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• Mother •

I was beginning to get tired as the night furthered on. Tony insisted that he’d stay in Anxillion’s room with me. To make sure I was safe the whole time I slept. He offered me to take the king size bed while he slept on the short couch.

“There is plenty of room for the both of us on the bed.” I said to him.

“I just don’t feel comfortable staying in the same bed tonight.”

“Okay.” He seemed distant.

Earlier, after rubbing my legs a little, he stopped suddenly. As if what he was doing was wrong. It didn’t feel wrong and it was starting to get me ready for another first time at something. Had he not stopped, we surely would have been touching each other more and longer.

I didn’t further investigate his behavior and settled in the bed to sleep. Tossing and turning a little until I felt comfortably relaxed. Knowing that Tony was going to watch out for me while I sleep made it easier to do so.

Waking up was effortless and Tony sat in the exact same spot he was in when I fell asleep. The difference was he was on his phone, presumably texting someone.

His eyes lit up to the sound of my body shuffling through the bedding. I looked at him after I got off the bed and he smiled at me. Returning the same smile, creating a harmonious atmosphere around us. He shifted his weight to one side so he could place his phone in his back pocket.

“How did you sleep?” He asked.

“The best I’ve slept in awhile. It helped knowing that you were here protecting me.”

His smile grew.

“Any word on when you’re mom will be here.”

The smile vanished. Taking a long exaggerated breath.

“She... She’s actually here now.”

“Wait, what?” My eyes expanded.

“Trust me, I didn’t think she was going to be here so soon. She isn’t one to be fashionably early to anything and isn’t one to pack luggage lightly.”

“Then why would she be here so soon?” I asked.

“My father talked to her. Saying it was urgent. I’m not sure why he’s reacting this way. I thought he understood my side and how you are safe here.”

“Are you saying that he’s worried that I’m not safe?” I grew confused. I thought his dad just didn’t like me.

“I suppose so. He keeps telling me you’re not safe here. Not safe with me. My father also said that I’m not safe with you. Entirely confusing and doesn’t have arguments to back it up. He continued to say that you’re human and I’m a vampire.”

“That doesn’t make sense though. That’s how your parents were. Right?”

Tony nodded his head. Creating more confusion to his facial expression. It didn’t make sense why our relationship was unsafe for the both of us. It hasn’t been the most normal one but I haven’t felt so unsafe to call quits.

“Should we head downstairs and bite the bullet? Since we’ll have to talk to them at some point.” I sat right beside him on the sofa.

“I would like at least some alone time with you.” He grab my hand with his own and we stared into each others eyes. “I suppose afterwards we can say hello together.”

Tony turned his body towards me more and leaned in for a kiss. I leaned in a little bit to meet him halfway.

Our lips together felt right. His lips were soft and chilled to perfection. On a summers day, it would feel so magically under the bright burning son. The contrast would be something incredible.

His hands traced to my back and held me closer to his own body. I noticed he didn’t need to breath the whole time we were kissing, leaving me all the oxygen for myself. Thinking further into it, it must have felt strange for him to have me breathing through my nose over his skin while we were seconds from making out.

It must have been a wonderful sensation to feel a body with warmth against his own. Just like it felt exhilarating feeling his cold body close to mine. Our bodies were a contrast already. I didn’t need the hot summer sun to make it feel extraordinary. That feeling had already been there.

Our tongues greeted one another for a sensual dance. Driving his other hand to the back of my head. I placed my left hand on his lap towards his groin as the other hand pulled on his black t-shirt, pulling him closer to me. His cologne dispensed through the air as I pulled his shirt, creating more desire from within me.

I bit his lower lip once. Something I hadn’t ever done before, yet felt completely normal and fluent. Both of his hand slide to my side and picked my us with ease. Sitting me on top of his lap facing towards him. My lower legs laying beside each of his legs as I sat on top of him.

Underneath me, I could feel him. The bulge in his pants wasn’t easy to dismiss and increase my urging body to do more than just sit on it. I wanted to hold it, touch it. Do more things that would considered inappropriate compared to this intense kissing.

I push off of him and stood on my feet. Trying to catch my breath.

“Did I do something wrong?” He asked gently.

“No, you didn’t. I just feel weird doing this in this room.”

“Should we rush to my bedroom then?” He said seriously.

“Actually, I’m not quite comfortable with where it was leading. I’m sorry.”

“No, no. You have no need for being sorry. Touching you and kissing you.” He slowly took a breath in and out. “You’re intoxicating. My body just wanted more and more of you. I apologize if it wasn’t what you wanted.”

“I did want it. It just isn’t right to do it in here and I think we should wait before having sex.”

“I would agree. I should make you’re first time more magically. Not inside of my grandfather’s old bedroom.” We both chuckled.

The room didn’t necessarily bother me, I just wasn’t ready for sex yet. I’m only sixteen and still haven’t been taken out of a proper date by him. Skipping to sex wasn’t something I wanted.

“Should we go downstairs to talk to your parents? Get things set up a memorial for Anxillion.”

“Alright. Let go.” Tony didn’t appear thrilled and I wouldn’t have expected him to. Especially since my heart was racing a bit fast to the thought of discussing our relationship to his parents.

He opened the door for me, as usual. We head to the stairs and I could see his mom over the black railings that looked over the glorious front room. She was sitting in a chair next to the book case. Andrew was standing up as they both were talking to one other quietly. His mom looked patient and polite, hoping the appeared sense carried through to the conversation. His dad in the other hand looked enraged.

Tony didn’t say anything else to me as we heading down the steps and to his parents. Tiffany wasn’t around, which led me to believe this conversation might not be able the memorial at all.

“Hello there dear.” Tony mom stood up to offer me a handshake, I accepted it politely.” My name is Marionette.”

Her voice was aged in a sweet southern like voice. She didn’t look old whatsoever. Her and Tiffany shared very similar structures in their faces. Except Tiffany had a much structured jaw line like her brother and dad. Marionette has jet black hair while Tiffany has brunette hair with balayage highlights towards the bottom. Besides that, they looked like they could be sisters.

Andrew and Tony were close to be mistaken for one another if they shared the same style of clothes and hair. Andrew looked like a 25 year old version of Tony. A little more wrinkles around the eyes but nothing overly noticeable.

The age of Andrew and Marionette had to be quite young when they were turned into vampires. Nothing over 30 years old. Their presence on the other hand seemed elderly, especially Marionette.

Her graceful arms carried her hands softly in front of her. The way she wore her long black dress. There being no visible sign of what kind of shoes she was wearing. The dress was a heart shaped neck with long bat-winged sleeves. Reminding me of the Addam’s family.

The black fabric of the dress looked to be made from a opaque black, thick stretchy nylon that hugged her slender body. Showing of her pear sharpened body. Bottom of the dress carried through air like a ghost.

Her necklace was the same one as the one in the portrait on the wall. Ruby red the would be mistaken for blood in glass. It’s beautiful in person oils that be captured in a painting. Practically hypnotizing.

“Hello, I’m Rebecca.” I introduce myself.

“Nice to meet you.” She respectfully nodded her head. “Any chance, could you and I step away from the group to have a small conversation. Alone.” She eyes Tony with piercing in her eyes when she said her last word.

I look at Tony for a sign on whether or not to do it, he gave me a look that seemed like it was my choice.

“Sure, why not.”

“Alright. We shall be back when we are done with our conversation.” Marionette walks slowly to me and places her hand gently on my shoulder to guide me toward the kitchen. Her height was probably five-seven since she was clearly taller than me.

The beauty that this women carried on her face alone could have many men fall to their knees. Her eyebrows arches softly yet still showed an intense resting face. One that couldn’t be easily moved by simple or pathetic circumstances.

We continued to walk through the kitchen and to the door that led outside. Her intentions were to walk outside. It looked like a storm was about to head through town within a few minutes. Hopefully the conversation wouldn’t have us soaked in the rain. Considering I’m wearing the only clothes I have.

Luckily, I did put on my slippers right after getting out of bed. Had I not, I’d be barefoot outside. Unlike her, I heard her walking and it clearly sounded like she had of heels on.

“Would you be alright if we talked out here for a moment?” She asked me.

“Certainly.” I didn’t meant the upcoming storm. I’m sure she knew clearly since she been alive for a long time.

“I would like to talk to you about my husband.” She paused for a response from me.


“As you may know or have guessed, he isn’t quite fond of Anthony and you being in a relationship.” Her saying his full name caught me off guard but it easily adjusted. “He seemed to forget that our relationship aspired from a similar stance. He’s forgetful of the times he was human. No blame to him since it had been fifty years ago. When you become vampire, over the year you begin to forget your human life and it dies away.”

We walked to the same bench that Tony and I sat at. She settled down and waved her dress as if she was on a photo shoot for a magazine cover.

“I, myself, can’t recall a single thing from my human life. Since I’m two-hundred and thirty eight years old in a twenty- seven year old body. I’ve lived many life times and couldn’t possibly remember a single event in my past life, at least from what it seems to be.”

Her age was an utter shock to me. She must have seen so much in the world and has lived through many events in life itself.

“Andrew, my husband, he for some reason doesn’t feel that your relationship with our son is safe. No matter how many times I remind him of our own relationship, he continually says there is a huge difference.” Only speaking in a sincere voice. “I on the other hand, I believe love always wins. Whatever his irrational mind may think. It’s wonderful to see Anthony find someone he truly loves. Seeing him with countless others that never put joy in his heart the way he has does with you.”

Smiling to her kind words. Never would have guessed her being the more rational parents. At least not from the things that Tony has said about them.

“If whatever reason you do feel unsafe, make sure that you act for yourself. Since we are vampires as you know. At times, things can become life threatening. I would advise to save yourself over love.”

“Okay.” Nodding in agreement.

“Well, that’s all that I wanted to speak to you about. Do you have any questions before we head back inside?” She asked as she interlocked her finger together.

“At the moment I don’t.”

“Alright, let’s see ourselves inside before the storm catches us.”

We began to head inside and the storm was over us but hadn’t yet began to rain. Her pace picked up much quicker than I’ve seen so far but still not entirely fast. I can’t imagine she would want to ruin her dress or perfectly straight here with pouring rain.

Upon entering through the kitchen door, I could hear continuous yelling echoing through the hallway from the front room. My body had started to shake from the anxious stress of hearing them yelling at one another. I wouldn’t be able to handle him yelling at me instead. Since his voice was so loud and disruptive.

Marionette flew through the hallway at a speed I haven’t seen. Faster than Tony has ever vanished. She was in the kitchen one second and a mere blink she was gone with nothing catching wind.

Her voice was deafening.

“ENOUGH!” Yelling so loud that my ears started to ring. I was still standing in the kitchen. Their ears had to have felt more pained than my own.

They stopped yelling and began to talk at a reasonable tone. I decided this was the safest point for me to enter the room. Through the hallway and into the front room.

Tony’s eyes locked onto mine and his dad face was raging of anger. Why was he so against our relationship while his wife was perfectly okay and encouraging.

“Andrew, that’s enough. There is no need for this irrational behavior. They’re happy with one another and we need to be happy for them.” Marionette’s tone with Andrew was followed with a scowl.

“You don’t understand, their relationship cannot be. They’re endangering each other and everyone else’s lives, just by being with one another.” His concerned seemed so genuine. It had taken be back, his true concern seemed hidden with something deeper. Andrew seemed to be missing a larger part of why he feels such a way. I could tell from the way he looked at his wife.

“I attest that this conversation is done for now. I see no harm being done and we’ll be here for awhile if we see anything dangerous. Let’s start planning the memorial for your father. Which I strongly believe is making you act more angry. I hope this memorial will help begin the acceptance part of grief.” Marionette said to her husband.

Andrew roughly rubbed his face with his hand.

“Alright then. As long as it’s at the Wheeler Funeral Home a town over, then I don’t really care what else is at the memorial.” Then he was off up the stairs. His vampire speed wasn’t at all fast, possibly on purpose.

“Well that part is settled then. The only issue is we don’t have his body.” Tony said.

“I’ll have a group of our protecting allies hunt for his body. It might not be in a reasonable state since it has been quite some time since his dead. Still, I will see to that being done to honor his body.” She dismissed herself from us and followed her husband shortly after.

Tony turned to me, smiling with exaggeration.

“Well that went better than I had imagined.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked him.

“I imagined my mother preaching the same thing my father was. Instead she was kind with you and that earned plenty of respect from me. I can’t say the same thing for my father. He isn’t one to act this way.”

“He could be grieving Anxillion. Losing a parent is difficult in itself. No matter how old or young. He might just be having a difficult time with it, just like your mom mentioned.”

“True.” He began to hold me close in his arms. “I was worried that he was going to demand us to no longer see one another. Or worse, have you forbidden to come back if you ever decide to leave.” Holding me a bit firmer.

I could imagine being forced to leave and never being able to return ever again. All because his dad wasn’t accepting to our relationship. Yet, we had no clue if he had done it already. Since he believes our relationship is dangerous to not only ourselves, but everyone.

“Good thing your mom was being rational.” I smiled in his chest.

“For once.” He said with appreciation.
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