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It’s 1968, Lucy runs away from her abusive family and boyfriend to New York City, there she meets Prudence who she falls in love with and her best friend Jude. All characters (but one) are named after Beatles songs, I do not own any of the Beatles songs.

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Chapter one

I wake up at 5 AM to leave my horrible 'home'. I quietly shut my bedroom door to not awake my parents. I roll my suitcase down the hallway, checking every once in awhile to see if they're behind me at all. I walk downstairs. Almost there. I think to myself. I open the door to the outside world. I start to run as fast as I could so they couldn't catch me, not that they did.

I arrive at New York City, walking down the sidewalk to my new apartment. Every once in awhile I get my knee length hair out of my face. I knock on the door. A short black haired lady opened the door. She had a white short dress on that showed a bit of her chest. She had a headband around her forehead. She had the prettiest green eyes I've ever seen. "You must be Lucy!" She says excitedly, as she smiles at me, which made me blush a bit. I nod my head, feeling my face to see if it's hot at all.
"I'm Prudence." She tells me. I look down, playing with my hair until she waves at me to follow her. I grab my suitcase. Almost all the doors are replaced with beads. Colorful walls too, made to look psychedelic. There's a small TV in the corner. I make out that it's a black and white TV. She shows me my room. I move the beads so I can walk in. It's quite small, but good enough.
"This will be your room, if you need anything I'll be in the kitchen." She tells me. I nod in response. I start to unpack my suitcase. Putting Band T-shirts in the drawer, along with some bell bottoms that were drawn on from boredom. I put my few skirts and dresses in the closet. I start to put up my posters, all are band posters, like The Grateful Dead, Big Brother and The Holding Company, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Who and of course The Beatles. I lay down on my bed. Feeling the softest of the sheets. I close my eyes.
I start to hear screaming from my mother. Yelling at me just because I didn’t get home soon enough. I apologize over and over again. Crying as she yells more and more.

"Lucy? Are you ok? I heard you screaming?" Prudence asks me, having a worried look on her face. I look around realizing it was just a flashback I had. I wipe the tears from my face.
"Yesah, I'm ok, it was just a dream I had." I tell her, making up a lie. She nods and walks away. I sigh, not wanting my family or ex boyfriend to find me.
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