Inside the mirror

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Just as she steps into her new house, Annie starts hearing a voice around herself. Sometimes complimenting her that how beautiful she looks in her dresses, warning her when she's about to do something wrong, laughing at her when she does something clumsy. Day by day, she got closer to the voice, slowly falling for the ghost👻, Right onto its Trap.

Fantasy / Romance
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1. Intro

Annie POV.

Ah! finally moving into my own house. I am so happy.😆😆

As I turned 18 last month, my parent finally let me move. I’m the type who doesn't like to be a bother to someone. It not like my parents think I am. but I like to live independently, I mean who doesn't want to do things in their own way, sleep when you want to, eat what you want to, watch what you want to, wear what you want to, and blah blah blah. 😋😋You know what I mean.

So I bought myself a BIG house, and by big, I mean big. It is not every day you buy a new house. Plus I'm used to living in a big house. Well, my dad owns one of the most famous IT companies, and the fact that I’m their only child, I get a lot of pocket money.

So with no shopping or wasting money for 6 months, I got enough to buy it. And yes I am going to live in this house alone, I'm used to it anyway, my parent usually has a lot of business trips and I only have two friends, one who went oversea four years ago and the one is myself.😋😋

I’m done packing. as I and dad dragged my 2 bags out of my old house to my new car, that I got as my birthday gift from mom and dad, a blue and black Bugatti Chiron, I'm not spoiled, it just their way of showing their love to me. As we finished putting all my belongings, my mom came out with the food I asked her to make. It not like I can’t cook. my cooking is perfect, my mom taught me everything. It’s just that I think I will be busy doing some cleaning at my new house so I won't have time to cook.

Mom: “All done!”

Dad:” yap! ”

Mom:” Y/N, dear, do you still think it’s a good idea?”

Me:” Mom, I told you I’m not going to change my mind”

Mom:” whatever, don’t come to me if a ghost try to possess you”

Dad:” honey, don’t try to scare her, she’s about to start a new life. You should encourage her.”

Mom:” I’m just worried, she is my only child, I won't be able to bear the pain if anything happens to her. ”

Me:" I’ll be fine, mom. just relax. I know I can do it!”

my mom sign, finally giving in, she hugged me so tightly that I couldn't breathe and kissed my forehead. My dad hugged me too and wish me luck with my new life. I just smile back at them both.

With the last family hug, I got into my car and start driving to my destination. After a half-hour ride, I reach there.

I got out of the car and a satisficing smirk found its way across my face.

I head toward the front door, I took out the keys, and just as I opened the door. A cold breeze surrounded my body. A cold hand wrapped itself around my waist from my back, a soft yet scary voice whispered near my ear.

“Annie, You are mine !”

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