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• Lied •

“Where is the dungeon?” Tiffany pointed south after I asked her.

Since I was still quite emotional and didn’t want to tap into my magic to find out. Not wanting my magic to go haywire with my depressive state. My emotions made me unable to move my body in the direction. I didn’t want to face Tony with this new knowledge. I felt guilty for it coming down to this.

I know Tony is smart. One of the reasons I find him so incredibly irresistible, yet was as he smart enough to think of a plan to remove this curse? Were we ever going to be able to be together? Life didn’t seem worth living if I couldn’t spend the rest of my life with him.

“It’s actually a few miles away. Not far at all.” She responded to me quickly then began walking in that direction. Her energy was too thrilling and I couldn’t even keep up or take a step forward.

“Hey. The only way we’re going to get him out of the dungeon is if we move our feet. Don’t force me to drag you there instead, because I will. You can’t give up now, not before we even tried to figure something out. Now let’s go.” She waved her hands for me to carry on.

I took a deep breathe through my nose and out of my mouth. Even though I wanted to see Tony again and kiss him, deep down I didn’t want to play with the fate of never being together. F

Tiffany probably only wanted me to tag along and get Tony out. Since we were all on the ‘same team’, I’ve shown to be extremely powerful in her eyes and Tiffany needed me in order to get him out. Right now, with all I know now and my state of mind, I’m no more powerful than she.

“Alright.” I moped forward with no rush. Tiffany waited until I reached her distance as we began walking together.

Away from where I thought everything was going to be fixed. Leo asked if I wanted to remove the curse. Which I answered yes. I now understood why he said the family curse. Not referencing the part that would make Tony and I able to be with one another. Maybe he knew I would kill Janice and her Huntington family. Maybe he saw I was strong enough and used me where I was vulnerable.

Leo probably knew I wouldn’t be able to reverse the love curse he placed on our family, only the one that affected our lineage and how it grew. How it aspired to leave our family vulnerable. Not only that, but could make an extremely power wizard if left the way it was. Leo probably saw that it in me and needed it to change immediately before it got more out of hand. Realizing the shift he made wasn’t all it cracked out to be. Except for the one involving love.

Thinking of it now, he didn’t seem to care about what I was saying. Only caring about my connection to the curse. And whether or not I was willing to reverse that one he wanted reversed.

“You seem really in your thoughts. What are you thinking about?” Tiffany caught me off guard.

“Just stuff.”

“Good stuff?”

“Well.” I paused in voice and movement. Tiffany stopped as well and gave her full attention to me.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

“I think when I went into my family book, before killing Dexter and Victoria. The man Leo, who I talked to, he used me to make sure I ended the curse. He only cared about me making it all right. Except he knew I wouldn’t be able to get rid of the one that prevents Tony and I from being together. Since he was one of my ancestors that put it into place.”

“Oh dang. That’s kind of messed up.” She admitted.

“What’s even more messed up, he probably knew I would find out the truth. He would knew I would have to kill Tony for it to be gone. I bet you anything that every one of my ancestors was told that. I have a feeling he’s the reason as to why it can’t be removed so easily.”

Tiffany was silent.

My depressive state shifted to anger, which my magic thrived in. I could feel my calm magic start to bubble in heating anger.

“Leo isn’t going to get away with it.”

“Damn right! Now let’s go save Tony before he does something stupid to save himself.”

We both smiled at each other in agreement and moved quickly off into the dark forest. The sun was just starting to emerge from the distance as night sky was brightening up..

The dawning of the sun seemed incredible through the trees as I flew past them. It felt like everything was perfectly timed. As if the world was telling me I was right about Leo, before I knew if it was true.

I was going to make sure Leo payed for what he had done. When the time was right.
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