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• Planning •

Tony held a notepad and a pen writing down things we would need for the memorial service. Where Anxillion should be buried and different service we would need to call. When he would ask for certain things, I would search it on my phone. As a team, we worked really well.

“What floral service should be hire?” He was ready to write down my answer.

“Why don’t we just use the roses in the back? They’re in dire need of maintenance and I’m sure if they could speak for themselves, they would be excited to honor their caretaker.”

Tony nodded his head in respect of my answer. He wrote something down quickly and smiled at me once he had finished.

“For tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to go shopping for an outfit for the occasion. Also more clothes for you since you’ve been wearing that outfit for awhile now.”

“That would be appreciated. I’m in need of a shower and don’t like the thought of wearing the same dirty clothes after getting washed up.”

“You can ask Tiffany for a clean outfit to wear until we buy you more. She would be happy to help you out with that.” He looked over all the notes over again to see if anything had been missed. “I suppose we have all we need for now. I’ll call the funeral home now and schedule an appointment with them for tomorrow as well. After that appointment, we could go shopping. Any objections?” Tony asked.

“Sounds good to me.”

“Alright. You can go upstairs right now and knock on Tiffany’s door. I’m sure she will be happy to help out.”

“Okay.” I got up and headed upstairs. Finally being able to talk to her made me excited. Her clothes were sure to fit me since we were similar in size. I just had a larger chest then she does but it wasn’t anything drastic.

I knocked on her door.

“Hey Tiffany, it’s me.”

She opened the door with a sunshine smile.

“Hey Becca. I heard you both from downstairs. I have plenty of clothes I can lend you. Some you can even have if you wish to keep them. Come on.” Welcoming me into her room.

The room was decorated in such a modern way. Compared to the rest of the house, this room didn’t match anything else. Her bed sat on a black bed frame that had a headboard in a geometric shape. The sheet were all bright white without a single stain in sight.

Most of the floor was covered in a geometric rug that was abstract in its design. A splash of pale pink along with black, grays, and white within the rug. As well as everything in her room. A white desk in the corner next to the closet that had a white laptop and all white accessories. A vanity next to the window that was painted all pale pink with all white brushes and organization holders. Everything was intricately picked to match the theme and color scheme of the room.

I saw a glimpse of her bathroom and it was a black and white with its color theme. If I could predict the towel colors, I imagined the being pale pink.

She lead me to her closet and walked in for me.

“Anything in particular that you wanted to wear?” Tiffany asked before grabbing any of the clothes. Her face beamed with joy of giving me clothes. She didn’t have a younger sister and at this point I was the closest thing to one. From the way she was acting, I can imagine she would have been a great older sister and would have been fun hanging out with. Minus the blunt personality.

“Anything black will do.”

“Okay.” She flashed through her closet quickly, grabbing anything and almost everything that was black. Both of her hands were filled with all types of clothes and accessories. She hustled all of it to her bed and threw it on top of it.

In the mess of clothes, it was hard to see what it all was since everything shared a mutual color. The only things I could make out were the items on top. Jeans, a few blouses, cotton t-shirt, and a jacket. All of it looked like something I would wear.

Tiffany started picking up clothes two at a time with each hand holding one hanger. Presenting it to me so I can have a clearer sight of them.

“Alright, just let me know what you want and don’t want.” Shimming the clothes to liven the clothing items. “Either of these?”

“I’ll take the jeans but not that blouse.” She threw the clothing I didn’t want on the floor then settling the one I wanted on the chair in front of her vanity. The blouse didn’t look like a comfortable fabric and the way in plopped onto the ground gave me insight on how much it actually weighed. Too heavy for my liking.

The jeans were just plain black jeans. No bells or whistles, just plain as Jane could be.

Tiffany grabbed more and more as I said yes or no to the clothes. I said no to most of them since they all looked business casual. Except for a few cotton t-shirt, a few jeans and a few spaghetti strapped camisoles.

She then dove into a drawer in her dresser that was near her bathroom door. Clearly pulling out laced underwear of plenty. All in black.

“Umm, I’m not interested in wearing your underwear.” I cringed to the thought of our labias sharing the same thong or briefs.

She laughed.

“This is the drawer of underwear I haven’t worn yet. I promise.”
“Why do you have a drawer full of underwear that you haven’t worn.” I was confused.

“T.M.I... I actually don’t really like wearing underwear. I online shop a lot and all of these I didn’t like the fabric so I just threw it in this drawer. I have a separate drawer in my bathroom with the underwear I wear, if I decide to.”

I totally understand her mindset since sometimes certain underwear either rides up places it shouldn’t and some don’t hug you the way it should and others have scratch fabric. Leaving me still unsure about them.

This time, Tiffany picked each underwear individually to show its entirety.

A good portion of them were made of lace and I got closer to her to exam the fabric’s touch. Only a few of them were soft enough for my liking. The random cotton ones were automatically a yes since I preferred normal, cotton bikini underwear.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any bras that would be big enough for you. Since you were gifted with a much larger chest than me.” Tiffany started taking hangers off from the clothes and folding them neatly in a pile on the bed. “If you ever need anything or just need to talk I’m always here.”

“Actually, I’ve been meaning to thank you for having my back at the Huntington sister’s place. I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for you.” She smiled.

“If I didn’t know you were related to Eunice, I would have helped them. I’m glad it didn’t come down to that. Honestly, I didn’t even know she had any grandchildren. Let alone children. She was such a fun, kind woman. Whenever I had an issue with something, she was one of the first people I would call for advice. Always talking to me with respect and said it’s okay. I would have been blessed to call her grandmother.” She handed me the few clothes to me in a sturdy pile and continued to talk.

“I’ve miss her everyday and become more somber on the days that I feel hopeless and in need of her guidance. When you said you were related to her, it was as if Eunice was telling me to protect you. Telling me that I was listening and following the wrong people. That very day I was trying to call her, whatever her soul lies, and ask for help. Alexis and I were struggling with our relationship and I felt like she never truly loved me lately. I was asking her if what I was doing was right. At that moment, I knew what was right. The way you followed along with me to get out was amazing. You gave me trust when I had used you against my brother. I apologize for doing that by the way. You believed in me and I was completely responsible for everything that had happened to you.” Tiffany looked down to the rug.

“I feel responsible for what happened to Anxillion. You told me to warn him about you stopping by and I did the complete opposite. I played him a fool and told him the street was looking a bit rough.”

Tears began falling from her face. She genuinely was upset and I could see watery snot seeping from her nose.

“It’s my fault. I’ll take credit for what happened. Since had he not been there, he wouldn’t have been taken and killed by the sisters. I’m not brave enough to face my brother with that news and I know he’s been doing a good job at trying to conceal his pain. I fear once I tell him it’s my fault, he’ll hate me forever. Not like I don’t deserve it.

“I remember when Eunice was killed and I wanted to go after who did it. To avenge her death. I fear Tony will think a similar way towards me and I’m trying my best to show him that I’m on his side.”

“You’re the very reason I’m alive. I was thanking you because without you, my life wouldn’t have been mine anymore. Had the realization never happened, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Tony would have had two reasons to want to kill you. I can’t say how he feels about everything since he hasn’t been very vocal about it. All I know is that he is upset with losing his grandfather. I can try and fish to see how he feels about everything that happened. I worry that it might not do any good telling him now while everything is still so fresh.” I told Tiffany.

“I agree with that. I just don’t want him to know too late that he thinks I’ve been lying to him.”

“The first step is telling him the truth. I still haven’t told him everything that went down and I’ve been dying to tell him. There just hasn’t been a good time to do so.”

“You and me both.” She smirked with despair.

In her eyes you could see how disappointed she is in herself. Even from seeing her smile at me when I first met their dad. I now recognize her smile being a bit sad with her eyes. From the moment she defended me, I knew she knew me but didn’t know exactly who I was.

It doesn’t excuse her from the actions she committed, yet she deserves a second chance to redeem herself and show that she is truly sorry.

“Thanks for letting me talk about it. It’s a relief to talk to someone about it. I know if I told one of my parents they would force me to confess to Tony. Since it is the right thing to do but they’re so quit to have us against each other.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

Tiffany face cringed from her inner thought.

“There is one time, where my parents had me confess about being with a girlfriend he had. As you know, I’m a lesbian. At the moment, my brother didn’t know. My parents on the other hand didn’t like me being interested in girls. Especially my mother. She would ridicule me about not being able to have babies of my own. Even though I could just have a sperm donor. That made her especially angry with me.

“One girlfriend that Tony had, that he had told me personally that he was going to call quits with, was super attractive. Her and I talked more often than him and her. Her and I made plans one day to hangout at our place in Tennessee. Which she’s been over a few times already. My parents liked her and her family was a decently wealthy vampire family. If her and I decided to be together I thought it wouldn’t have been a huge issue.”

My arms were starting to hurt holding the clothes horizontal so I ended up hugging them instead. Since it was clear that Tiffany wasn’t at all going to stop talking. Plus I also wanted to know more. Such a great storyteller.

“That very day, my parents were watching a movie in the family room. My room is located right above that very room. When this girl and I started making out, my mother viciously knocked on the door. To the point it scared Francesca so badly that she literally flew out the window and went home. I was her first time experimenting with another lady. The fact that my mother slammed the door probably rid her of trying to be with another girl again.

“My mother opened the door and saw that she had left. She had demanded Tony to come into my room. Telling me to tell him what happened or else she would. Not the best mother on the planet in my opinion. I told him that I was making out with his girlfriend and he wasn’t fazed about his girlfriend. He didn’t really care about her. The fact that I never told him that I was a lesbian bothered him more. Since our relationship was actually pretty strong at that point. I’m sure he felt betrayed about telling his secrets and I couldn’t even tell him a big one that I carried.”

“You weren’t ready to tell him. He should have understood that.” I told Tiffany.

“He has told me some pretty important secrets. I could have at least told him I was having doubts about my sexuality. At least he would have known that I was on the fence. Yet being told at a moment that was forced should haven’t have been the time he was told about it. Had I told him before hand, it would have been different.

Ever since that day, our bond as brother and sister just deteriorate. Hence why I left to another country. I would visit for the holidays. Until I started talking to Alexis, then she left with me and I didn’t visit my family for a long time. She would visit her sisters and parents when she wanted to. I didn’t even buy a ticket with her. I just couldn’t get myself to do it.”

“Oh. Well, it isn’t too late to try and fix it.” I said with lack of confidence.

Everything that happened with Anxillion might tear a bigger veil in their relationship. Since they were already having difficulty with it already.

“I’ve been trying to talk to him and I can tell he’s just talking to me because he feels like he has to. It saddens me. Family is all I have left and...” she started to tear up again. This time her voice was unsteady. “I don’t know if I would want to be alive anymore if I lose my family. I didn’t know how much it meant to me until everything that happened with the sisters. Honestly, my brother means the most to me and I am desperate to fix our relationship. I’m such a terrible sister and don’t deserve forgiveness. I just really hope he doesn’t hate me forever.”

“I’ll try and see his side of how he feels. I’ll tell you the best plan of action if there is one. I see honesty with you and I remember seeing the switch flip in you that moment in the basement. You killed your girlfriend to keep me safe. I could never see myself killing someone I love, even if I was having doubts about that love, for someone I don’t know much about.”

“Thank you. I really appreciate you being here. I already consider you a sister I’ve never had. I’ll forever protect you until either of us die. I seriously mean that. I’ve told Tony several times that I’m here to keep you safe. Especially now that our parents are here. Both of us have your back no matter what.”

As I still had clothes in my arms, she wrapped her arms around me for a hug. Had my arms not been full I would have gladly hugged her back but I suppose that would do.

She shuffled to her bedroom door and opened it for me. Off I was to Anxillion’s bedroom to settle the clothes neatly. Perfect timing since Tony was walking up the stairs. Smiling to the decent amount of clothes I was holding.

“Looks like she was able to help you out. Told you she would be happy to help.” He moved fast than me to the door. Opening it like he always does.

“Would it be weird if I told you that every time you open the door for me I get little butterflies still.” I confessed to him. Which made him stand up straighter.

“That isn’t weird. I feel honored to open every door for you.”

His smile was one of the most handsome ones I’ve ever seen and always love seeing. The way his cheeks form together and the smile lines making you want to smile back. I could stare at that smile all day long and feel at peace.

At that moment, there was no one else in the world except us. Not even able to think of another person I know. The way he looks at me made me feel like I was the most gorgeous person on the planet and he sincerely only had eyes for me.

If I could choose to be with anyone for life, it would most certainly be him.
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