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It was a day after the book had released me from its grasp. The sky was solid blue and the temperature outside seemed quite reasonable for approaching winter. All the leaves were finally gone off the trees, leaving all the them to look dead. Though you could decipher which ones were living since they had a more rich color bark than the once that had magically died.

I was walking around the rose garden in the back yard and the roses looked more lavish than I last remembered. Each petal on each flower looked full and flawless. The edge were soft and none of them were close to dying. The thorns were large, none like the ones you buy in the store. They looked ready to injure anyone who dare to touch them.

The bush did look more wild than before. Possibly from the lack of care since Anxillion had passed. The bushes were trimmed perfectly. Even though it hadn’t been long, they’ve grown much too large.

I offered Tony to walk around the beautiful garden with me and he didn’t verbally decline. Instead, he just shook his head and looked back to a book he was reading. In a language I didn’t know.

Upon returning to the mansion, since the Huntington sister’s death, I still haven’t come into contact with Tiffany. I’ve been meaning to thank her for saving me and defending for me against them. It wouldn’t have been at all possible without her.

I hoped she would see that I was walking around the garden and decide to join me, since her windows looked out the the garden perfectly. Though my whole walk was done solo. Maybe they were both talking amongst one another. That could have been the real reason why they both stayed indoors.

When I was done walking, I decided to walk around the mansion on the pavement that went from the rose garden to the front. Passing by the bathroom window that I had crawled out of. Reminding me of when Tiffany compelled me. It seemed such a long time ago but it hadn’t even been a whole month.

Time seemed to fly much faster since meeting Tony. It felt like I met him a year ago and it was even two month ago.

I arrived to the front of the mansion and went up to the door. I tried to open it and it didn’t budge. My stomach sank a bit, since I didn’t expect the door to be shut. Not like anyone would be able to enter the home, since not many were allowed on the land to begin with.

I knocked lightly, since they’re vampires with sensitive hearing and any louder would have been unnecessary.

The door opened and the person who opened it wasn’t at all who I expected.

“Hello? Who may you be?” A dark brunette haired man with a sharp jaw similar to Tony’s. His facial hair was shaven clean. Clean skin without any imperfections. His attire was a full black tux along with a satin red tie. The dress shirt underneath was a dark gray that looked similar to black, yet not quite that dark.

The man looked to be very young in person compared to the painting on the wall. Also appeared very formal compared to the sweatpants and loose shirt I had on. I felt quite embarrassed, not expecting him whatsoever.

It was Tony’s dad, Andrew. His faced was completely identical to the portrait on the wall. Instead of on the wall, he was standing in front of me. I didn’t think that I would feel nervous, let alone scared, for being in front of him.

I could see Tony face appear in the distance and he began to approaching to speak to his dad as he approached the door.

“Father, this is my girlfriend. Rebecca Hanson. She helped kill the sisters as well.” Which wasn’t exactly true. I was more of a distraction.

His face looked questionable and concerned at once. Then staring at me as if he was going to say something rude. Which didn’t become deceiving.

“A human?” He turned to Tony. “Why would you even think that being with a human would make sense?”

His comment was unexpected. I didn’t really have anywhere to go and it was quickly starting to get cold outside. I didn’t have a jacket or coat at this place so I just went outside with what I went to bed with. I didn’t want to start any unnecessary drama and all I wanted to do was just hide in Anxillion’s bedroom.

Tony pushes the other door open to let me inside since his dad didn’t seem to budge. Only judge.

“Wait for me in the bedroom. I’ll be up in an hour.” He opens his arm out to welcome me in. I sunk a bit as I walked in, luckily I didn’t see his mother. I’m sure it would have been a more awkward encounter, possibly one that would involve much harsher words. Tiffany was on one of the sofas to the left of the room. She genuinely smiled at me which made me more comfortable with walking inside the mansion again.

I could hear their dad speak again.

“Your mother won’t be pleased to hear that you’ve both have let a human live with you. Especially someone so young.”

“Father, she’s not like most humans.” As I kept walking, I could no longer hear what Tony was saying. I’m sure he would fill me in later on what was said, or at least the important parts.

I went up the creaky stairs and headed to Anxillion’s bedroom. Locking the door behind me. Even though any vampire could surely break the door down, it would at least me a comfortable measure for me anyways.

I walked through the bedroom and decided to head to the loft up the spiraling staircase and relax there while I waited. Last night, I started to continue reading the journal written by Anxillion again, just to pass time since it was difficult to sleep in his bed. I also imagined him writing in his bed, or the loft. When I read the journal, it was as if I could hear him in his elderly voice, saying the exact words he wrote.

Sitting in the comfortable rocking chair in the left and began to read.

May 18th, 2004
Eunice had called to ask if she had left any of her other books behind. I searched high and low in the bedroom she had stayed in, nothing was left behind except clothing items. Checking the living space and the kitchen, nothing belonged to her. When I called her back, she asked if I could check the office near the kitchen. Found it to be an odd request, yet I did as she asked. There was a book I hadn’t seen before laying perfectly on top of the desk. I couldn’t make out any of its contents and it was possible that it wasn’t for my eyes to see.
She thanked me for finding it. Said that she would come to pick it up tomorrow.
She hung up the phone very suddenly, a sudden that seemed concerning.
My hopeless romantic heart wished she left it here on purpose, though I knew it was probably just a mere mistake. Her mind is in multiple places at a time. It’s completely valid for her to forget something.

May 20th, 2004
Grabbing her book was so important to her that she did it unnoticed. I would have cooked her a meal before she left. I didn’t recall leaving the doors unlocked. I’m sure a locked door wasn’t hard for her to unlock with her gift.
There wasn’t even a sign that she had visit. No note. She would have made herself known in polite behavior. Thinking now, maybe she didn’t pick the book up.
I must call her.

May 21st, 2004
Someone secretly broke into my home. Eunice arrived this morning which explains why she couldn’t return my call. She had still been traveling.
When I told her that I thought she had taken the book, she didn’t blame me for thinking such, since the last time she left wasn’t one I’d like to remember.
Eunice asked when I thought it might have happened, I told her sometime yesterday. Even though I spent most of my day inside my bedroom. It could have happened the day prior as well. Especially if someone had been quiet.
I blamed myself for letting the book get stolen under my nose. Had I took Marionette’s demand and became a vampire, I could have heard the person coming from down the street. At least I would think.
I did tell her that it had to be someone that was friends with a family member. Which wasn’t a wide map to start with.
She told me that she already know who it was, she just needed to know when it happened. To know how much time she had to catch them.
Eunice thanked me for my help, even though I offered nothing useful.
Was I even helpful to her at all?
She left after saying goodbye, without a hug.
This depressive mind was growing inside of me and every time Eunice left, it grew stronger. Luckily I was able to recognize its presence.
What happens if I dwell further in this deep sadness?

These pages were crinkled due to water damage. I assumed he cried so hard that his tears were falling in his journal. Which seemed very dramatic but he seemed mesmerized and infatuated by my grandma, Eunice.

December 21st, 2009
My grandson Tony has come back. I forgot to mention in here that he had left a little after Eunice had left. Before the book that had been stolen.
He says this time he is looking to stay much longer. Telling me of all the drama that came about. Telling me that the Huntington family has a few daughters that have been playing bachelor with him.
Tony has fallen for their seduction since he still want to be with someone. He hasn’t yet found love and I’m afraid he won’t until he meets “the one”.
I’ve met my one and only and I couldn’t have her. Eunice and I have married other people, maybe to disguise our love for one another. I still loved my wife, sadly not as much as I’ve fallen for Eunice.
Something about her makes me think our lives were meant to match together. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle, except her and I are the only two pieces. A love so beautiful, yet torturous since she hasn’t shown to love me back.
Tony explained that he hadn’t felt such way for any of the young women. They’ve all carried nasty attitudes that shakes him away. Though he hadn’t been with the girl, Amelia. He fears he might since there isn’t anyone else in the playing field.
All he wants is to love someone worthy for his love. He doubts himself, similar to how I do upon myself. Him and I are too similar.
I told him to try going to school. Maybe someone he wanted wasn’t anywhere near the places he was searching. He explained to me that his parents would disapprove of such matchmaking.
Made no sense to me, since their very relationship was created in such a similar way. Though I had been convince he was homosexual for quite some time. I wouldn’t have shamed him, yet he had chosen Marionette and they seem happier than I had ever been in any of my own spousal relations.
Tony deflected the idea of attending school. I reassured him that if he had decided to change his in the future, I would help him attend the school near by.

December 25th, 2009
Tony had bought me a new empty journal to write in for Christmas. I was about to out and buy another one since this journal is half way written. Yet the boy had beat me to the purchase.
I had bought him a bookshelf to put in his bedroom. Also gave him a few books from my collection inside my bedroom. Since he isn’t allowed in there. His eyes lit up so bright. I wish Andrew had been as passionate as him with learning about our history.
Andrew read the books because I told him to. If I hadn’t, that man would be clueless to everything about our family. Also his wife’s family as well.

December 31st, 2009
Andrew had called the phone today, saying that his dearest friend Richard was looking for Eunice. Still to this very day, he doesn’t even know that his best friend and my love interest are from the same bloodline. Andrew had always thought Richard was just another wizard alive.
Eunice had told me long ago to keep some thing quiet. If Richard decided to keep certain things a secret, it was his choice to make.
I had to pretend as if I didn’t care about Eunice missing. It stabbed my heart like knives and I couldn’t be thought of as being concerned. Even though thinking something had happened to her wasn’t settling my nerves. Andrew has met his grandmother plenty of times and he probably thinks she just some random old lady.
Richard asked me personally if he had any vervain in the mansion. Unsure as to why he would need it. I said no because my supply hadn’t been as large as it once was. I’ve lacked the desire to make coffee in the morning lately, let alone gardening vervain.
Tony isn’t aware of my depressive state, at least I don’t believe he’s aware. He just reads all day long and leaves the property every other day. I assume to replenish his energy. If he doesn’t notice now of my lack of livelihood, I might be doomed to my own death right underneath everyone’s nose.

January 17th, 2010
Eunice is back, hopefully for good. Andrew and Richard teamed up to find her and she was locked inside the enemies home. They didn’t tell me exactly where but they said that she isn’t safe leaving our land.
She is convinced that she still needs to do what she was born to do, fighting evil. Even though the very evil almost had her killed. In the nick of time, the gentlemen had saved her from death itself.
Andrew seems a little different in tone and attitude. Knowing my son, he must have been hurt to know who Eunice was and how she is the mother of his dearest friend. I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt betrayed.
He’s been friends with him for almost a decade and hasn’t once met Richard’s mother alongside him. Only in times that I had brought her over as a long time friend. Since Eunice was in her early 40’s when she had Richard, he probably thought that she was much to old to have a much younger son.
She did just turn 84 years old last year. Her birthday is on summer solstices, how fitting for a bright and beautiful women. One who seems to defy age
Besides that, Andrew has been eager to leave back to Tennessee. Not sure what’s been stopping him.

I hear a few soft knocks of the bedroom door which echoed through the room

“Hello?” I heard Tony say after having opened the door. Remembering that he still had the key for the room.

I settle the journal down on the dark espresso end table next to the chair.

“I’m up here.” I spoke to him.

Tony sped up the staircase in lightning speed and he stood in front of me while I sat in the chair. His facial expression was bland.

“I didn’t know your dad was here or else I would have stayed outside until he left.”

“He has no plans on leaving anytime soon.” He rolled his eyes. “He would have ordered you to return home had I not told him that your life is in danger. He laughed at me when I said that. I also told him about who your grandmother is and he practically became stone. My father then said that he would stay for a few month to make sure nothing bad happens. I’m pretty sure he just wants to supervise Tiffany and I. To make sure we don’t cause any harm. Especially since Anxillion is no longer here to keep an eye on us.”

“When does your mom plan on coming here?” Since his father didn’t give a welcoming first impression, I was timid about the arrival of his mom.

“Not for a few days. Especially if they decide to stay for a few months. My mother will feel the need to bring enough clothes and accessories to last a whole year.”

“Will she act the same way as your dad did?” I expressed my concern through my facial expression.

“Honestly, I have no idea. My mother isn’t usually a rational one and my father is the one who is collective and calm. Today was the first time I’ve seen him become rude to someone else. I’m not sure why he has such a huge issue with you.”

“I don’t understand either, especially since my dad was his best friend.”

“Right? Even though they didn’t leave off on good term, especially before his death. I would think he would be a bit more kind to you.”

“Do you think he’ll act hostile towards me the whole he’s here? What if your mom acts the same way. I seriously don’t know if I could stay in this place with that kind of hate pointed towards me.” I began to fear for my safety inside of this home now.

“I hope my mom would act civil. If she doesn’t, I’ll figure something out as soon as possible. Whether that be building a little home on the property for you to stay while they’re here or having you next to me no matter what. Also Tiffany won’t let them hurt you either. I believe she thinks of you as a sister.” He smiled. Lighting the mood a little bit.

“I think of her the same way. I’ve been meaning to say thank you to her since we got back but I haven’t seen her. Could you let her know when you see her next?”

“I think that’s for you to say, not me.” He paused and crouched down to my level, “Besides that, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Why do you ask?”

“Just making sure. A lot has happened since we’ve become friends.”

“I know. It’s thrilling at times. Also scary but we’ve made it through quite a bit and are still going strong.”

“I would agree. Just wanted to make sure your not ready to run away any time soon.”

“If your mom acts the same way, or worse, as what your dad presented. I might not feel comfortable
Enough to stay here.”

“Understandable.” His hands settles on the tops of my thighs. Sending my nerves into overdrive and making my heart race. His eyes locked onto my own with intensity. “I’m still here to protect you. Just like you’ve asked me to.”

All I wanted him to do was drive those strong hand up my thighs further. If he’d ask to do so, I would say yes in a heart beat.
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