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As I ate, I had to continually leave a hand on the book to make sure I wouldn’t fall ill again. Unfortunately the sandwich wasn’t cut in half, holding it whole isn’t easy. Plenty shards of lettuce fell out as I held it and a while tomato fell out as well.

I was hoping to take a shower at some point but I realized then that it wasn’t going to be possible. It felt like I was handcuffed to the book. Even though I wanted to know it’s contents and learn more of who I am. It seemed incredible strange being trapped to it in this way.

I hadn’t even finished my food before I decided that it was time to go back to figuring out the book. I could finish eating once I figure out how to disconnect myself to it.

I settled back into the sofa and held the book within both of my hands. Taking a few deep conscious breaths and trying to free my mind of anything unnecessary. I closed my eyes and let them dwell in the dark that my eye lids cast.

A round red embrace centered into my blinded vision, the light penetrating through the my eyelids. Squinting harder to remove that light so I could be in pure darkness. The focus was no longer in my mind and more so on my eyes. I ended opening my eyes back up and got up from the sofa. Turning off the light seemed like the best way to fully concentrate.

The lights were now off and the only light was from the ceiling leading to the loft and a window close to the bathroom door. It didn’t give much light since it was covered with a thin red fabric.

I was about to sit back into the sofa but the bed seemed more comfortable. Not having to rely on my muscles to keep myself up and to focus even further into the book. Crawling onto the bed over the duvet, making sure I was lying down and had the book in both of my hand. I threw a pillow underneath each of my elbows and one underneath my head. Making sure I was stable and my muscles were as relaxed as possible. Enough to fall asleep.

My eyes were closed with the book in hands. My body fell lethargic. My breath travelled slowly and deep.

The book began to feel warm in my touch, nothing alarming though. I could feel that the book was as comfortable as I was. As if it knew no harm was to come and no unwanted visitors were around nor approaching.

The maternal instinct dissolved instantly with the book. I had mental thoughts of knowing that the book as ultimately released me from it’s bond. It felt as if the book was speaking to me through my own thoughts. In my own voice.

It’s too early for your destiny to begin. I will be ready to share these words once you are of age. Eunice had cast a spell that is unbeatable. Even through death. When you become an adult, your family gift will overwhelm you. At that moment, come back to this book.

Also a message from Eunice personally; Forever comes at a price. A deadly price.

Me eyes opened suddenly and the lights were on. The book must have so much power that it was able to turn on the lights. Then I turned my head towards the door and saw Tony slowly grabbing the plate still full of food.

Even Tony looked startled from the lights turning on.

“I thought you’d grab the plate once I felt it outside of the room?” I continue to pause my body in the body. Not ready to get up.

“I did. It just had been a handful of hours since I gave you the food. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Since your heart was beating so low and slow that I almost couldn’t hear it.” He walked to the bedside and squared down to eye level. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah. I think the book did that to me to make sure it could send me a message.”

“What it say? Can you read the book now?” His face lightened a little.

“It told me that it wasn’t my time. I have to wait until I’m an adult. I guess Eunice did cast a spell on my to make sure my gift wasn’t accessible until then. It also said once that happens, that my gift will overwhelm me and that’s when I will have to come back to this book.”

“I assume that you will no longer become sick once you let go of it again?”

I nodded, “It didn’t tell me but I think it did that to make sure it relayed the message to me. And the words changed so it wasn’t legible to either of us. I think this book has more power than either of us even realize.”

“No kidding. It turned on all the lights in this room.” He forced a grin.

I settled the book to the left of me on the bed. Tony offered his hand and he helped me out of the bed. His hands were strong and sturdy. Easily balancing the pressure I need to get up and over the pillows. Once I landed my feet on the floor, his hands still firmly held onto mine and he drew me in close to him.

He positioned us in a close dance hold. That same hand holding the same way and his other hand wrapped around my waist. My free arm fell into place on top of his shoulder.

“Tomorrow, I plan on calling my parents and letting them know of Anxillion’s death. Once they travel here, I will have to announce the death of the Huntington sisters. I am unsure how they will feel about you being here but I will have to tell them that it is all for your safety.”

“I’m curious, will I ever be allowed back home?” I said playfully. Yet I genuinely was concerned about what state my mom’s mind was at with me being gone for so long. At this point I didn’t even k so what day it was anymore.

“Of course, but it won’t be for awhile though.”

“When do you guess that would be. My mom hasn’t seen me in so long. She must be worried sick.”

He expressed a cringed face.

“She actually thinks you’re in a boot camp kind of. Thing. It was Tiffany’s idea when the sister’s had planned to have you captive. Since having a missing person report wasn’t something they wanted to worry about. That was when Tiffany wasn’t on our side. She left your mom compelled until further notice.”

“Oh.” I was a bit disappointed since I missed my family. Even though I never truly fit in, they were still family to me. And they still could be missing me.

“Once it’s safe for you to leave here, you are free to see your family. I promise.” I smiled.

“Will you’re parents still be accepting to me being here though? Your mom?”

“My mother might be the one who has a harder time with it than my dad. Even though my mom wants me to marry for love, she would prefer I be with someone my kind. To make sure that their future grandchildren stay vampires.” He began to slightly move our bodies in a slow dancing manner. “I’m not entirely worried of her not accepting you. She might be more fond of your than Tiffany.” He laughed.

“Why do you say that?”

“Well, Tiffany is very girly in a sense. You on the other hand are very different. My mother might say that you remind her of herself. She fancied her dark clothes and deep makeup. Her black jet hair similar to your own. I can see only good things.”

“What about your dad? What happens if he knows who I truly am?”

“Why would he be bothered by who you truly are? He was best friends with your father. Even though technically they were a few decades apart in age, they related to one another quite well actually. Even though I would have technically been around your parents age. Weird reality check.”

He looked away from me and moved our dance a little fast. Bring us close the a small radio settled on top of the dresser. He paused our bodies and turned on the radio. I could hear the cd spin inside of it and a old sounding song began to play. It sounded like classical music. Nothing I knew or could even classify. We began dancing with me and it felt weirdly magical.

“How old are you exactly?”

“I’m technically 17. If I hadn’t been turned into a vampire, I would have been 55 years old.”

“Oh wow.”

“It is a bit strange. The things is, I’ll forever had a teenage mind. My memory can grow but my wants and desires don’t necessarily change. My hormones never finished it’s process so sometimes I can be a stinky and moody guy who really just wants to impress his girlfriend any way he can. That and becomes horny fairly easy.”

“I’m sure you have experienced enough in life to make you mature though, right?”

“I think you mean the word wise. Mature and wise are completely different and hold difference in value. The amount I’ve seen in life so far as made me wise. If I showed my true endeavor, my maturity isn’t at all what you’d think it is. If I had a bunch of guy friends my age, I would joke around similarly to them. If I was in a group of fifty year old men, I honestly would be clueless to what to talk about and might feel out of place.”

“That makes sense.”

We continued to danced. I leaned in closer and rest my head on his chest. His chilled body still amazes me. How his moving able body could retain no warmth.

“Has your dad ever been in this room?”

“I honestly have no idea. Maybe I could ask him when he comes over. Then I’ll let you know what he says.”

“Would your parents stay long or just a few days for the memorial service?”

“Again, no idea. I would think they’d stay for awhile but I can’t predict what they would do.”

“Makes sense. I guess we’ll see what happens.”

I could feel his head nod.

“If they end up staying for quite some time, I would you sleep in my room until they leave.” My eyebrows become furrowed.

“Why?” I ask.

“Since you’re still human, I would prefer you be supervised by myself personally. I don’t need either of my parents bringing you harm in anyway.”

“Do suspect that would happen?”

“I would hope not, yet I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

“I get that. At the same time, I think you’re leaving something out. Why would they even need to harm me.” I look up to his face and he looks down.

“Honestly, I’m more worried about my mother. The things she says at times just hurts. I’m worried she will try and talk you into saying more or doing more than you are comfortable for.”

“Like what exactly?” I continue to question him.

“Remember how I told you she kept telling Anxillion that he needed to become a vampire?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I fear that she’ll get into your head that you need to be a vampire too.”

“Is that even possible? Considering what I am.”

“You’re alive and breathing, right?” He asked.


“You’re human, right?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Then you can be made immortal.”

“How does one actually become a vampire?” I asked him. His facial expression already told me that he didn’t want to answer before he said anything.

“I’d rather not say.”

“Will you tell me someday?”

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