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• Control •

“Who hurt you?” Tiffany asked her Andrew.

“Some woman. I think she was a witch sent to kill me and for some reason her magic wasn’t working on me so she grabbed a small dagger from her side and started hacking at me. Not sure how she was able to do so much damage but she did.” He testified.

“It might have been laced with something so she could do more harm on a vampire.”

“That would explain the stinging. What doesn’t make sense is how would that have gone away from drinking your blood?” He questioned.

“Well, I’m a wizard.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Maybe it helped reverse would was happening to you.”

“Now I’m really glad we’re on the same team.” Tiffany giggle causing me to do the same.

“Besides all of that, any idea on what we should do to save Tony?” Tiffany asked her dad.

His face shifted to a much serious expression.

“What do you mean, save? Where is he?”

“Umm, well. He’s locked up in the cells at the Huntington’s. At this very moment.” She said as she froze.

“Why the hell would he be there?”

It was clear that not happy with this new news. I was still deeply worried in how we were even going to save him. Even though we were closer in distance, he still felt so far away and I needed to see him alive and well.

“Trying to kill the bitch.” She grinned awkwardly.

“Well, I’m going to change out of these clothes really quickly and just figure out a plan when we get there.”

Andrew proceeded to head up the stairs and Tiffany just shrugged her shoulders.

“Just like I said before, best if we have no plan.” She said to me.

“I remember. At the same time, is that really a good idea? What if we make two choices and not decide until the time arrives.”

“She would get a coin toss percentage. Having a plan to attack both plans. I don’t think so.”

“Oh, that makes sense.” I say after getting turned down so quickly. “Maybe I could just go in on my own and kill everyone on my way to saving Tony.”

“Sounds good, but you using that much magic will do more harm than good. Did you forget what happened last time you did that? I had to baby sit you. Which I’m not good at in general.”

“I remember but we’re in a battle right now. If we don’t kill them, they’ll kill us. I want Tony back to help us defeat them and I need to make sure that he’s okay. I need him back.”

“I get it. Seriously I do. The problem is our lives isn’t as important as yours. You’re the only one capable to defeating the wicked bitch. You killed my grandmother and she ranks pretty high. Nothing like Janice but if you have the tools to kill one original vamp. You’ve got the tools to kill them all.”

She was kind of right.

“Victoria was easy to kill. I just ripped her head off.”

Tiffany was shocked.

“No one has even gotten that close to her without her ripping their heads off instead. You’re not fast. How were you able to do it?”

“With my magic. I wasn’t even close to her.”

“I’m sorry, what?” She adjusted her eyes, “I’ve never heard of anyone being able to do that.”

“How do you know that Eunice couldn’t do it.”

“Eunice used to tell me all the cool things she was able to do. Nothing close to ripping a heads off. She could I’m sure she would have still been alive. She was able to help witches enhance their power by letting them channeling her magic. She could move things with her magic. Could make things disappear. Force fields. Understand a book without reading it. No head decapitations.”

“If she can move an object, she would have been able to do it. Moving a head away from the rest of the body is moving an object.”

“Eunice never mentioned anything of that. Maybe she didn’t know she could do that. It’s possible. It seems different than just moving an object though, you using incredible forced to remove a body part.”

Andrew flew down the stairs at the perfect time.

“Did my dad every talk about ripping someone’s head off with magic?” I asked him quickly before he even look at us.

“Your father preferred not to do magic. The way that Eunice would talk to him about it kept his hands away from it as much as possible. That being said, I’m sure he didn’t even try to pull something like that off. If it’s at all possible.”

“It is! She did it to Victoria.”

“Props to you. Maybe you could do that to every enemy we are going to encounter.”

“The bad part is when she uses that much magic she becomes extremely weak.”

“Oh. Any chance you have the family book with you?”

“How do you know about that?” I questioned him since I was confused as to why he knew of it.

“Richard told me about it. He used it a few times to help him with things when he was in need of help. That or protect him.”

“The last time I went to it did something to me but I don’t think it worked since I’m so powerful already. Why do ask for it?”

“Maybe you can ask it how to make that not happen.”

“Did that already. The exhaustion is inevitable. It’s the balance of the pure endless magic.”

“If your powerful enough, then be in control of it. Not the other way around. Create your own balance. Make it okay by your rules, not the other way. If that’s even possible.”

Even though he didn’t know much about having magic, what he said sang in my mind the right way. I needed to control it before it controlled me. Maybe that’s what I did wrong. Maybe I was asking the book the wrong questions for the answer I was seeking.

Yes... My magic spoke to me. Control me...

How was I to even do that?

Control me...

Leaving me no answer. Until I thought about the time I was in the woods. The time before that. It made more sense the more I thought into it.

The magic was thriving on its our and it controlled me and my actions. Not me controlling it. I needed to write the rules and do the thinking. The magic was my aid, not my guide.

“It’s time to go. I’ll take the lead.” I stopped Tiffany and Andrew from talking to one another. They entirely were confused as I walked to the doorway.

“What? Don’t go all high and mighty now. We need to walk in together.” Tiffany tried to change my mind but I knew I needed to do something now.

My magic was telling me enemies were out side on the property. Aiding me on what was around. They’re everywhere but they no longer scared me the way they did before. I let my magic tell me exactly where they were as I held the rein.

“Let’s go.” Waiting for them to move.

My confidence changed as the magic thrived me. Andrew looked at me different, even Tiffany. In a way made then think this was crazy.

The door was wide open which was leaking cold air into the house.

I walked through the doors and didn’t let my body feel the temperature change. The magic sang through my body with warmth.

As I suspected, there was a large crowd waiting for me. Spreader out and ready to run.

Without my arms, I only had to think of it. The small branches, that were undetectable on the trees, flew in the directions of the vampires. Without a warning or a bat of my own eyelash, their hearts were stuck into by small branches. All simultaneously dead at the very same time.

The snow started turning red around all the vampires as they sunk into the ground. As their bodies began slowly decomposing. The galaxy gave enough light to see such an amazing moment.

Feeling Tiffany and Andrew’s bodies behind me, watching my actions. Practically feeling their breathe as their jaws were open in utter shock.

“What did she even do? I didn’t see anything.” Andrew asked Tiffany.

“She’s using her gift. Let her be the boss now.”

Walking away from the house, I knew which direction I needed to go. Right. East.

The two of them followed behind as I took a few steps into the snow. The kept their space between me since I had killed so many of their own species. I understood their fear. Luckily there was no mistake with what I was doing. Every branch was driving to their destination and no where else. The hearts of my enemies only.

“Tony, I’m coming.” I said aloud. Then I flew as fast as a vampire. The sickening speed wasn’t bothersome, since I was in control this time. The magic moved me like an object. A simple talent, elevated.
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