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“I wouldn’t know. Anxillion never mentioned in his journal. The book never mentioned it either.” Tony got down on his knee against the bed and opened the book. “Let me see if I understand this language.”

As he examined, I turned my body around without losing touch of the book. As if my fingers magnetized to it. Laying on my belly against the bed felt more comfortable and was able to see Tony try to distinguish what the language of the book. Considering it was a different language being disguised with English.

“Anything?” I asked.

He shook his head slightly as he scanned through a few pages.

“Not that I can recognize.” He then flipped all the way to the end of the book. Where the family names were listed. “What’s strange is the ending of this book doesn’t look similar to when it reveals English content. The list of names isn’t there, it’s just a strange sketched circle with a bunch of lines and curves inside.”

I scooted my body closer to the book to get a better look at what he was looking at.

Wizard’s Circle.

I thought of the name, yet it felt like it was spoken into my head with my own voice.

“Maybe it’s a wizard’s circle.”

“What is a Wizard’s circle?” He appeared confused which was no less than how I felt.

“No sure. Just a thought. Considering this is an ancestral book for wizards and it’s a circle. I don’t know what it’s for but maybe that could be a lead. The scripts above the circle might help us if we decode it’s language.”

“Rebecca, I won’t be able to decode it. If there is enough magic in this book to cloak this true secrets, maybe it has enough magic to translate it for you.”

I sunk my neck into my body into a shrugged position.

“How could that be possible?”

“I think it’ll reveal to you, if it is possible. It’s best if I stay away for a little and give you privacy with the book. Tiffany will be up with your food and I recommend just getting comfortable with the book. If it made you sick, it’s clear that the book wants to be with you and isn’t ready for you to disconnect to it.” He got up by pushing up from the bed with his arms. “I’ll let you borrow Anxillion’s room for a week or two until we get some things together to set your room up. Until then, get comfortable in his room and let that be your peaceful place to connect with the book.”

“How is that going to help?”

“I can’t say for sure that it will, but it doesn’t hurt to try. I remember reading Anxillion’s journal, Eunice mentioned the book’s depth and never specified what that was exactly. Maybe this is what she meant. When reading the book, there was no mention of the depth it entails or anything of this magnitude.” I grabbed the book with both of my hands. Tony helped me off the bed so I didn’t have to let go of it. That or struggle getting up with an handicap.

What he said made sense. Maybe the magic was scared of showing it’s true self when others were around since it’s magic felt more heightened when Tony wasn’t around.

Tony led me towards the door and across the floor. All rooms equally sized and door spaced apart equally as well. Except for Anxillion’s bedroom. Since I knew it also had a third floor loft within it.

I had imagined the room before and how it might have been decorated and set up. When Tony used a key in his back pants pocket to open the door, the room revealed something extraordinarily different than I had envisioned. The beginning of the room had two bookcases on either side and in the middle was a set of two sofas and a coffee table set in the center.

The sofas were a dark ruby red with black embroidering. The frame was made of dark espresso wood. The wood bended in curves that seemed Victorian. The coffee table was the same wood and curved similarly as well.

A thin rectangular rug that had similar red colored held patterns of black and red roses all on it. Bringing more symmetry into the organized furniture.

Passed that was a large bed set against the wall on the left of the room. Across from a door that possibly led to a bathroom. Every wood matched similarly; the sofa, coffee table, bookshelves, dressers, bed and nightstands. The price of the matching set had to be expensively rare since it seemed personally customized. Closer I got to the wood of the bookshelf on the right of the room, the curves of the wood had shallow carved roses and thorns. From afar it only looked like curves of the wood, since the dark stained wood left no room for shadows, that the design couldn’t be appeared from such distance.

Dragging my finger along the smooth surface of the edge of the sofa. Stained and glossed to perfection, touching the rose shaped indentations as I carried my finger across. It appeared that all the wood was similarly carved.

On top of the coffee table was a black table runner, just short enough to fit a few trinkets. One of which was a rose made of red stained wood. Another was a sharper wood in a shape of a book and the color seemed stained by various colors. Mostly in dark warm shades.

The last trinket was incredibly odd looking. Made completely out of metal and very abstracted. A few millimeter thick wires curving in all strange ways. Making no sense of what it was suppose to be. Changing my stance I was in the room also change the structures shape since the wires intertwined in bizarre ways.

The bed’s duvet looked similar in pattern to the rug but with softer material. The pillows cover with satin silk in a dark red color. Similar to the appearance of actual rose petals.

“I’m pretty sure there is a theme to this room.” I jokingly tell Tony. As he exhales he lets out a few deep chuckles. Sending thoughts into my mind of his lips on mine.

“What makes you think that?” He grins.

“Oh, I don’t know. The color.”

“Well.” He looks around. “It appears there is a main theme going on through the whole room.”

He eyes the spiral stairwell to the third floor loft and looked back to me. It had surrounding walls so the contents inside the room weren’t visible from the bedroom. The stairs struck through the floor like a wound.

“You haven’t yet seen the best part.” He ushered me to go first up the dark wooden stairs. Same consistent wood throughout the whole room.

I held the book tightly in my hands as I used it to help my balance up the steps. Since letting go of it wasn’t an option for me and I also wanted to see if I could go up the steps without the leverage of the bar offered. Strange to want to prove to myself my ability but I noticed Tony was doing the same thing. As if the stairwells handle bar was full of germs.

I was so focused on the steps and making sure I got up them that I didn’t notice anything in the loft until I had fully got up all of them.

I look up to see the exact stained glass windows that had pictures of roses in them. Reminisce of the first time I arrived at this mansion. Looking at these exact windows and wanting to look at them closer since they were so beautiful from a distance.

Standing next to one of the stained glass windows was a easel with a blank canvas. A small table beside it with painting accessories.

Sitting to the right was a comfortable looking rocking chair with red cushions with black embroidered roses all over them. A perfectly round rug sat in the center of the circular loft. Identical pattern and material as the rug underneath the furniture below. Except a round shape instead of a rectangle.

On the left was a much smaller book shelf next to another window. The top and bottom shelf was completely empty, except for the middle shelf. Which considered of nearly demolished books. The binds nearly falling off and too damaged to even open. Above that bookshelf was a painting of single rose in a shadow abyss with a petal about to fall off.

The loft was more bare than I had anticipated but the dark carved wood and similar patterns continued into the space as well.

“Do you know why there is such a heavy presence of roses within this bedroom and loft?” I asked.

“I actually don’t know. I was never allowed in this room growing up and didn’t know what was inside until my grandfather died.” The sadness covered his face. I still couldn’t bare myself to ask how he felt about it and to give him my condolences. Even though I didn’t feel strong enough to ask, I forced myself anyways.

“I’m sorry about what happened to him. I was there with the sisters when they picked him up and threw him in the truck. It was a moment where I had to pretend like I was being compelled and had to win the trust of the Huntington sisters.” I let my right harm hook the book into my elbow as I led my left hand to Tony. Touching his forearm for comfort.

“All I wanted to do was cry and I almost did. When I got home that’s exactly what I did. When they couldn’t see me anymore, my eyes weld up with tears. He was such a sweet old gentleman and has only shown kindness to me. Yet I also was more sad at the thought of how much pain you’ll feel once you find out.

“He was extremely important to you and I think the right thing to do is to set up a memorial service for him. Even if it’s just a few of us, I think it’ll help with to establish that pain.”

“I agree and would love to do that. I wouldn’t even know where his body is to burn or bury it. That would be nice to dispose his body in a much better manner but in the end, bone or ash his body doesn’t belong to him anymore. The memorial service idea is perfect. My parents aren’t even aware of his passing and would give them the opportunity to establish it and also start the healing process.” He nodded in agreement and wrapped his arm around me. “First, you need to figure out what the book is saying. If not, a way to release yourself from it without becoming violently ill.”

“Hopefully spending time in this room will help.”

“I hope so too.” He headed towards the stairwell and I followed after.

“I’ll fetch the food for you and drop it off in here so you can eat. I want you to be uninterrupted so just text me whenever you need me. Don’t come and get me because I also am working on something that you don’t need to see. Not until I’m done.” He says to me as we walk down the steps. “There is also a bathroom in that door across from the bed. You are free to do your business in there when needed.”

We’re both back on the second floor next to the bed again. He turns to me and continues.

“You can also sleep when you need to and use this room as your own until we make the room next door your own. All I ask though is that you treat this room with respect.”

“Of course. I wouldn’t disturb this beautiful room. The matching furniture and design through would be horrible to destroy in anyway. If I do it on accident, since I don’t know what will happen with me and this book, just know it wasn’t at all my intentions.”

“Thanks for the warning I guess.” He chucked and leaned in for a kiss, which I happily kissed back.

“I’ll be quick on getting your sandwich.” He smiled and walked to the door.

He opened the door and closed it behind himself. I continued to look around and I heard a slight knock a minute after he left. He perked back into the room.

Then pushing the door open more carrying a plate with a gorgeous sandwich and some chips along with it. He also had a tall glass of water in his elbow on the same arm as the plate.

He was gone and back in no more than two minutes and I was thankful since I was getting to be extremely hungry.

I walk over to the furniture.

“Thank you so much.” He settles the plate and cup down in the coffee table and I sat down in front of it. The sofas weren’t very far so it would be difficult to eat in the space.

“When you’re done, just place the plate and cup outside the door. I’ll get them when I get the chance. Take as much time as you can focusing on the book and the magic.”

“Thank you, Tony.” He smiled and headed for the door.

“Tony.” I said, stopping him from getting out of the room.


“Thank you for all that you have done. Saving me that one day from Anastasia. Helping me find the truth about my family. I know it’s been a rocky road for us this far, but I am truly greatly for you.”

His genuine smile shined a little brighter. Releasing some of the sadness that had lingered from talking about Anxillion.

“Anything for a lovely lady like yourself.” He winked and shut the door.
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