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• Surrounded •

Traveling fast through the trees, I could detect every vampire I passed by. Seeing their faces appear in my mind with the help of my magic. Each face met with a branch hidden from high up in the tree. All killed unexpectedly. Seeing their expression as they died, getting a strange high from the power of killing the enemies.

Andrew and Tiffany had a hard time keeping up with me as my speed was much greater than their own. My magic was faster and greater than it had been before. Even if it had only been a few days ago since we last danced. The intensity was more than before.

When Tiffany said their properties were close by, she didn’t explain the distances apart. It took some time to even reach the property since it was plenty of miles away. Maybe at least 10 miles apart.

I stopped suddenly on a flat terrane that had no trees. Leading to the gloriously haunted, black stone mansion sitting with all the snow around it. It was still so very dark outside, which only aided me to trust the magic as I used it.

“What’s next boss?” Tiffany chuckled as she spoke.

“Like I said, I’ll lead.”

We still stood.

“Well, we don’t have all day.” She commented.

“I’m trying to find the bitch.” I explained to her. Her joy to my comment back to her was thrilled while acting goofy.

As they waited for me to act, I was using my magic to scan through the mansion. Get a trace on Janice and where she was. There was much luck doing a quick scan through and through.

I did find a good amount of witches though. Feeling them use their magic in high magnitude. Which I scoped into them further and could see them working on a spell. They seemed like a threat and that was to end.

Snapping my fingers on my right hand once.

Their magic wasn’t theirs to use anymore. Their ability to channel anything and anyone was cloaked deeply and wouldn’t release until I said so. For all they knew, they were turned into mere humans.

Feeling their panic, which revealed the where about of Janice. Which was hiding among the witches.

“Gotcha.” I whispered.

This time I didn’t use my new founded speed. I simply walked through the deep snow and head for the doors ahead.

I wanted her to think she could run away or call for minions to attack. I wanted her to struggle and build an army against me. Which wasn’t going to be strong enough.

I needed my boyfriend and nothing was going to stop me. She wouldn’t be prepared for who was coming to knock in her doors. Since I was willing to go all in for a battle I knew I would win.

Continuing to stride and approached the grand doors without a single vampire to play defense. I then smashing the doors open with a single thought. The buckles and locks were no match for me in preventing access. The vampires waiting inside next to them smashed into the walls. Letting their whole bodies crush in between the stone wall and the metal doors.

I took a glance at Janice’s face once more with my magic. Her eyes were wide open, shocked. She got a glimpse of what was to come.

“Come here, Janice.” I called for her.

I could hear her laugh. Thinking she was safe inside and had a better stance inside. Knowing that moving would only give me an advantage. Even though her place of hiding wasn’t any different than being outside. I could do anything to defeat her, I had but to imagine the possibility.

Since I knew Tony wasn’t inside this building, I could begin anyway I wanted without fear of hurting him.

“Alright. Meet your ashes.”

I pushed Tiffany and Andrew far behind me with my magic. Making them grunt to the sudden force.

Slowly lifted my arms, feeling the structure start to heat up. Deep red light began to illuminate from within the stone foundation. If not stopped, it would send the whole mansion into a molten mess. It would take no longer than a half of an hour to accomplish.

Through the doors, I saw Janice run through in panic and headed towards me with intent to harm.

I let the high heat from the foundation thrive on its own and release my magic from it. Then striking Janice with a flash of magic, sending her to the ground. Bounding her to the frosty snow, unable to move.

Finally able to see her with my own eyes and could see the fear she had. The fear of finally becoming the one getting defeated. That she finally would meet death herself.

I walked softly next to her.

“I don’t think you expected all of this, huh?” She struggled to shake her head. Her blonde hair glued to the ground.

“Unfortunately, today is your day. My family’s death was in the hands of your own. You probably thought you would get away with it until our line was defeated. Sadly, you have been defeated instead.”

Her eyes lit stronger in panic. If her heart could beat, it would have pounded so hard that she would put herself into a cardiac arrest.

I couldn’t look at her face any longer. Knowing she was the reason my family was dead. My dad, Eunice.


Using my magic, similarly to how I used it against Victoria. Except this time, I grabbed Janice’s heart.

I could feel my magic as if it were a set of hands. Grabbing the lifeless heart and pulling it out of her chest. Breaking her bones as I pulled it out. Feeling the skin rip as I pushed the heart farther out of the carcass.

I felt the soul disperse from the body. I glanced at Janice and her body was gone. Leaving me confused.

My face met the ground, which was unexpected and left me vulnerable.

“You seriously think you can defeat me? Did they not tell you I am see the future.” She laughed with an incredibly haunting tone.

If I hadn’t tore her heart out, than whose heart was it. I looked to the right across the empty field of snow.

“Andrew.” I whispered in distress. I tore his heart out on accident. Tiffany was on my ground next to him, crying for her dad. The guilt overwhelmed my mind and I almost let my magic dissipate into my saddening emotion.

I remembered not to let go of the magic. I needed to continue to fight. If not, his life was done in vein.

“How sad. You try to save your boyfriend and end up killing his father. Ehh. That’s going to be hard to explain,” Janice continued to try and torture me with her words. Using my experience against me.

I got myself up without the help of my magic. I needed to save what I was going to do next and I wasn’t completely ready.

Vampires began coming out of the woods. Surrounding us as we stood a few yards away from each other. Surrounding us in a large circle shape. Wide enough to still keep Tiffany and Andrew’s bodies in the circle with me.

“You sure did show me when you left my witches’ magic deprived. Also starting to burn my home down. The part you lacked at was where I really was. You looked away and I ran off. Leaving my presences to Andrew.” She began to step slowly and dramatically towards me. “You could have taken me down. Yet, you were one step behind and lost focus.”

“Are you sure?” I questioned her, trying to make her think again while I tried to think of a new plan fast.

I eliminated the flames from the building. Since there wasn’t any point into it anymore. I channeled the nature of the flames to make me a little stronger. Which still wasn’t enough.

“I’m sure.” She was still confident.

I scoffed. Which didn’t bother her since she felt unstoppable, even though she wasn’t.

I looked around and saw the vampires surrounding were getting closer. Stepping over my companions. Making only Janice and I in the circle.

Wizard’s circle... The magic put an imagine in my mind. She won’t know this plan... My magic hissed.

Janice was talking to me and I couldn’t hear her at all. Giving only my focus to the diagram, making sure I knew each line. The way each line touched the edge of the circle and which parts the lines intersected.

I knew deep down that I couldn’t mess up on this diagram or else something could go wrong. Though I also need to act fast before they closed up the circle too make to make it.

How was I going to make the circle?


As fast as possible, I closed my eyes and engulfed the vampires marching forward into a large circle of chaotic fire. Melting the snow underneath them. Quickly drawing the fire at the nine points of the circle and bring them towards the center to begin to create the wizard’s circle. It was simple enough to make but it needed to be done perfectly.

“I know where your boyfriend is, let me take you to him if you release this insanity.” Trying to win me over. It was too late now.

She already fooled me once, she wasn’t going to get. Second try.

While also sending incredible heat around us, I made sure to also put a force field around the circle. No one was allowed in or out.

We were both standing in the perfect places in the wizard’s circle that prevented us from getting hit with the fire.

Only a few more lines and it would be done.


Opening my eyes to the lit world around us. Janice was terrified and for a good reason. She was the sacrifice for the shift I was going to reverse. I was going to be able to be with Tony without anymore issues. No more secrets.


The magic yelled into me and pushed the strength forward. Screaming my effort and strength into what I was about to perform.

This wicked monster had no right to be in this world anymore. Her bloodline was going to vanish and she tried to run, yet couldn’t. The fire stood tall as average trees and burning to hot to get near.

All I could see of her through the glimmering fire was blooding tearing down her face.

I closed my eyes to focus and flew my hands fast to my side.

In a powerful grunt, the ground shook as strong as an earthquake. The snow had already melted so I was able to stance the ground firmly. Keeping my focus on the magic at hand.

I could feel the overload of magic coursing through me. My magic and the wizard’s circle communicated in whistles through my mind and the sound of the world trying to shift the balance in the world. The circle, my magic, and the world were making a deal under my command.

Janice’s death was the last thing to finish the process. I squint of my eyes deeper and I felt her soul swirl within the circle away from her lifeless body. Which quickly melted on top of the ground. The heat from the fire began to burn the liquid of her body into smoke that only gave the circle more power to accomplish the deed.

“I demand the change.” I yelled. “My family’s curse will no longer be. As for I, Rebecca Hanson, demand for it.”

The Earth shook even harder. As a response to my command.

I opened my eyes suddenly and the fire was gone. Her body was gone. The circle of vampires were gone. The wizard’s circle was gone.

I was still strong and standing. Not feeling at all like I had felt the first time I partook in the magical phenomenon. Feeling strong as before. Ready to go save my boyfriend.

Well done...

Leaving me with a grin that could last for a lifetime.
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