I went back to Anxillion’s room and did as she asked. Leaving all the sexy pieces she had bought me in the drawer.

Someday soon I’ll be able to wear them for Tony. Even though they were intimidating to me, I knew once I put them on for him that I would feel incredible. That day couldn’t come any sooner.

We both regrouped, but this time in the front room. Tiffany now had 3 luggage cases. The additional luggage was black with circle rhinestones all over it. The black plastic looked matte which was beautiful. The rhinestones just ruined the look of the matte black luggage.

“I have an Uber driver waiting for us at the gate. He’ll drive us to New Orlean’s airport. We’re going to have to travel over Lake Pontchartrain on the causeway. If you haven’t been on it before, it may seem a bit scary and seem like it doesn’t have an end. Since it’s so early in the day, we won’t be on it at night. Which is the time it’s most scary, even for me.” Tiffany admitted to me.

“How long does it take to travel across?”

“It takes around an hour usually. The speed limit is slow in the morning since fog is usually always an issue. Limiting the two lanes to one. Sometimes it takes longer if traffic is heavy. Since it’s Sunday, it won’t have as much traffic.”

“Okay.” Nodding in acknowledgment.

I’ve heard of the bridge plenty of times. Never have I crossed it though. At school, it was something that people bused to impress one another. Saying they crossed over the bridge at night made them instantly cooler. Even if they crapped their pants while doing so.

It’s also the longest bridge over a body of water. Which is crazy since it’s not far from our town.

We began taking our things and headed out the door. Tiffany didn’t even bother locking the house and we head to the left. The side that I haven’t yet seen.

As we rolled the luggage behind ourselves, making obnoxious noise from the wheels over the concrete, we approached the garage heading downward. Going underneath the house. I wondered where all the cars went and why they never took up space. This was why.

“I didn’t know you guys had a basement garage.” I mentioned to Tiffany as we steadily walked down the slop.

“Yeah, it’s really nice. Prevents any of the cars from getting sun damage. I would also take you down from the basement doors but there are things that are best to be left unseen.” She told me, leaving no clue as to what it was.

“I’ve seen a lot so far. I’m sure I could handle it.”

She stared at me briefly as we stood in front of the garage door.

“Tony has specifically told me not to let you in that area. One thing I whole heartedly agree with him on, for once.”

“What? Is it just a bunch of dead bodies?” I kept pushing the topic.

“Please stop. It isn’t something you need to know.”

“Should I be scared?” I asked since her tone was a bit off putting.

“Stop asking question.”

She proceeded to enter in a long code into the panel next to the garage door. Causing the door to rise up quite quickly. Exposing all the cars that lingered inside.

I saw Tony’s jet black Cadillac sitting on the left of all the cars. Sending old memories of the first time I saw it. When Anxillion was driving it to put Tony and up from school. Since I was running away because Misty was going to beat me up.

The day Tony promised to protect me with all his worth. Sometimes, I didn’t feel worthy enough for him to do such a thing. Also explains why he had such a hard time with Jake protecting me. He would have done anything and everything to make sure no harm came to me. It was what he was good at. It’s made me crave him so much.

The emotions the car was being felt like Tony was right in front of me, even if he clearly wasn’t.

“We’re going to take the golf cart two-thirds of the way down the driveway and walk the rest.” As she walked towards it.

It was all the way to the opposite side of Tony’s car. In between them, starting left to right, was a white Mercedes coupe with all black accessories. Making me think it had to be Tiffany’s car.

A deep green jeep with all the bells and whistles. Next was a large black suv that seemed really generic. Last was a black with polished silver, classic Mustang. Which was sitting on a set of jacks since it didn’t have any front tires.

The garage had plenty of room to fit a few more cars but the spaces looked beautiful being open and showing off the cars as you entered the garage.

The door to the rest of the basement, that was off limits to me, was near the golf cart. Which made sense since the garage was underneath the front part of the mansion, leaving the basement area towards the kitchen.

We both got onto the golf cart after setting the luggage on the back part of the cart. The keys were also already in the ignition, just waiting to be turned.

“Alright, let’s go.” She proceeded through the garage door and upward back to ground level. The garage closed after she pressed a button next to the radio. Which I didn’t even notice was there until I saw her push the button.

It was time for begin our adventure. This time was going to be one hell of a time. The first time I travel to a different state it for save my boyfriend and hopefully break the curse to prevent us ever being with one another.
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