Sam Gully and the bloodline of the guardians

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Sam Gully is the last in the line of his family’s greatest secret, to become a Guardian. Lying dormant in a sealed prison for centuries an evil is ready to be unleashed. Sam bestowed upon an ancient blade of great power called Masc. Earth is just the beginning when Sam relishes twenty three other realms are out there. Gaining friends and enemies along the way. He must stop the link on the prison breaking, with Masc and a fellowship of companions, they must win, all life depends on it. But in the end will evil endure? A creative cast of characters in realms of fantasy and adventure.

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Chapter one, the keepers of valour

In the beginning stood a tranquil universe called Userail. The God-like entities of this realm lived in peace and harmony. Wars where only spoken about and friendships were the foreseen future. But in its mist of good and hope darkness boiled deep in the realm roots. Fortunately for Cascara no matter how hard it got it never wiped the smile off the young princesses face. With a such colourful nature she was worship by every one, but only one of them mattered. Abaddon was the Kings cook, taken in by your Hindustan one night. Cascara fell in love with Abaddon, and he also gave his love in return. But there love was watched with wicked intensions. For there was another who fell in love with Abaddon. The poor broom maid Azurella who worked in the realm for many years. She laid her eyes upon him, every day she would find any excuse to grab his attention. However Abaddon heart was already stolen. Until one night Azurella watched through the crack of the door, a proposal, one that tour her heart from her chest. Mind screaming with anger she ran away to the deepest part of the palace. As tears of anger poured onto the stone floor she mumble under her breath. Before screaming out cursing the Princess. As she wiped her eyes, she notice that her tears began to turn to a steamy black mist. Her hatred for the Cascara had brought out the darkness from the pit. This entity engulfed her with revenge. The darkness poured into Azurella soul. Under the entities submission it asked her to accept its power. Feeling the heart ache she willingly accepted. The darkness took over every essence of Azurella, burning out everything good inside her.
She waited as Abaddon left the Princess alone in her room that same night. Azurella intensely peered again through the crack in the door, as the Cascara began to brush her hair and hum with joy. All of a sudden a black mist creeps into her room, swirling around on the floor like a serpent. She played with the Princess for a bit, sending shivers of fear down her spine.
Taking out the lights and leaving the frighten Princess in darkness. Azurella Squeezed her fist together and the mist flew around Cascara's neck, snapping it like a twig, killing her instantly. A powerful satisfaction filled her body as the mist disappeared. Azurella revenge was not over, no one else would ever have Abaddon. The door bust open to Abaddon room as the maid pledged "you must come, the Princess has been killed". His heart thumpt hard as he ran to her aid. The lovers eyes engulfed in tears as he held his beloved wife to be. The maid grabbed his hand comforting him, and telling him she saw who did it. A lie left her lips as she told him he is going to need power to get revenge on the killer. Without haste Abaddon follows her to the deepest part of the palace. She tells him to stand and except the darkness, and giving him a incantation to speak. 'It holds great power, power to revenge her' came a whisper from the maid. Abaddon accepted as the darkness ripped into every fragment of his body, stripping away all happiness and memories of his life, forgetting his one true love, Princess Cascara. As he awoke he looked upon the maid and she told him the truth, her truth. Abaddon blacken soul began destroying everything he set his eyes on.
He Purged and corrupted the lands like a beast with uncontrollable rage. The kingdom of Userail and the knights of the Glith began to break the seal. The queen pleaded with the king to stop the knights as the seal was a last resort to protect the realm. The kings words where final, the seal must be broken we must protect our last remaining child. Protect the seals light, if it falls into the hands of the darkness it will destroy all of life as we know it. The Knights of the Glith laid there hands upon the seal, and speaking the ancient words. The Glith's power scattered the realms through space, so far apart not even a twinkle of light could announce their presence.
Abaddon and Azurella had became enraged by this, as there plan to kill the king had faded. Abaddon and Azurella where banished to Athom a untouched beautiful haven, full of vibrate life. Its inhabitants where kind and caring folk. While Azurella drew her powers of thought to figure out a way to travel the realms and return to bring destruction upon the king and the Glith. But unfortunately for this realm was peaceful, it wasn't long before Abaddon's first for vengeance stuck the beauty from Athom. One by one he slaughter and destroyed the realm and its inhabits. However goodness sprung from the ashes and on the brink of destruction an unbelievable miracle came about, where there is great evil, there is a great good to defeat it. The Glith's power open up a mysterious vortex, reaching beyond all the realms. From each of the twenty three realms a being was chosen to protect the realms and their natural elemental power.
These became Keepers of Valour, twenty three supreme beings. Like the darkness was brought through pain, the energy that the Glith released from the seal was pure light. The mystic energy split and created the keepers. Beings who where good all the way to their soul.
But Abaddon's power grew too strong and something had to be done. The darkness influences spread into each realm creating a significant unbalanced. The keepers watched their worlds plunged into the shadows, not able to enter and help themselves. They had to find a way to help and guard their flock. Through the blight of war the keeper's foreseeing eyes paid close attention to a small earthly girl, that was given a gift for protection. The keepers took this idea, transferring there power to magical items, made to bestow upon the chosen ones. Defending there worlds from its horrified demonic presents, these beings who where chosen became Guardians.
Before the Keepers, could forge them there was a problem, twenty two items were created. But the twenty third guardian knew the magical items wasn't strong enough for the darkness. He requested a potion of power from every keeper, with they combined magic they forge a dagger. This very supreme dagger could reset the balance for all realms. The Keepers fearful it will fall into the wrong hands. Finding a place far from Abaddon, they chose the furthest place to it cast it to, Earth.

As the years went on Earth became the humblest of realms, untouched by war, the beautiful scenery nurtured the viewing eyes. Humans populated the surface, building kingdoms imaged by their kings. Peace had been mastered once again. Memories of the past faded away, not even the oldest tree could hold whispers. As Earth realm grew so did Abaddon's lust for power, after hunders of years he finally found away to travel the reamls.

Azurella and Abaddon came to realise about the guardians. So they tracked down and killed Athoms gurdian. Abaddon and the darkness absorbed the guardians powers. Becoming stronger his attention turned and focused on power, power to dominate the realms. With the guardians essence inside home, Abaddon had enough power to break the barrier and travel to another realm. Eventually he hunted down and killed the other twenty-two of the guardians taking the power for his own, well so the darkness led him to believe. The darkness slowly poured into the last place Abaddon needed to look. His power had grown as well as his evil intenions. To destroy all life and rebuild the universe in his image. Some men couldn't resist, there became to acting voilently upon their own evil troughts. They began to turn on one another, a civil war ruptured through out the lands. Abaddon with much pleasure controlled his clueless pawns, using there own fears to slaughter each other and search for the guardian.
But humanity resisted, other realms caught word of their courage and joined earth realm to fight a war like no other.
They pushed him back to his own realm of darkness he created, Athom. The realms locked him behind the gates of Athoms mountain. Creating a magical lock, made form the broken seal they locked the gates, usings Masc the magical blade of the keepers.

Evil had been locked away, but over the decades the creature had infuriated twisted followers to help him. After time Abaddon's interceptors began hunting down Masc in secrecy, for this would release their master.

In a small town called Novocain deep in the hills lived an admirable young girl called Isabella gully. She was a shy woman but very beautiful, her long black shiny hair made her distinctive fiery green eyes stand out with a radiant glow. Her baggie handcrafted white long sleeve top folded neatly into her brown skirt. Isabella was praised by every body; she was a very friendly and caring woman. Masc hung on side of her belt by its crystallised green handle. The sharp sliver blade shimmers brightly in the sunlight. The dagger and training was past on by her father, who was once a guardian himself. But the Dagger ture power could't be harness untill Masc had chose the right one. Isabella waves to a tall very well dressed Caucasian man with dark wavy hair. Fenwick Burton, a lover who she was she very fond of. Fenwick used to be a knight of the order who fought in the unwarily battles of fendoom. His stories kept the young ones frightened around the fire at night. Despite his witty banter and over washed humour he loved Isabella with all his heart. His charming nature towards others was reason she fell for him.

The village of Novocain had peace for decades as it hides the daggers secret. But its location soon didn't stay hidden. The knights of silo caught wind of rumours. A clan hidden for generation's whose main focus was to capture Masc. The leader of the knights was ruled by a cold cruel man called Morik. A Freakishly huge man, to within his presents scares the very hearts of mortals. The smell of death clings to his greasy black hair. Unfittingly his victim's last thoughts before there life sadly ends over the knuckle spikes imbedded on his armour. The knights attacked Novocain without hesitation or warning. Villagers try to run away across the fields but fall helplessly under the waves of arrows. The knights set a blaze of fire over their homes and murdered there life stock. A small group hid under ground protecting the people, included Isabella. However Morik smelt there fear and captured them. He bonded there their hands to another so tight the sliest step dug in with pain. The twisted murders took the town's people to mount IO, the tallest mountain peering over Novocain. Its serrated sharp rocks hidden beneath the pure white peaks made it a dangerous climb. On the icy giant the knights pull the screaming town's people towards the edge of the cliff.
Where is the dagger? Demands Morik.
Sigfre was a old friend of Isabella farther and would die for cuase. With the battering wind smashing in his face and braverly in his eyes he told Morik your tmie will come. Morik slowly pushes a brave Sigfre to his death. Isabella couldn't take people dying to

her as she ran forward but was stoped by the town people. The people knew if the dagger where to be found it would destroy everything. Isabella was pushed towards the back protecting Masc with they lives they all girtted there teeth. Desperation clouded Morik's judgment as the lust of blood in his eyes told the truth. It finally got to Fenwick, standing at the edge with palms sweating and heart thumping against his chest he turns towards Isabella mouthing the words of love.
Before Isabella could respond Fenwick was thrown to his death. Isabella ran to his aid but was slammed hard to the ground by one of the guards. In a rage of sadness she ran up to Morik and plunged Masc deep into his heart then using its power she curses Morik and his men to never walk alive in this world again. Cutting her hand in the process she bounded the curse with her own blood. Not knowing what she had done Isabella fell to her knees crying. Storms began to grow in the sky, thunder and lightning all struck down onto the mounting. Isabella drops the dagger to the floor. Morik grabs her by the locks of her hair and stares into her heartbroken eyes. He chuckles as he launches her over the mountain edge. The men were dragged into the void banishing them into Darkmiths, formed into a monsterious image. They were stuck within in an empty void between realms, waiting for the day the dagger fell in to the hands of another guardian as Isabella had bounded them by blood. The horrific sight sent the villages away. So the Darkmiths waited restlessly in the void for their master's call. The climactic long wait began.

The year was 1988 and even from its prison evil lingered within earth instigating cruelty at every opportunity. Wars broke out and people from all over the world fought once again. In the mist of hardship the blood line of Isabella Gully was still living on.
John Gully was a solider and a very proud man to his name. Medium build to his short slick brown hair was an organized approach to his job. In the past years Sergeant John Gully came across his blood lines legacy. Specialized soldiers under his command where told about the dagger from his comrade and best friend James. John and his troops journeyed their way to mount silo. They struggle a hard climb up the mountain with the unwilling wind against them. When they made it to the top John started searching through the mountains blizzard.
'Careful!' shouted James as he stops John falling off the cliff edge. As John gets pulled round he catches a shiny mysterious beam of light over his right shoulder. John held out his hand blocking the beam as he moved slowly towards it. Coated in solid ice Masc laid dormant, wasting no time he started picking at the ice with his axe. Chopping away he continued until the blade was poking out of the wall. John wraps a cloth over his glove to pull at the blade, but in return Masc slice through to his palm. John's face looked amazed as the dagger absorbed it like a hungry mosquito. There was a strong rumble and the ice around the blade smashed open to reveal the dagger. Within that time weary shadows surround his unit and then disappear quickly to nothing. He started to look closer at the blade and noticed the name Masc engraved in sliver writing. Suddenly two gun shots flew passed his head alarming the platoon.
'Get down and spread out' ordered John. James saw the enemy and identifing as mercenaries. Shots set off again firing from every angle, troops hiding behind the tiny rocks trying to get there head down as far as they can, to avoid the shower of bullets. John grabs James and tells him to flee with the dagger. The troops covered with there lives as James slid his escape down the mountain. Getting the blade far away he couldn't but feel sick with guilt. James knew in his heart John didn't want it fallen into the wrong hands.

'Retreat' screamed John just as a bullet punctures his right arm sending a burning sensation through his body. His gun falls to the ground, as he went to pick it back up a bullet clips the back of his skull knocking him unconscious. John awoke to the sound of his men being shot. Tied up next to the cliff edge he was unable to help. He slowly gazed around trying to piece together what happened. John swerves his head around to see his fallen troops, but is quickly faced by armed soldiers pointing guns at him. One of the soldiers smashed his gun straight into John's jaw breaking two of his teeth. Blood from his head slowly runs down his face. The soldier picks up his pistol taking it into his left hand he pushes the pistol slowly into Johns bullet wound. He screams in pain as the scorching tip of the pistol sizzles at the touch. John had enough so with his last bit of strength he grabs the man by his belt, forcing them both off the edge of the cliff. With his head up he saw the enemy watching him fall to his death. Moments later a bizarre dark cloud appears, thunder crashed, John gaped as tall black shadow appeared next to the soldiers. Then all of a sudden the black beasts burst out dragging the men into the darkness. The creatures had escaped the void, released by John's blood. Darkmiths had returned with full power. On top of the mountain all you could hear was the last few men firing there useless shots followed by screams. The dark being vanished leaving the corpses to freeze. John's body slid down striking the side of the mountain, luckily with the strength of a guardian he arrived safely at the bottom, unconscious but alive. A day passed and John's soul refused to die.
A sub consciousness voice of Isabella reaches his ears.
'Masc is the only weapon that can stop Abaddon's reign, I saved you from dying, but soon you will join us. When you wake up I need you to tell your wife and son that you love them dearly'. Feeling the warmth and love he smiles to her agreeing. Isabella rested her hands on his head, leaving an intense light bewildering John's eyes as he awoke to two beaming head lights.
John was place in the back of the van as a British man bandaged up his shoulder.
'All right buddy your safe now, were taking you home'. John let out a moan but still in a daze he turns to the man and replies 'where am I?'
The driver turns round 'You're in our van, we found you lying in the snow, I don't know how you survived, I took the shrapnel out the back of your head, trust me my friend you have got a guardian angel looking out for you'. John laid there on the long journey from Novocain back to Canterbury England. When John reached his home land a light whisper suddenly awoke him 'its time John' the voice said.
He knew his time was near, so he asked the troops in the van if any of them had any paper and pencil.
'Here you go'.
John wrote a letter to his wife and new born son. Then he pulled out a picture of his wife and child form his side pocket. As John focus at the photo of his family heartache washed over him wishing he could cuddle them once again. He rubs his right index finger over there faces before turning the picture over reading the message on the back.

To my beloved husband, I love you more to day then yesterday but less than tomorrow, all are love, always Elizabeth and baby Sam x.

In the picture Elizabeth was a fiery dark red hair woman, with her bright lime green cardigan she illuminating there baby Sam. John fell into a deep sleep passing away with the loving memories of his family. A mysterious bubble of blue light reunites him with Isabella.

'So for the time being we will watch over them' spoken Isabella softly. John agreed and they both faded in to the light.
John's body was buried back at home in Canterbury. A grieving Elizabeth watched John's coffin being lowered into the ground. She and Sam later moved from Canterbury to Newquay Cornwall. Settling in a small cul-de-sac semidetached house not to far form the beach. Time past and Sam was always told the story of how brave his farther was, and how much he loved Sam. But the story of Masc was never told. 15 long years went past and Sam grew up to be an exquisite young man with thick Blondie brown hair that he just about held up. His bright green eyes glowed with hope as his father once did.
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