Sneeze. Fart. Shift.

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Anna dosen't know how to be a wolf. After her very human adoptive parents pass away she relocates to New York in search of her own kind and in hopes of being finally accepted. She makes a few friends, but her strange upbringing prevents her from fitting in and Anna feels as if the Wolves of New York might eat her alive.

Fantasy / Romance
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Luna's Reflection

I rushed onto the subway hoping for a seat. It was a Friday afternoon, I had been on my feet all day and I wanted nothing more than to sit down, just like all of the other commuters who had boarded before me.

I resigned to holding onto a handrail and relishing the fact that my shift was now over and I was off for the weekend. I wiggled my feet in my shoes as I attempted to jedi mind trick one of the other passengers into offering me their seat.

Soon enough I felt eyes on me and my discomfort was forgotten.

Seated no more than five feet from me was a beatiful man, and all of the tell tale signs told me he was one of my kind.

Shifters were easy to spot, if you knew what you were looking for. They had distinctly long and elogant noses paired with square jaws, this was due to shifting and the skelton adapted and conformed to make the shift more malleable. These features could be prominent in some genetically gifted humans so the next marker was the eyes. Wolves have what is called "The Reflection of Luna" it was a ring, shades darker or lighter than the rest of the iris.

The male who was staring at me now sported two stunning light grey globes encompassed by a deep grey ring that accentuated their intensity. The subway car was a mixture of aromas that masked his sent, but I suspected that this too was every bit as delicious as the rest of him.

His gaze was unwavering and soon enough I had to turn my body away because he began to make me feel self conscious.

I held onto the handrail and threw my shoulders back so I was in, what I hoped was, an attractive stance.

I did my best to hold the pose as I pretended to not notice that he hadn't taken his eyes off me the entire trip.

Soon enough the train approached my stop, as I began to exit I could see out of my peripheral vision that the handsome stranger was also deboarding.

That was when the cloudy notions cleared and my anxiety set in. I was in New York now, and even on a crowded subway platform this was still a dangerous place full of ill intentions.

I closed my hand over the pepper spray in my coat pocket as I scurried up the stairs and onto the street.

The aroma of hot pretzels and hotdogs from the nearby vending carts filled my nostrils as my senses heightened. I gave a sniff of the air, a variety of body oder masked with deoderant and colognes soured in my nostils and I instinctivly shook my head in an attempt to clear it.

I felt a hand clasp over my shoulder and even though I had the pepper spray ready at hand, I froze when it was time to extract it.

I was mesmerized by those beatiful pale grey orbs and a strange sound escaped my throat as I faced my pursurer.

I was in awe until I noticed that his brow was furrowed and his eyes were narrowing. He wasn't pleased to see me and I searched my mind, wondering if I had encountered this stranger before, and if I had, then where? His was a face I wouldn't have soon forgotten.

As I opened my mouth, he answered my queries. "You were the girl at the pack plot the other day." he wasn't asking a question, his voice was accusatory and the statement made me wish that the ground would open up and swallow me whole.

"I...Do I know you?" I asked him. I shifted from one foot to another as my mind raced, searching for a delicate way to avoid this confrontation. He put a finger up "What you did was not cool." I felt all the blood drain from my face when he said this. "I didn't mean to..." I began, but he cut me off "Don't show your face at the pack plot again." he leaned into me for a moment as if he wanted to say more, but seemed to changed his mind. He spun on his heel and began to stride away. "It was an accident." I attempted to call out after him, but my voice was weak and squeaky. I doubted he was listening anyway. What had happened was inconceivable, accident or not.

I turned away as my eyes welled up in tears. I didn't want him to look back and see that I had been shaken.

Tears blurred my vision as I made my way blindly to my building and to my apartment.

Brandon, my roommate and only friend, was seated on the couch, his arm around another attractive boy. It seemed like they were having pregame drinks before they hit the clubs. Too embaressed by my tears I didn't bother to greet neither one of them, but made a bee line for my bedroom instead.

I had meant to kick the door shut behind me, but instead of hearing the satisfying click behind me, I heard a soft thud as Brandon caught it before it could slam shut.

I looked back and saw that Brandon, his guest was not lingering behind him. "What happened sweetness?" he asked me in that coddling tone he used when he was attempting to sooth me. It usually worked, but this time there was no comforting me. I had hid my dirty little secret from him for days, had done my best to forget about it, but today it had exploded in my face.

"I went to the pack plot and it was horrible." I wailed as I collapsed onto my bed.

Brandon looked stunned for a moment, then stiffled a giggle. "You went to the pack plot?" he asked in disbelief. I looked up at him miserably and his expression of amusment softened to one of concern. "Scoot over girl and give me all the details." he said as he nudged my aside on the bed.

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