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• Richard •

“Wait, what?” I sit up quickly, which startled Tony. “I gifted?”

Tony stares deeply, his face doesn’t say or no.

“I honestly don’t know. I haven’t seen anything that would suggest you being gifted.”

My mind began to rush and think if I had done anything or remember anything that could have been simple signs of being gifted. Nothing rings a bell and nothing stands out either.

“Shall I continue reading?”

“No. Where is this book? I need it.” I begin to feel my body shiver a little. As if adrenaline started flowing through me.

“Rebecca, let me finish ready. There is still so much you need to know before I give you it.” He kept avoiding the book.

“Why? How could anything be more important?”

“Rebecca! Stop!”

I began to panic and don’t understand why he’d be so driven to keeping it away from me.

“No! Why aren’t you going to give it to me? It’s not yours to keep and if it helps me reach my gift I want it.”

“Fuck it. Clearly you’re in no need or want to read the rest of this book.” He tosses it across the bed, “if you learn your powers, people will be after you. At the mere moment you decide that your gift needs to be unleashed, horrible people start chasing you. Happened to your grandmother. And it happened to your father.”

I stay quit and don’t fight anymore. I sit next to him, obeying him.

“Trust me, I would love for you to know your gift. It’s a part of you that should be embraced. Yet, at that very moment it happens, people will chase you and you won’t be safe anymore. Your family has been hunted and killed for that very reason. Your grandmother died in the hands of these people and...”

“My dad?”

Tony pauses for a moment.

“Yes. Richard, your dad, he was killed by them.”

“Who are they? Why? What is so important for us to be dead?”

He squinted him eyes and took a deep breath.

“The Huntington family. They have been hunting your family for years.”

In utter shock, my mouth wide open and couldn’t even begin to understand why.


“Rebecca, it’s such a long story. A story this book explains better that I ever could. I could easily leave out important information that is vital. Anxillion explains it extremely well. He wrote everything down after speaking to Eunice every time. We haven’t even reached the part that explains the stories and the history that is involved.” Tony continued to speak calmly.

“Why didn’t the Huntington sisters kill me when they had the chance?” I asked.

“They know nothing about it. It’s their parents who have done it for years. If they had gone back home with that information, that you’re related to Eunice, you wouldn’t be alive at this very moment.”

I felt my throat closing up to the thought of being dead. It could have happened without the parents’ help. The sisters would have done their bidding without even knowing.

“Can you just tell me why they’re after my family and I? Since my life seems to be in danger regardless. I have the right to know.” I could feel my blood boil from not knowing.

“Fine!” He flipped the pages towards the end of the book. Pointing to the very spot. The word that sat in the middle of the page. Practically lighting my eyes s It made no sense to me.

How was it at all possible? How could I exist as such?

“You’re a wizard. So anciently rare and almost unheard of at this point. People only know them from fantasy books. You’re family is the last of its kind. You are the last of your kind. The gift is passed down once in each generation and skips gender every time it gets passed down. Your sister cannot have the gift and neither can your brothers. That’s why your grandmother was in town when you were born. She had to ensure that you wouldn’t receive your gift until much later. Casting something over you until you hit your adult age. Making sure you couldn’t be tracked. Once your gift unleashes, the Huntington family gets word from their witches. They have their own servant witches to track any trace of your family everyday of every year.”

Taken back by the information. It wasn’t possible. It couldn’t.

“Why? What do they have against wizards?” I asked.

“They want to be all powerful. Not in the sense of dictatorship or control. They want to be the most powerful being alive. Wizards stand in the way of that.”

“They’re just vampires. How would they even be the most powerful. You’re family has a land that protects you, they don’t even have that.”

“Trust me, they’re powerful. They’re more powerful than my family.”

“It doesn’t make sense. How is it possible that wizards and vampire share the same world. That never happened in any book I’ve read.”

“Like I said, your kind is anciently rare. More existed far in the past but now it’s a dying species. Also, technically vampires were made from witches. Not sure of it’s complete origin, all I know is the ability to stay alive while being dead was created by a strong covent of witches so long ago. Probably a witch not wanting to lose a loved one. No one knows the exact time in which that was done. Witches were created by wizards. That isn’t a for sure fact in the history books I’ve read but your grandmother said that a wizard did in fact create the first witch. Witches is a separate field compared to wizards. Witches work with energy and earth. Life and death. Wizards work with that plus much more. They work with existing and non-existing elements. Wizards can literally create a whole other world if they wanted to. They create a systematic world and play God. The very existence of a wizard in this world is crucial to make sure that the Earth doesn’t fall apart.”

“Where’s the part that this family has more power than a witch?”

“They have witches working beside them. Their very power comes from those around them. Their family specifically can hoist power around them. Channel the energy of anything gift around them. The very reason you should never be near them as well. It’s believed that they were the very first vampires ever created. Their gift to channeling magic energy is what makes them powerful. Witches can even be controlled in the channeling. As if they’re pulled by strings.”

“All of it doesn’t make any sense. How could could a witch create a vampire. That would be nonexistent, right?”

“Witches did create vampires. We’re technically dead and living.” He pointed out.

“Then how can you move so fast and have increased abilities?”

“The witches wanted to make humans more vigilant, stronger. It seems impossible but if a witch were here to explain it, it would make sense.”

“How is it possible that the Huntington family has a gift that allows them to do that?”

“To be completely honest, I really don’t know. My parents never told me and I’ve never read anything that explains the phenomenon.”

I got up from the couch and guided myself to the bookcase. There was a dark book on the shelf that was standing out but I held my hands close to me. Trying hard to resist it.

“About your dad.” He paused as I turned my body back around. “He was about to get into a horrible car crash. He used his magic at that very moment to save his life. It worked. He did it a few days before he was killed, in another car crash.”

My eyes lit up in fear. The story changed in my memory and I felt even more saddened. He was deliberately killed after having tried to save himself.

“That’s...” I froze for a few seconds looking down at the frame of the bed.

“I don’t want this.” I shook my head at Tony. “What’s the point of being gifted, or even alive, if it means I’m hunted down for my own existence.”

“To defend your right to live. That’s the point. To make sure your gift carries on and continues to protect our world from collapsing. Protect the innocent.”

“I don’t believe this.”

“Are you sure? You got up and I could tell you were looking at the very book that you’ve been asking for. As if your gift is trying to guide you to it.”

He gets up from his side of the bed and made his way to the bookcase. Grabbing the overly damaged binding that surround the uneven pages. If anything aged strongly, this book topped it. It looked like a miracle that the pages weren’t falling from the seams.

The tan colored cover remained blank from words and descriptions. Leaving the true information lurking inside. It looked no more than an old book and could be easily mistaken for garbage.

“Here.” Softly handing me the book. I grabbed it and held it intensely in my hands. Almost expecting it to do something magical, which doesn’t happen.

“You have to make sure no one gets a hold of this. This has more value than all the books combined. In the wrong hands it can do more harm than good.” He notified.

I nodded my head in agreement.

“I feel so unworthy yet intrigued. To find out more about my life and who I am is more than I could have wished for. Yet the age of this book worries me of how fragile it is.”

“As long as it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands or destroyed, you’ll be fine. And also that no one sets it into flames, like the other book I lend you.” He smirked playfully at me.

“Well, to be fair, I had it locked up in my school locker. Don’t make me feel worse than I already do about that happening. Especially since I didn’t get to read it either.”

“I’ll tell you wants in it some day.” He smiled and stepped closer to me. Making my hands uneasy. “Don’t worry.”

Tony grabbed the book from my trembling hands and placed it on the nightstand closest to us.

“Besides all of that, I did want to talk to you about something else that has been bothering my mind significantly.” He grabbed both of my hands softly together within his own.

My heart was beating faster than normal and the temperature of the room seemed to elevate. His face was so close to my own and a bed just a few inches behind me. The closeness of him made me shiver in anxiety of what was to come. Or what could come.

“What is it?” I asked him with soft eyes.

“This past week was difficult. Not being able to see you was one thing but worried about your life and whether or not you were dead. I was practically in shambles. I never imagined someone well being would bother my mind the way that yours does.

“The moment I saw you, on the ground yesterday, trying to distract Anastasia while Tiffany was slowly approaching. I felt responsible for everything that had happening to you so far. I’ve only brought turmoil to your life and so much harm. Even when all I’ve been trying to do was the right thing at every moment in time. I’ve felt like you’ve been a bit more nervous around me and I had this deep feeling that you blame me for all the wrong in your life.”

“Wait, what?” I shook my head in disbelief.

“Let me finish please.” I nodded my head again and he continued.

“When we got back here, you eased up. Maybe you knowing that you’re safe helped you relax. Or even being able to wash up after that horrible week. When you finally got to rest, I did see you sleeping in my bed. You did something I’ve never seen before.”

I began to panic, as if I did something weird or gross while I was sleeping.

“You said my name. In a way that assured me that you weren’t nervous about me or had despised my very existence. When you said it, I felt calm and wanted to just cuddle you while you slept. Then today, when I kissed you. You kissed me back with more passion than I thought you would. All of which made me want you more than I ever did before. I can’t hold in how I feel about you anymore and I need to tell you how much I care about you.” He gripped my hands tighter. “I really like you, Rebecca. The moment I saw you, I knew you were someone I wanted to be with. The way you dressed down to the way you talked. Everything was perfect in my eyes and I’ve never met anyone quite like you.”

He pushed me back towards the bed to sit and settled next to me. If I thought anything was going to happen, this was the perfect moment.

“No matter how much I really like you, I need to be honest with you.”

He placed his hand on my knee, sending my nerves into shock. Feeing myself relax and ready to kiss him for a longer period of time.

“I don’t want you to think that our meeting was an accident.” The inside of my body drops like a rock.
“I’m sorry, what are you talking about?” I say innocently confused.

“Rebecca, I was trying to find you. It was a little difficult , but I continued since I wanted to protect you. Get to know you. To make sure you were safe. Yet when I laid eyes on you, my intentions evolved, I wanted more than all of that. You immediately meant more to me than I could ever describe. Before, it was just to make sure Eunice’s granddaughter was safe as she wished it to be. Until the very moment I met you, I wanted to make sure you were safe. From the first day, that wasn’t easy for me. I regret not going into the locker room and just doing what I needed to make sure nothing happened to you. I could have easily killed all of those girls.”

“Why? Misty was the one that hurt me.” I pointed out.

“True, yet none of the girls watching stood up for you which is an issue too. They are better dead if they can’t stand up for someone whose helpless. They’re just as problem some as Misty was. And trust me, Misty is still getting what she deserves.” Tony spoke with rage. He even noticed his shift of demeanor and took a deep breath to try and relieve it. “I can’t even tell you how hard it was to not give you my blood and just heal you then and there. But my cover would be blown and there was no way I was going to compel you. That moment in your life was something that I felt was valuable. Forgetting it would have been even more detrimental. Besides that. I also intentionally went along with it so then you would be at home and I could stop by to visit you. Plus, you didn’t need to be in the same school as that vile girl.

“When I did visit, I could hear that you were at home alone and I could hear you taking a shower when I arrived.” My eyes widened a little bit more than before. Since I knew that day that he was speaking about. “As I waited at the door, I saw you running up the stairs quickly. I was in shock and couldn’t believe what I saw. The fact that your parents picked an all glass door was something that spoke odd to me. Yet, I’m glad they did. I thought you were beautiful before that moment. After your body moved the way it did up the stairs, I couldn’t have imagine a more beautiful body.”

I squinted my eyes shut in embarrassment.

He did see me run up the stairs naked that day. After all this time. He saw me and never said anything until his confession now.

“I was worried you saw me. I honestly didn’t think anyone would have been near the door at all. When you rang the door bell I nearly shat my pants.” We both laughed a little. Even though mine was mixed with humility.

“I rang the door bell a little after since I was intending to speak with you. I talked to our teacher about your homework and he said that you and your mom had made sure to grab all the assignment for the days you’ll be missing. I compelled him to give them to me anyways and also the day after. It was the only excuse I had to be able to visit you at home. Technically, I already knew where you lived since Anxillion told me awhile back ago when I first was trying to look after you. Besides that, I also did something else that broke my heart to do.” He closed him eyes firmly. “I compelled your mother to be cruel to you.”

Okay and why would you feel the need to have done that?” I said after he completely caught me off guard by his new confession.

Tony knew how much torture it was having my mom being so hostile. He used that leverage to get me more comfortable. He used my mom to get closer to me. That was sitting well.

“I did it so you would be more inclined to be with me. I don’t regret it to be honest. We’ve spent more time together because of it.”

“Uh, no. You could have just asked to hangout. I would have been more than happy to do so. Using my mom, that was unnecessary. Drama that could have easily been avoided. Also adding more stress in my life than I needed or deserved. You compelled her to not care at the moment I needed her the most. All because you wanted to spend time with me.” My tone wasn’t pleasant and I was upset with his reasoning. The fact he didn’t regret lacked empathy.

“If I knew what I know now, that could have been a more suitable strategy. Yet, I think things would have played out much different. I can’t say for sure if it would have been better or worse. At this moment, I wouldn’t have changed my actions to be completely transparent.”

“Why? We probably could have had our first kiss much sooner. We could have gone on that date you planned for us awhile back. All of which never happened because my mom said no. Had you left her mind alone, that would have happened.”

“True, but you could have easily been dead.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked sternly.

“It’s possible. Things could have been better in those details but in the end, maybe it would have ended with you dead. I’m not saying I know for sure but there is always a possibility.”

“Or it’s possible that we could have been happy and I would have been alive without a worry.”

“Well. No matter what, my sister was going to be in town. The Huntington sisters were arriving soon after. You could have been at home and Tiffany could have left you without vervain to drink. Using her for her own bids. You could have been compelled by the sisters. That would have led to your death because you knew me. More than you had led on. That could have gotten you killed. You lying to them and getting caught would have ended your life quickly. Noting that, I still don’t regret my decision for what I did. Yes, I shouldn’t have done that to you and your mother. Yet, you were much safer here than you could ever be compared to your own home. That’s all I wanted for you and if you were with me here, you were safe and alive.”

What he said was completely true. Even though things played out the way they did, it might have been for the better. It just wasn’t right for him to play out my life before things fell into place. His drive to protect me came before he even met me. Oddly, I’m flattered as usual. His strange way of showing he cares about me just makes no sense but in my eyes I can tell it’s all for a deeper purpose.
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