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• Plane •

When the Uber driver arrived to the airport, he helped us out and did it quickly. Continuing to shock Tiffany at how polite and considerate he was being.

The whole ride was interesting and kept my focus away from the scary bridge. Since Tiffany and the driver, Fred, were really having a great wholesome conversation.

It was clear that Fred was gay, from all the accessories he had in his car and how well he dressed to the way he presented himself. Tiffany and Fred talked about when they found out they knew they liked the same sex and their experiences. Even though I hadn’t had much experience with relationships and knew I preferred men, it was nice hearing their stories.

Tiffany said she knew she liked girls when she was around ten years old. There was a specific school that held children that were involved with the magic side of the world. Which was in Utah. They would stay there the whole year and go back home during winter, which was when the school year was over for the year.

At the school, she bunked the same room with another girl named Olivia. She was already turned into a vampire at a young age since her mother didn’t want her to die.

Her and Tiffany were practically inseparable and would spend all of their free time together. Tiffany only grew fonder of Olivia and it aspired into a crush.

There was one night that Tiffany and Olivia were in the same bed, which they did often, talking and gossiping about the other students at the school, Olivia asked Tiffany is she had a crush on any of the boys at school. Tiffany said no, then finally admitting to having feeling for her. Who obviously wasn’t a boy.

The rude awakening to her first crush being a girl was that she had to be take out of the same room as her, also forced to stay in her room by herself. Not able to join any of the sport activities with other girls. Also unable to play the sports with the boys as well. The teachers and people watching the school thought she was too young to know such a feeling. Leaving her to go to a counselor multiple times a week, to try and understand and change her thoughts.

Tiffany felt like she had to hide her feelings forever. Since she was looked at as a threat to other girls, which wasn’t at all how she acted. Everyone knew her family’s name and thought she was only doomed for evil. Having her show the school that she was a lesbian made them think it was the start of an evil woman brewing.

She was still human at that point and knew a lot about vampires and all other mythical creatures that existed. Leaving her unable to go to other school for normal human’s safety. Leaving her in a place she would never belong.

Hearing her saddening side made me even more sympathetic to her chaotic life. It was obvious she wanted normalcy and it almost never happened.

Fred was later compelled to forget her side of the conversation but Fred was open about her being a vampire and didn’t even stutter to her when they were talking. Excepting her for who she was since he knew how hard it was for some people to do that very thing. Since his life was full of traumatizing experiences being gay and how no one would except him. Including his family which lead him to leave home at a young age.

I knew how much the conversation meant to her. I looked over her shoulder when she tipped him an insane amount of money after we settled in the first class lounge. It was enough to buy a decent car or a full year of rent. Something that would help his life for the better.

“We’ll wait here until it’s time to get on the plane, so don’t get too comfortable. Since we only have thirty minutes before we have to board.”

I had brought Anxillion’s journal that was found behind the picture, to read up and make the four hour flight not so boring.

The journal was thin enough to fill inside my backpack without taking up too much space. My family book would have been great to take with but it’s so wide and deep with pages that it would take a fourth of a luggage. The fragile pages and bind weren’t something to travel with. Content inside was better safe at the Saltzman Mansion, where no one could touch it.

“What happens if...” I tried to ask Tiffany a question and she stopped me.

“No.” While putting her index finger over her mouth. “Don’t ask me anything about anything involving about the something. You never know whose ears are listening. Those types of questions or comments can be asked when we drive to my family’s home. Okay?”

“Got it. Sorry.”

“I know you mean well. The sad part is they could be anywhere listening. For all I know they could be following us right now. Just keep important questions to yourself. I’ll answer them when we’re not on public property.”

She looked back down to her phone and I looked out the large window to all the sitting planes. One plane on a different gate was backing up and away. Getting ready to fly in the sky.

Even though I had my phone in my pocket, there wasn’t much I wanted to do on it. If I logged onto Facebook or any other social media, it might lose my cover and people might not think I’m at a boot camp. Besides my cover being blown, I also knew there were probably still countless of message sent to me that were nasty and hurtful. It intrigued me on what they could possibly say but not enough to actually look.

“When you were talking to Fred about not fitting in. I resonated with that. A lot.” I continued to star outside.

“How so?” She settled her phone down, putting her full attention to me.

“Growing up, I never fit in. Always the weird girl and I was made fun of so many times. One girl did it so often that it didn’t make sense as to why.”

“Misty? Tony told me what happened, that she beat you up in the girl’s locker room.”

I finally turned my head to her.

“That’s not even the worst things she’s done to me. She made the whole school hate me. Spreading countless rumors about me and how I was so ugly.”

Tiffany laughed.

“What’s funny?” I was confused.

“You are no where near ugly, Rebecca. If anything, she might have been jealous of you. I’m sure a lot of guys thought you were attractive and she hated it so much that she made your life hell.”

Cringing my face. “A lot of guys made fun of me too.”

“Well, usually teenage boys suck at telling a girl they like them. Those were probably all the boys that liked you. Plus when I worked at the school, most people were talking about you. More than any student in the whole school. You may not have fit in but sure enough people loved talking about you and your every move. As if you were super important.”

“Really? What would they say?” I asked.

“Gosh, guys talked about you in ways of your body. Since you’re blessed with an hourglass shape of perfection, it was no secret that people awed over your looks. Natural black hair and bright blue eyes, that’s something I’ve hear a couple people talk about. Girls talked about the same things but in tones of jealousy. You didn’t fit in because you’re extraordinary.”

Couldn’t help but blush from her comment. I’ve never been told such and in a way that made sense. When I saw myself in the mirror, I didn’t see those same things. I saw what people put in my head. A strange girl with a strange look.

Thinking on it, it made sense. Why I was always being stared at down the hall. I kept to myself and I didn’t need anyone to walk with me. Walking down the halls on my own and I shined all on my own. Even though I did look completely different from everyone, plenty were into it. Scared to let others know that they were.

Except for Tony. He knew he wanted me and wasn’t afraid to tell me. Even though his main reason for finding me was to protect me, in the end he protects me because he cares for me.
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