Sunset Eyes And Crystal Tears

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She is fire and ice. Rain and sunshine. Fierce and calm. She's the redemption the world needs and the one thing that can tear apart the very fabric of it. She is death incarnate with the face of an angel warrior. She is Twyll Merrick- The Crystal Heir. Twyll has a fire in her that can burn and burn untill it destroys. She is the last Crystal Heir. The only one who can wield the Core Crystals. But there is one tiny problem. She doesn't know that she is the heir that never was, and when she is pulled into the pulsing world of the CrystWorld after the jarring loss of her aunt - her only family - she turns to a boy with sunset eyes and his group of friends who are determined to help her - whether she wants it or not.

Fantasy / Romance
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Jinn never understood the necessity for fear. She never understood the want, the greed, the craving for power. The desire to always be on top. She saw the world through her innocent eyes. Eyes that would one day lose their light lose their innate goodness when they see their beloved brother and his beloved wife bleeding out on the bloody floor, their daughter found unseen and unscathed under a pile of bed sheets, sleeping. Eyes that would bear the burden of a secret that will threaten to tear her apart from the inside until she's just a shell of her former self- the dark pools haunted, making them even darker.

For now, she's in blissful ignorance, humming a bawdy tune not meant for young ears. For now, she's in a fragile bubble that threatens to burst at the slightest turn of the wind- and one day it will. But for now- she's safe. Fooling around with the local boys while a little girl with the golden hair and eyes that burn with golden lightning lays gurgling in her sleep as her parents are eviscerated near her, their silent screams echoing in their heads. No one knowing that those innocently curled fingers held power so vast that even the sun rivalled her for it.

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