The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer

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Chapter 15

“Pandora! Raina shouted, “I have been looking everywhere for you! Where did you go?”

“Well, I tried to find someone. But I don’t want to go into that right now. I need to go back home and with little time, I need your help. If you do, I can give you a wish of anything you would want.”

Meanwhile, Gabe stood with his mouth hung open while he watched Raina converse with Pandora, who was invisible. Amelia’s face didn’t represent shock as much, as concern.

Amelia stepped closer, keeping a careful watch on Caticus, who stood as though the exchange was not anything out of the ordinary. “Pandora, I have some concerns about what will come of us if we help you. I understand that you carry a curse, and those of us who have set you free will suffer a ‘tainted soul’. What does this mean?”

Pandora shrugged. “I do not know. It was my mother who did all this to me. I have a demon I can ask.”

Raina set her purse down on the desk with her eyes set on the new fairy, Caticus. She faced Pandora and said, “I will help you. What do we need to do now?”

Pandora flopped down on the couch. “That is the thing. I need to grant a wish now. It seems with this curse that when I do, it will restore my power, to go home, face my mother, and take my life back. Please, there has to be something you want.”

Raina paced her office while she bit her lip. “Well, there is something. My new boyfriend, Derek. He has an ex-girlfriend that will not accept that they are no more. I want her gone.”

Amelia gasped, and Gabe’s eyes widened. Immediately Amelia grabbed Raina by the arm. “Raina! Do not do this! Do not use magic for black purposes. This is dark, you are asking for Pandora to assist you in doing harm. All witches know, this comes back times three. Besides, how do you know that she won’t let go? Did you talk to her? Did Derek say anything to you?” Amelia maintained her hand in the fold of Raina’s arm.

Raina stood with her eyes on Pandora as though she wasn’t listening. Without regard to her friend’s warning, she said, “Pandora, is this possible?”

Pandora’s eyes shifted back to Amelia and then to Raina as she nodded. “Yes. It is a spell. And for it to work, I need not only your participation with me, but I will also need hers.” Pandora nodded toward Amelia, who walked backward.

“No! I do not want to be a part of something like this. Raina, listen to me, this isn’t the way to have what you want. How about money?”

Gabe nervously spoke up, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. How about you ask for money? You can fix up the bar, make a killing, and be high in the community.”

Raina swung her head around and hissed, “Please. I don’t care about that. I want Derek for myself, and I think this is just the answer.”

Amelia’s eyes shifted, and she tugged at her hands by pulling each finger one by one. Before Raina could make her request she said, “Raina, how about you and Derek both go with us to Brian’s summer house? Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“You know it’s okay?” Raina’s face lightened with a glow that had not been there before.

“Yes, Raina. Absolutely. Things have happened so quickly that we haven’t had the time to talk about it.” Amelia sighed and took Raina by the hand and cradled it. “I would love for you to come along.”

Pandora’s anger rose to the surface, and her voice was raspy and rushed. “No! You both freed me! You must make your requests! This restores my power and gives the universe something in return.”

Amelia’s eyes widened in fear, and with a hard swallow, she said, “Okay, well, can it be one or the both of us?”

Pandora said, “You both freed me, I don’t care.”

“Okay, Raina, allow me to make the request! This will be good. Okay? How about Pandora grants me the wish that all four of us getaway to the summer house and have a great time!”

Pandora’s lips tightened. “No. It has to be a wish for something real. A result of an event. Something that can be seen.”

“Okay, well how about we all go to the summerhouse, and I wish that...”

Raina interrupted, “I wish that we all go to the summerhouse, and Derek tells his ex-girlfriend he never wants to see her again.”

Amelia seemed relieved at the request. Somehow her intervening stopped Raina from making another outrageous request. Pandora nodded and handed Raina the box she was freed from.

“Take this powder, Raina. Sprinkle it into your hand, then rub your hands together and make your wish.”

Raina made her wish and said the words aloud. The office became a wind tunnel, and the lights flashed for a few moments. Then it stopped.

“Raina, you have your wish.” Pandora said.

Amelia was suspicious. “Just like that?”

“Yes, I already feel a little stronger. Really. So have your weekend. Brian will be delighted to bring Derek and Raina along. When the ex calls, you will see things happen.”

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