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• Dungeon •

We approached a snow bush as we scoped the building crowded by trees and vegetation. Which was underneath endless amounts of snow. I wouldn’t have noticed it if Tiffany didn’t crouch down at the bush. It appeared that it wasn’t maintained on purpose to prevent it from being noticed within the forest. The snow covered everything equally and made the building look like a ginormous boulder under now.

The building was short and long in distance. Not what I imagined when I was told dungeon. It looked more like a hide out than anything.

Two largely buff men stood outside of the entrance, hiding behind a curtain of snow covered vine. If going to the building head on, you wouldn’t notice them being where they were.

“I think it’s best if we just attack viciously.” Tiffany was ready. I wasn’t.

They just stood there, leaning against the boulder like wall. Did they even know that their leader was longer? Maybe they would run of or join us.

“Is that really necessary? Why would they still fight for the Huntington family?” I was curious.

“Because they serve the empire they were awaken into.” Tiffany wasn’t quite understanding the meaning behind my question. Looking at me like I was stupid.

“But that very empire doesn’t exist anymore. The family line is dead. Maybe we could bring them onto our side instead. Since we defeated them.”

“I don’t know if they would. Plus, if they did decide to follow someone new, it would probably be you since you killed them.” Tiffany pointed out.

We did it though. You had part in the sisters’ death. I just took care of the older guys.”

“I just don’t think that will matter. You were the one that ended the empire they follow. Also they just spotted us.”

I look back over and they have their intense eyes on us. It was hard to tell if they were going to run us down or if they were listening to what we were saying. Only to observe us.

“Can you hear me?” I asked the men looking at me. I stood up tall, away from the bush we were hiding behind.

“Is what you say true.” One of the men asks out loud.

“Yes. If you don’t believe me and choose to fight for ashes, I don’t mind fighting against you. Or you can join us to create a better world. Protecting one another when needed. I would see you as family”

“What?” Tiffany turned to me quickly. “They do everything on duty. Their life is to protect the empire. It’s not some sort of family.”

The men was more intrigued when I said family. When Tiffany mentioned empire, their faces fell sour. I could tell they didn’t want to serve an empire. They wanted to be apart of a family. You can see in their faces, that’s all they wanted. A family to be apart of. I was going to stick with my word.

“Well I’m going to change that. I’m a wizard, only family member alive in my line of gift. If you come with me and protect me, I will protect you. You will be the speed and night when I’m weak or disabled. I will be the comfort and protection when you are weak and magic is against you. Come over for holidays if you choose to but I won’t tell you how to live your lives. I’ll adopt you into my family, not an empire. I don’t want that mentality. I want a happier world where we can coexist. Tiffany will help with guiding you to places of shelter, as long as you treat us with kindness. Which we will do in return.

“An empire seems incredibly dated and unfulfilling. Leaving only the best to aspire. Everyone deserves a chance at being good at something. Not destined for death if your considered weaker than the rest.”

The men stood tall and step out of the curtain of vine. A few men from inside came out of the building as well. They heard the words I expressed and seemed to be on board.

Tiffany seemed nervous to the claims I was announcing. It seemed like a lot to offer with nothing to back it up. Though I meant every word I said. I knew that’s what they needed and wanted. Not to be forced to stand around to do nothing until something happened. Risking their lives for duty. They should risk their lives if they wish to. It’s their second life to live, no point of wasting that second chance.

“I did kill your leaders, I don’t regret doing so. They were going to kill me when they got the chance. If I ever had children, they wouldn’t be hunted the same. I don’t wish that world for anyone. You shouldn’t be hunted for the very family you exist in. Especially if your values aren’t the same.

“I promise to treat your children as if they are my own. From this day forward, you can be apart of my family. If you release Tony Sharp or lead me to him, we can then make arrangements to start to new growing family.”

The men moved way and ushered me forward into the building. Tiffany and I walked ahead and I saw the flooring was checkered with black and white marble. Covered in dirt and debris, cracks among some of them. Metal gates hung in the ceilings that were incomplete and unusable. Practically pointless unless for a decor accent.

Each dungeon was paired together in each section of arched walls. Large metal doors ready to barricade with no access to a window whatsoever. None of the prison rooms had anyone within them except for he very last room down the short hall. On the right side, the door closed. Since all the doors were opened except for that one, he had to be in there.

Tiffany and I hustled quickly down the hall. The further we got down, I knew something was becoming wrong. Tiffany didn’t notice a thing.

My magic was making the hair on my neck stand in a shivery sense. It wasn’t a cold breeze and I then heard one of the men start to run extremely fast down the hall after us.

I lift a hand to let my magic release with slight effort. Pushing the man behind us backwards until he hit the other men behind him. Which then I sent his body backwards again to crash viciously into a tree in the distance. The sound of his body squish into the tree, echoing down the dark hallway. Everyone knew we couldn’t possibly survive that act.

The men that were on the ground, knocked down from the now dead vampire, looked shocked but ready to fight. As if what I said didn’t hold any value to them at all. Only lying their expressions to make me vulnerable. Which clearly didn’t work in the end.

I pushed the last four men into the nearest chamber for them to be trapped in. Using my magic with every step. Shutting the strong door as locking all the bolts and making sure that the door would not open unless I said so. Lacing magic within the very door.

They were going to die fighting for nothing but a dead leader, which made them no use to me. Leaving their second chance of life to be wasted in a dungeon.

Hearing them bang on the door for mercy didn’t make me flinch or quick to change my mind. They took me for a fool in which I wasn’t. A second chance was given and they missed it.

“Let’s get Tony now before someone else decides to try and kill us.”

“Agreed.” I said as I ran to the door.

My magic flung the door off the hinges. Since I was in such a hurry this time to get him out and home safety. I didn’t think about the possibility that he might be behind the door, luckily he was not.

Across the room against the wall, sitting on the dark wet stone ground. He still looked in alright condition, except entirely dehydrated and weak. Assuming from lack of blood.

“Tony!” Quickly to his side and relieved to finally see him. Hugging him so tightly I didn’t want to ever let go.

He struggled to hug back from being so weak but I could tell he didn’t want to let either. From the little light in the room, I could still see blood streaming down his face. He was in tears.

“How?” His voice was raspy and dry without saliva to lubricate it. Body so weak that I did most of the hugging as the wall helped him sit the way he was.

“Here.” I forced my arm into his mouth and he pushed me away. “Tony, you’re weak. I need you to drink.”

“No.” He kept pushing my arm away, giving all his strength to keep me away.

“Becca, listen to him.” She dragged me backwards and I felt offended. Like I was doing something wrong when I was just trying to help him.

Andrew took my help when I offered it but Tony refused? It didn’t make any sense. I needed him to not be able to walk. I needed him to hold me the way he had done so many times before.

I wanted my boyfriend in good health. Back to the way he was when I last saw him.

Doing my best not to tear up, trying to understand that he just didn’t want to and I needed to accept it.

Tiffany helped Tony up and I rushed back over.

“Becca. He doesn’t...”

“If he won’t drink my blood then I’m going to heal him another way.” I held his weak wrist and let my magic aid me in healing him.

When my magic seeped out of my hands and into his wrist, I felt joy within my magic. My magic was even lusting over him and who he was, the same way I did. As if it wasn’t just me who loved him, that it was all of me.

Closing my eyes to focus on his strength and give him what he need to stride forward on his own until he could feed. Feed the way he decided to and on what he wanted.

It didn’t take long to heal him but it was long enough to enjoy the satisfaction of giving him health. Like a nurse healing a wound on a patient.

When I did open my eyes, his brown eyes glimmered right back at me. Without Tiffany to help him stand up.

His facial hair had grown out a little bit which made him look even more irresistible and older. Tony was smiling so soft that I couldn’t do anything else except smile back the same way. With my hand still on his wrist.

He then had me let go of his wrist so he could hold it instead. Butterflies instantly thriving within my body. That or my magic was excited for this reunion.

“How are you able to use your gift?” Finally asking with excitement in his eyes. Looking at me like I was incredible, especially for healing him the way I did.

“It’ll be a story on our car ride back home.”

“Pshh. You both can drive home while I take the plane back.” Tiffany commented into the conversation uninvited.

Making us both laughed. I looked back at Tony, eyeing at him that I was totally okay with the fact of driving back to Louisiana with only us both. Since I had so much to catch him up on.

“Sounds perfectly fine with me.” Tony said sweetly as he flashed me a look.

Though I was deeply saturated in the moment of being able to see him and be near him again. The guilt of my curse started to linger on my happiness. I could tell Tony noticed the shift of attitude in me. Since it was very sudden.

“I got it from here, sister. Thank you for helping Rebecca and I. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.” We all started walking out of the dark room. “Leave me something to eat when I get there, alright?”

“No problem, brother. Have fun on your ride home.” She waved at Tony and I, then he was gone. Leaving only Tony and I alone in the hallway that lead to the snowy outside.

“What’s wrong?” Tony asked without having looked at me.

We continued walking.

“What do you mean?” Trying to act fine.

“I know there is something wrong and I need you to tell me. I can tell what is bothering you, it’s bothering you deeply.”

“Am I that easy to read.”

“To me, yes.” He paused his deep voice. “Was it because I didn’t let you give me your blood? I’m sorry if that upset you. I associate blood to food and wouldn’t want to think of you that way. Plus I would be too afraid that I would drink you dry.”

“Oh no. I understand and don’t need you to explain. Though I appreciate that you did. It just forced me to find another way to help you. Because I love you don’t want to see you weak like that every again or have anything bad happen to you.” The depressive thoughts increased.

At the entrance of the building he stopped me, smiling.

“The whole time you were gone and didn’t know what happened to you, I felt like a fool for the way I acted. I’m incredibly sorry for acting so jealous and over protective. I should have been grateful that you were protected and had lived another day. That alone should have kept me balanced but I was angry.

“I discovered only a few days after your disappearance that my mother wasn’t exactly who she was and we made her believe you ran away. I told Tiffany to stay in town while I went here in Tennessee. I had a brief thought that you had to have been in the family book but that wasn’t what happen to you last time.” He held both of my hands with his own.

“Deep down, I knew you were fine. You walked into Anxillion’s room and your feet didn’t go anywhere else. I just worried how long until I would see you again and I needed to act to make sure that when you did come back that it would be safe for you.”

“Except I did that for you instead.” Smiling at him. Trying to brighten my own mood.

“What do you mean?”

“I killed Victoria, Dexter and Janice. All with my magic. Unfortunately, I did kill you father when I was working to kill Janice.”

“Wow, I’m impressed.” Slightly nodding his head.


He stared into my eyes and started to get down on one knee. Leaving me speechless.

“While I was trapped in this stupid dungeon, I replayed everything in my life and thinking of all the things that were important to me. All I could think about was you. Being apart from you felt so upsetting and I don’t want to experience that again.” He looked down at my hand wearing the ring he made for me.

I was sniffling to the fact he was on one knee in front of me and seemed to be proposing.

“Even though I made this ring as an introduction to our relationship, I want to change it to a promise that I will only choose you and only you.” He looked up, back into my watery eyes. “I promise to love you with all my heart. Since I could do no less, even if I wanted to. This may be an early engagement and at a fairly young age. Yet I must say that I haven’t been more serious about anyone in my life until you. I can’t imagine this life without you.”

Tears were streaming down my face so fast and I couldn’t say anything.

“Will you marry me?” He finally asked.

“Yes!” I exclaimed and he quickly lifted me into his arms as he got up.

The moment felt incredibly perfect and I couldn’t even dream it any better. Yet the feelings started tunneling in as he squeezed me in his arms while I tiptoed the ground.

Sadly that moment started becoming depressive without Tony knowing. Since getting married couldn’t ever happen.

• • •
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