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• Tennessee •

When Tiffany said she got first class seats, I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. Until I noticed our seats were next to one another and with a glorious amount of room. Seeing the seats further back, I noticed they were more crowded and with many seats in each row.

For being my first time on a plane, I was grateful to be rocking the first class. Where they offered us food and drinks before any of the other people began to board.

I declined all offerings since I already took all the free food and drinks in the first class lounge. Tiffany asked for an alcoholic beverage, straight whiskey with no ice.

“Nervous?” She asked me.

“A little, you?”

“I meant about the plane ride.” Tiffany confirmed.

“I know.” She laughed and shook her head.

“No, I’m not nervous. I’m nervous about when we get to Tennessee.”

Pinching my lips together while I nodded back.

I didn’t even want to start thinking about what was going to happen.

Will my magic be lively enough to defeat so many vampires and save Tony. Then hopefully correct the balance in the world to aid me in breaking the curse. The amount of strength was going to have to be extreme and power. I also worried about what the aftermath was going to be once I let go of that much magic. How many days would I need to recover? Would I even be able to recover?

“Don’t scare yourself to badly in that mind of yours. I can see you thinking and it looks painful. We’re going to work together. Not all of it is on you and I’m here to help. When we get him, he’ll be helpful as well. Maybe even more helpful.”

“Thanks, the worry started rushing in.” I grabbed my backpack and opened the zipper. “I’m going to read Anxillion’s journal to keep my mind else where.”

“Good idea.” Tiffany smiled and turned back to her phone.

Grabbing the journal with my left hand and holding the bag with my right. Trying my best to also hide all the underwear stored inside, since the rest of my clothing was in the black luggage that was checked in. Tiffany only brought her phone and passport, nothing else.

Once I zipped the bag back up, the flight attendant service first class beverages and snacks. While the rest of the people still waited to board.

When the flight attendant came to Tiffany and I, she opened two mini liquor containers and began pouring it into a plastic cup. Which seemed like a extreme waste of plastic.

“Thank you.” Tiffany said as the flight attendant finished pouring the drink.

“My pleasure.” She paused while taking the little containers to the trash can on her cart. “Enjoy.”

I looked down to the journal and quickly shifted through the pages. Seeing if I was going to be able to finish the whole journal on the flight. From examining, There weren’t many pages written in. Which meant I would be staring outside the whole time after I finished reading.

Other travelers began boarding the airplane. Creating a rush of noise. The hair on the back of my neck started to stand in a way I haven’t felt before. Throughout the whole day, my magic wasn’t very active. Except for this moment.

I didn’t want to start freaking out but I knew something was wrong and I couldn’t deny it.

“Tiffany.” Getting her attention.

“What?” She says in a way that isn’t at all worried. Making me doubt my instinct.

I pull out my phone and open it into notes. Since saying anything out loud might do more harm than good.

Note: I have a bad feeling about the plane ride. My magic is warning me and we shouldn’t follow through with the plane ride.

After she quickly read it, she deleted it for me.

“Are you sure.” Almost disappointed about not being able to ride on the plane. Since it would mean she would have to drive all the way there.

“I’m certain.” I nodded.


Tiffany takes the plastic glass of whiskey and chugs the liquid quickly then sets the cup down. Since there was plenty of people walking the craft, we weren’t going to be able to leave so quickly.

The problem I was facing is the magic was literally pulling me out of my seat. The urgency was strong, enough that Tiffany noticed me fighting my own body.

“We’re going to have to force our way through.” Tiffany grabbed my hand and was fighting against all the people walking onto the craft as we tried to remove ourselves from it. The magic started making me nauseous since it was trying to make me get off the still plane.

Tiffany understood the urgency without knowing why or the specifics. She believed my warning and didn’t hesitate to act.

When we reached the gate, the staff at the airport seemed confused as to why we were leaving so suddenly.

“Everything alright, ladies?” A man staff asked us.

Without skipping a beat, Tiffany told him a cover story to make him urgent in retrieving our luggage from the plane craft.

“Her grandmother just had a stroke and she in the hospital now. We needs to go now and need our suitcases in an urgent speed, please.”

“Certainly, I’ll get them to grab your belongings.” He picked up the corded phone from the podium that he stood at. Then asked for our boarding passes to ensure our correct luggage.

A few minutes with him talking to someone on the phone, making sure they knew the correct information while also expressing the urgency. I wasn’t sure if maybe Tiffany compelled him to make sure they went at a speed greater than normal, but it didn’t matter at this point. My magic was humming in my head, in a way that only sang of danger still near.

“You ladies can wait over here.” He ushered his open hand to a seat of chairs near by, “It should be long of a wait.”

We sat in the spot he asked as his returned to the computer set on top of the podium. Continually scrolling with the computer mouse. Since no other people were trying to board, he seemed to be scrolling through something long.

He then read off into the phone, presenting his voice on the loud overhead speakers. Asking for different names for a last call to board the plane. It was four different names, none of them were familiar names.

When he had finished, he continued to scroll through his computer and clicking a few buttons on the keyboard as well.

The a man in an orange vest came to us rolling the three suitcases we had checked in.

“Here ya go.” His rich southern accent spoke.

“Thank you so much for your urgency.” Tiffany grabbed her two luggage and I quickly grabbed mine.

Walking at a quick pace. The further we got from the plane craft, the clear my head started to feel. Whatever was going to happen must have been life threatening. The problem I started thinking about was if the problem was still going to follow us. Since our lives were extremely valuable right now.

Tiffany said they could be anywhere, what happens if they were actually everywhere.

We were swerving through the airport so fast that I didn’t that we were already close to the exit and out at the waiting area. Lost in thought and looking around and overanalyzing every individual. Trying to see if anyone seemed suspicious. Which none were.

When we settled on a bench outside, while Tiffany was using her phone with much intent.

Tiffany stood up, leaving us only a few minutes on the bench. A black car road in front of us, decked out in all black. Similar to Tony’s car. The tinted windows were so dark in the sunlight. Leaving no visibility from the outside.

She opened the back seat door and urged me to get inside. The trunk opened and she was quick to put the suitcases inside the back.

I tunneled to the farther seat and Tiffany wasn’t far behind.

“Hello again, Rebecca.” Jake was in the driver’s seat, in an extremely casual.

My magic was extremely settle now. Letting me know that I was finally in safe hands.

“Hey, Jake. Long time no see.” I smiled.

“Yeah. It’s been a little over a month.”

Which caught me off guard since it hadn’t felt such a long time. The family book screw up time so badly, that I still can’t even fathom the time passing.

“Any chance your up for a long road trip?” Tiffany asked Jake with a soft tone.

“Whatever keeps you both safe.” He drove off from the pickup area of the airport. “Plus, I’m sure I don’t have much of a voice either. Considering you’re the one who controls the empire now.”

I looked over to Tiffany in pure shock.


Tiffany smiled awkwardly.

“Since you killed Victoria, who was the last and oldest Sharp descendent woman, that means the empire gets passed down to me.”

“Wait, the empire goes to the women instead of the men?” I asked.

Jake laughed a little to my question.

“Well, all the vampires created were all women. The witch who created all the vampires intended for the women to rule the empires, not men. Which is why the empire belongs to me now. It isn’t something I’m ecstatic about, but I wish to only create a better empire driven by good.”

“I think you will do great.” I happily grinned at her.

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