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I turn around from facing the dark mansion. Locking eyes with Tiffany and seeing her jaw ajar. She was clearly awestruck to what she had just witnessed. Looking completely still.

Closer I got to her, she then started to clap. Which seemed odd of it being so delayed for an applause. None the less, it made me feel even more amazing.

“That was fucking brillant!” She cheered at me. “I can’t even believe what you just did. All those vampires disappeared into some dusty glittery shit that began to float into your hands. All at super speed. I can imagine you feel more powerful or something after that.”

“I feel powerful but none more than I already was. I feel the same.” Shrugging my shoulders.

“Damn!” She looked at her father on the ground and sent her body to the ground next to him. “Any chance you can save him, all power wizards?” She forced a grin, which was hiding true sadness.


I shook my head in disbelief to the magic telling me no.

Why? I asked in my head.

His death is important...

I wanted to throw up. How was I going to explain this to Tiffany? She was right beside him, caressing his hand to comfort him. Waiting for me to help her dying father.

Tell her the truth...

What was the truth really? Saying it was important wouldn’t make sense to her. She would need to know why. Which would only be understandable as well.

I got down at the same level as her, seeing his body start to decompose. Even with my magic, I couldn’t imagine where I would start in reversing a death. What the costs would be at the balance of the world.

“Tiffany.” Sounding monotoned.

“Yeah?” She looked at me sober. Which led me to take a quiet breathe.

“I can’t save him.” I shook my head without looking at her and only at Andrew. Since this was going to be the last time I ever see him and I needed to capture this moment into my memory.

“What? What do you mean? You just did some crazy stuff just now. You have incredible power! Please! I beg of you!” She started to get stuffy as she tried not to cry.

“His death has purpose. My magic told me that his death is important. Though it isn’t desired and I wouldn’t wish it for anyone. His death was not done in vein.” I finally looked at her.

“Are you kidding me? What if this was Tony? What if your magic said Tony’s death was for a purpose?” She was making a point but I knew deep down that my magic wouldn’t force me suffer like that. At least I didn’t think it would.

“Tiffany. I can’t.” I shook my head again, but a little faster.

“I thought we were all on the same team? You can’t even save my father? You can’t even imagine the pain of losing...”

“I lost my dad too.” I interrupted her before she would say something she might regret. “It was only 3 years ago, Tiffany. I know how it feels. Your dad lived a long plentiful life. If he was still human, I’m sure he wouldn’t of had much longer to live. At least his life had a purpose. And his death was not in vein. You got to hear him say sorry about everything that had happened. The sadness he expressed about being captive in his own body. He was free from all of that at the last bit of his life. Able to break free and see his daughter one last time.

“I know he loved you and he would have taken the place if it meant him instead of you. Janice could have easily had me turn on you instead of him. It’s selfish but I’m glad it was him instead of you.” I explained to her.

Her expression changed and she nodded her head in acknowledgement.

“I get what your saying. It doesn’t make it any better though.”

“Nothing will, to be quite honest. Even after many years, the pain will always linger.”

“That’s exciting.” She let go of her dad’s hand. “What is that purpose? For his death to be important.” She asked.

To make sure that there is only one Saltzman son alive...

The answer I had to reciprocate baffled me. I didn’t understand how that would even matter.

“Umm.” I didn’t want to say what the magic said. “Because there needs to be one Saltzman son alive.”

“What, why? Why would that matter?” She seemed as confused as I was.

“I. I’m not sure.” I stutter.

Isn’t the family curse fixed? I asked my magic.


Then why does it matter if there is only one man alive from the Saltzman family?

The reasoning is because the curse of being able to be with him is still not fixed. The family curse is completely rearranged back to how it used to be. Unfortunately, it takes the death of a Saltzman man to reverse the love curse. That cannot be fixed any other way...

“What?” I say out loud, beginning to cry.

“What’s wrong?” Tiffany looked at me strange. As I was having a conversation with my magic.

“I’m so confused. Does that mean Tony has to die too?” I ask the magic out loud.

Tiffany looked more serious.

Yes. If you wish you for the curse to end, then yes...

“What!” I yell louder. “That doesn’t make any sense!”

“Calm down, Becca. No one is killing Tony. Not on my watch.” Tiffany was now the one trying to calm me down instead of me to her. Even though I was too flustered to be managed.

“Tiffany. I can’t.” I got up and started running away from her.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” She yelled at me before coming after me.

“I have to disappear. I can’t be here anymore!” Crying uncontrollably as my human speed slowed down. Beginning to sob in my hands uncontrollably.

Why would the Saltzman men need to die in order for the curse to be broken? How does that even make any sense?

All I know is it takes a Saltzman man’s death...

“He’s the last Saltzman man.” I yelled into my wet hands

Tiffany hugged me from behind and I turn around for comfort.

“Why would he even need to die in the first place?” She asked calmly.

She was clearly confused and only wanted to know what was going on.

“I’ve been keeping a big secret from the both of you. I found out that my family has been curse.” Trying to catch my breathe.

“What’s the secret?” What curse?”

“That whole thing that happened was to kill the last Huntington as use her to reverse a curse. One my ancestors put a shift on my family line to only make the alternate gender receive the family wizardry gift. Since the Huntington family was coming after us and trying to kill us. It would limit our exposure and keep us safer as well stronger. To prevent the Huntington family from killing off our line.

“The ancestors also did another curse. One of the ancestors was a woman and the other two despised her relationship with the man she loved. Which was with a Saltzman man. Which they ended being forbidden to ever be together due to the curse. Not only that but there is balance to every spell or curse. Really any magic need balance in order to survive. The balance that occurred was that we were forbidden to match in matrimony or sexual exchange while also craving and loving one other before anyone else. A match made in heaven that was forever forbidden through generations.”

“Oh my god! That makes complete sense. Anxillion and Eunice. My dad and Richard. I even heard Eunice’s dad had a strong friendship with my great grandfather. I never noticed any of that. Did anyone else notice?” Tiffany asked.

“Not from what I know. I was told this information through my family book. My family line of ancestors have kept it a secret for so long and on purpose. Not finding a way to fix it. Maybe this was why? Everyone got the same answer.” I began to cry again.

“Nuh uh. You’re not like the rest of them. You’re smarter and stronger! None of them got close enough to defeat that bitch. You did! And you, you’re only sixteen. I wish I was as badass as you at that age.”

Her commentary wasn’t helping and leaving me deeper into my depressing thoughts.

“Listen to me.” Tiffany shook my body. “We’re going to find a way! You’re going to become my sister if this stupid curse likes it or not. We’ll figure out a way to break the curse. Maybe there is a loophole.”

I shook my head.

“Tony is the last man. It’s not worth it. I can’t do this anymore.”

Tiffany appeared to be thinking with her lips curled to the side. Then squeezed me into a much larger hug than before.

“Let’s go save Tony and maybe we’ll ask him for his help. Like you, he’s smart too. Maybe we can put our three head together and figure something out.”

I continued to struggle at keeping my eyes from tearing up. It felt like a dead end and nothing was going to work if the wizard’s circle hadn’t.
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