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Fina Clark is a quiet girl who believes everything is perfect in her world until she was recruited into the ancient, mysterious and magical school, Elfina. Elfina, the school which looked flawless to the eyes but reeked of danger. Its doors opens to a room full of secrets. Its walls whispers silently. Its trees afraid. The magical lessons with its hidden meanings. The danger of getting a spell wrong. The hidden diary, the wronged ghosts and the paintings. The piercing nightmares that becomes its own reality. Fina Clark. drawn by the blank paged diary, discovered the existence of an invisible coded book. A book with a demonic red eye that burns. A dark book. She thrusts herself into finding the invisible book but never knew the consequences which her actions would bring forth. Students began to fall one after the other and their memories erased from the world. Everything became dark and bloody. And there are those who would stop at nothing to get the book, even if it meant wiping out the world for it. They are the mysterious ones and are darkness themselves. And they watches.

Fantasy / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


The beginning of Summer in Amenix is always recognized by the white rose flowers turning more whiter. The white rose flowers represents the life of the Guardian Queen and this flowers changes every season.

Amenix is a powerful, magical world filled with humans and strange creatures but not all are born with magical talents.

It is a peaceful, beautiful, creative and united world ruled by the Guardian Queen, Queen Frida, the most powerful being in Amenix and her seven Guardians.

Amenix is divided into seven cities, The City of Beauty, City of knowledge, City of Love, City of Strength, City of wonder, City of Serenity, City of Light and each is protected by the Guardians.

As summer began, the people stayed indoors with their families because of the extreme change in the whole sphere.

The world outside evolved to summer and this is forbidden to be seen.

This made children who needed to go to school extremely happy and so was little Roslyn Clark as she jumped up and down excitedly on her sister’s bed.

“Do you know how dreadful school is?” She asked dramatically as she landed on her sister’s back.

“Ros, you are just seven. School shouldn’t be that hard” Fina said

“Hard! That’s an understatement of the world! It’s boring!” She said, dragging on the ‘b’ “And you keep looking at the time everyday and every moment! Oh, Fina, I feel like I was going to die every time Mr Wine teaches us Chemistry! Mendeleev says this, Rutherford said that! The man never shuts up! I swear it’s like he have tea parties with those scientists in his room every night! It’s so strange and unusual!”

Fina burst out laughing and set aside the novel she was reading beside her pink pillow.

She tackled her little sister beneath her and she squealed.

“No tickle. No tickle! I swear it’s more terrible than hearing Mrs Benson call us all animals in biology!” Ros shouted in between laughter.

Fina tickled her until she could see tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Fina Arianna Clark! What are you doing with little Rosalinda?!”

Fina stopped and turned to see her brother, Jay, coming forward.

Jay put his hand on his chest as if he was going to faint, imitating their mother.

“And here I thought poor Rosalinda was safe with you!”

Roslyn giggled under her.

“Mum will kill you, Jay Jay!” Roslyn said

Fina released Ros and sat cross-legged on her bed.

“And you, your mama is looking for you downstairs!” Jay said

Ros giggled and jumped from the bed.

She ran out of the room screaming-

“Ma. Jay is imitating you!”

“How dare you, Jay? I’m kicking you out of the City of Knowledge!” Their mother shouted from downstairs.

He was nineteen and two years older than Fina. Her brother was tall and handsome with his little beard which he always finds charming. Thinks it makes him look all grown up.

He lay on the bed beside Fina with his hands folded and tucked behind his head.

Then he looked at his sister with twinkling blue eyes.

“What?” Fina asked.

“You know how girls always look at me as if I am the only thing that exists in the world?”

Fina rolled her eyes.

“Yes. Roll it. I am” Jay continued “I figured out that it’s because I’m cool”

“Get out of my room, Jay” Fina said and climbed off the bed.

“You know Elfina are recruiting new students’ right?” Jay asked “It’s all over the news”

Fina turned to look at her brother.

“What does that has to do with me?” She asked slowly.

Jay sat up slowly and looked her in the eye.

“It’s been a week since you turned seventeen”

Fina raised a perfect straight brow at him.

“So?” She asked

“Elfina recruits new students at age seventeen”

“Only lucky magic potential students, Jay. I don’t know anything about magic”

Jay smirked at her.

“You do. Mum rehearses Elfina’s history to poor Roslyn every night. I swear that girl won’t grow up being normal”

Fina moved to her dressing mirror and took a sit.

“Why weren’t you sad when Elfina didn’t take you in as a student?”

Jay lay back on the bed again.

“When people talks about how good something is, you lose interest in it”

“Jay, Elfina’s the oldest and biggest school in the world. It ages more than a thousand years”

“Mum is really getting to you too, huh?” Jay asked

Fina took the brush on the pink dressing table and began to brush her long dark brown hair which falls smoothly down her back.

“I like my school and I don’t see me going to Elfina anytime soon. It’s not happening. Besides, I don’t know anything about magic. Elfina is not meant for someone like me.”

“Kids! Dinner is ready!” Mrs Clark called from the lower floor.

Jay groaned loudly.

“I told her I am not a kid. I have a beard”

“A beard doesn’t make you all grown up, Jay” Fina said

“Yeah. Yeah. Is that one of Einstein quotes again?” Jay said as he got up and walked out of the room. “I hate smart people”

Fina packed her hair in a ponytail and went downstairs for dinner, smiling when she heard her mother talking about Elfina to little Roslyn again.

“It’s a world free from demons, evil spirits and it’s in our City~

“Mum! Are we going to eat or not?” Tyler shouted from the dining table.

“Hold your horns, dear! Dinner is almost ready!” Mrs Clark said

Tyler grumbled.

“Tyler Clark. If you don’t want me to~

“Is he at it again?” Edward Clark asked coming down from the stairs.

Mrs Clark dropped Roslyn from the kitchen counter and closed her book to take a look at the fish stew she was preparing.

Jay sighed on his seat with his spoons already in hand, waiting for dinner.

Mr Edward Clark took the head seat and glanced at his son who was busy staring at the clock in the North direction.

“You know there’s a spell to stop the time” He said

Tyler looked at his dad bearing almost the same resemblance with him with a weird expression.

They all had the same dark blue hair and blue eyes except Fina. Roslyn eyes were toffee brown.

“Magic sucks” He replied

“How dare you, Tyler?” Mrs Emma Clark said as she served the soup.

“Magic is beautiful. And the guardians~ spectacular. The Guardian Queen-

“Mum, are we going to eat or not?”

Edward laughed.

“You know your mother is in love with magic. Too bad you weren’t chosen”

Tyler rolled his eyes.

“I do not regret it. I am Eighteen. Happy and glad not to be accepted. Do you know how scared I was that they will choose me when I was seventeen?” He asked and shuddered.

“Perhaps they will choose Roslyn” Edward said

“Rose is seven and she’s stupid” Tyler said

Emma slapped him on the head.


“Can we start now?” Tyler murmured

Fina helped Emma to serve dinner and they all settled down to eat.

“You know Chanel just released a new brand of lipsticks in the City of Beauty. I am so excited! Fina, aren’t you excited?”

Fina looked up from her plate.

“I have never used a lipstick before” She replied

“Really?” Emma asked, perplexed, as if that was the strangest thing she had ever heard. “Well, that’s a problem that needs to be gotten rid of”

“Don’t paint my daughter like a clown, Emma. She is beautiful as she is” Edward said and winked at Fina.

“Can’t we eat like a normal family?” Jay asked

“Oh, I met Mrs Robert today.” Emma said

They all gave her a puzzled look.

“Mrs Robert? Our next door neighbour?” Emma asked “Anyone remember her?”

“Oh! Mrs Robert! I do remember her. You should have said, Mrs Rory Robert” Edward said

Emma sighed.

“Her name is Lola.”


Edward cleared his throat.

They ate their food in silence after that.

Fina went back to her room and changed to her sleeping wear, dreading to sleep because of her nightmares.

She absently touched the Gardenia symbol beneath her collarbone.

It was extremely light that no one else could see it.

But she could see it clearly in the mirror.

Knowing she couldn’t outrun the nightmares, she got into bed. And after tossing in bed wildly, she finally fell asleep.

It was dark; she couldn’t see anything except the feeling that her hands and feet were tied.

The sound of water drops as it hits the floor. The rapid heartbeat. The darkness as it overwhelmed every part of her.

She knew she was in a different world. Again.

And the horrifying truth was that….it always seems so real.

Then, as it always happened, she heard screaming somewhere and froze.

The footsteps. It’s coming closer. She could hear the voices again.

More screaming.

It’s closer. They are closer.

She tried to stand but couldn’t. Every drop of water means a second and another until she heard the door opens and….

She met herself in another place. A room lit only by the light coming from the fireplace.

She moved closer and saw something glowing on the wall.

As she placed her hand on it, the writings changed and rearranged itself.

Then, everything went dark and a word appeared in red in the air.

“Welcome to Elfina”


Fina stirred her tea absently as she tried to make reason of the dreams. The third was odd and new to her. Elfina recruited new students a while ago and she was not given any sort of admission.

“Bad dream?”

She looked up to see Emma taking a seat beside her on the blue sofa.

Emma took a sip of her coffee and turned to look at her.

“Aren’t you going to work?”

“Everywhere is still changing into summer outside. It’ll look better tomorrow. I don’t want to risk my hair and my designers” Emma said

Even though they weren’t rich, they were comfortable. Comfortable to still buy designers like her mother. Emma doesn’t wear anything that doesn’t have a label on it.

“Bad dream?” She asked again. “You look like you haven’t slept for months”

“Thanks” Fina said

Her mother was the epitome of beauty and grace. Caring, friendly and loves to have fun.

“You wanna talk about it?”

“It’s a silly dream”

Emma stared at her with big blue eyes.

“Some dreams are silly, yes, but not all. Sometimes, it helps to shed light into some things we are missing out in the real world. Things we can’t see”

“I had a dream that-

The sound at the door distracted them both.

“I will get it!” Jay shouted, running down the stairs.

He hopped to the door excitedly.

“A girl?” Emma asked, straining to see whoever might be at the door. “I swear if –

Jay hopped back in with full speed.

“Whatever happened to yo-’ Emma asked and stopped midway.

Emma and Fina rose as two men entered the house. Anyone can recognize the flying cheetah emblem on their navy suit. They were the Queen’s messenger.

Both seem out of place as they stood tall at the door.

“Is it Amelia? We are going on a date today?” Tyler asked as he walked into the living room. His eyes widened in shock as he saw the two men.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I have a girlfriend. Her name is Amelia. Unless Amelia has turned into giant men out of the blue-” Tyler said

Edward whacked him on the head.

“Apologies. My son is a chatterbox” Edward said “Are we in any sort of trouble?”

The two men inspected them all before shaking their head.

“You are not in any sort of trouble, Mr Clark. We have been sent here by the Queen. I am Ian Vinegar”

Jay choked on his tongue.

“Vinegar? Like Apple cider vinegar?” He asked

“Jay, sweetie, why don’t you go and play with Roslyn and then we will call you when everything’s settled?” Emma asked

“Nice. But you are not getting rid of me like that.” Jay said

“Name is Mackerel Jones”

“Am I the only one being normal here? Sounds like Mackerel and bones to me”

Emma gave him a loud whack on the head.

“Will you both stop doing that? I don’t want my neurons to go in a frenzied state”

But the men weren’t listening to Jay anymore. Their focus was on Fina.

“You are Fina Clark?” Mackerel asked

Fina’s eyes widened.


“The Queen has ordered you to join Elfina as a student. It was a special order. I hope you won’t refuse. You are to join Elfina tomorrow with two other girls. I believe the Queen has her reasons. This is the first time such thing has ever happened.” Ian said

Jay and Tyler practically fainted.

Emma and Edward were totally shocked.

“There must have been a mistake. Fina goes to a normal school. She lives a very simple life” Edward said

“Well, I believe things are about to change” Mackerel said

He pulled out a blue golden rimmed folder with the white rose emblem in the middle and gave it to her.

“The Queen told us to give you this, Miss Clark. I believe it’s time to take our leave. Whatever you need, it’s in the folder” Mackerel said “I’m sorry but you have to be the only one that knows what’s in that folder”

“Welcome to Elfina” Ian said and in a wink of the eye, he and his partner disappeared.

Fina froze when she heard that, bringing her back to her new nightmare.

Tyler and Jay groaned as they struggled to get up from the floor.

“I never thought this could happen. Oh, dear. What are we going to do?” Mrs Clark said

Edward ran his fingers through his hair.

“Well, it’s the Queen’s order. We cannot disobey. This is an honour itself” He said

“Well, you will need new clothes and shoes and make up!” Mrs Clark said “Louis Vuitton bags”

“Honey, do you ever get the idea that Elfina is a school of magic not a fashion school?” Edward asked

Emma put her hands on her hips and glared at her husband.

“No daughter of mine is going to school without reeking of designers!”

Jay rolled his eyes at her.

“I will be in my room” Fina said and escaped quickly.

“Jay, leave your sister alone! This is a shock to her too!” Emma called from downstairs.

Fina shut the door to her room and moved to her small pink desk.

She inspected the folder dreamily and traced the shape of the white rose with her fingers. Then, she opened the folder and brought out the contents. A letter fell on the floor and she picked it up.

The letter has a very strong scent and she inhaled it.

After scolding herself for being childish, she finally opened it.

“I had a dream. Three girls uniting together as one and helping one another. At first, it seemed silly to me but then, I realized, sometimes you just have to look deeper into things to be able to have a great understanding of it. I had the dream thrice repeatedly and the last part was amazing as your names were revealed to me. You girls were revealed wonderfully to me. I look forward to see how really special you are. And most importantly, I looked forward to meeting you all.

Special, The Guardian Queen

Fina thought it crazy but shrugged it off. She inspected the documents one by one.

The first was her details as a new student of Elfina. Second was about her clothing items, shoes and bags. The rest was her class schedules, breakfast, lunch and dinner with the school map.

A knock on the door interrupted her racing thoughts.

“Honey, may I come in?”

“Yes, mum”

Emma walked into the room carrying a sandwich with a glass of milk and gave it to her.

“You don’t want to miss breakfast”

She went to sit on Fina’s bed and fidgeted with her hands.

Her mum always does that when she was nervous.

“I know everybody wants to go to Elfina and how much people talked about it. I am part of them, of course, but that doesn’t make it easier seeing one of my children go to the school. I am creeping out and it terrifies me a lot” Emma said “Like, something bad is going to happen. Motherly instincts, I guess, but everyone loves Elfina right? The school is great and I won’t stop you. Just be careful okay? And don’t mix with bad people. Mix with those that wear designers”


“Come on! Designer’s people are the best and talking about designers, we need to get you lots of clothes. What items do you need to buy?”

And that was how they spent the day, buying this and that from different fashion store.


“If the boys hit on you, I will get rid of them with my superpower beard.” Jay said, dropping a kiss on Fina’s cheek.

Roslyn hugged her tight.

“I am going to miss you” She said sadly.

Fina got down at eye level with her and whispered in her ear.

“Why don’t I give you a special mission to do and I will reward you when I come home for break?”

Roslyn giggled.

“Make sure Jay’s beard is gone when I get back. Do it secretly.”

“I will!” Roslyn shouted excitedly.

After several, I love you and hugs; she finally got in the car with her dad.

The upper class moves around in their private jets and flies at the highest part of the sky where there is no traffic. The average and lower class moves around in flying cars almost touching the ground level.

And that’s where the Clarks belong to. They belong to the average class men.

“If you need anything, Fina, don’t hesitate to ask. I know you are the quiet one”

They talked and laughed until Elfina finally came into view.

The school was absolutely magnificent as it boldly stood in front of them.

Elfina was an ancient castle and oozes magic itself. The gate stood tall in front of them.

As Fina got down, her heart skipped a beat and she nearly bolted. She was scared and yet she still managed a smile for her father.

He got her small, pink, magic luggage down and kissed her on the forehead.

“Don’t forget what I taught you”

“I won’t.” She said firmly.

“Well, go in and good luck!”

Fina smiled and took a deep breath, wondering if the next chapter of her life will be anything but exciting.

And then, she stood in front of the large Iron Gate and it opened just as a whisper rang into her ears.


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