The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer

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Chapter 20

There he stood, tall, and swathed in sophistication that gifted him with a near-human appearance. His eyes were the key distinctive feature separating him from any other man. Amber flecks near the center of his feline shaped pupils engendered a mystical glow as he gazed at Pandora with passionate arousal.

The stranger’s lustful eyes fixated on her body and the fleck within his eyes flashed as he drew closer to her as did his dusky hued silhouette. With his emergence from the cemetery, those predatory eyes blazed under the moon lit sky giving his mystery away.

“Why are you here? Don’t you have somewhere else to be?” she said to the demon.

The stranger snorted and rested his hands on his hips, brushing away the bottom part of his long black trench style leather coat that now hung down behind his forearms.

“No, in fact, this is my place. Here among the humans or the ones who have passed. With their darkness brings my kind, what is needed to survive. So, what brings you to a cemetery? Ghost hunting, are you? Yes, I see, you are on duty to save a soul.” He smiled as he raked his fingers across the top of a recently placed gravestone and brushed his hands together.

Pandora’s eyes narrowed. “Why don’t you show some respect and leave this place? There are no floundering souls for you to take. My mother told me I would see your type more. As much as I enjoy proving my mother wrong, unfortunately, she was correct.”

Pandora stretched her metallic blue wings as she prepared for flight only to be stopped by the unwanted swaggering demon who changed his tune. No coy smirk across his lips and his lustful eyes hollowed without the glow.

“Please, don’t leave,” he whispered, “I am... I have never had the chance to be this close to a fairy in a long time.” He extended his arm. “Not all demons are what you believe.” Pleading eyes were hard for Pandora to resist, and she turned and shoved his arm away.

“My mother has warned me about your ways, and if she were to find out I was consorting with filth, she would have a problem with that, now get out of my way.”

He stepped aside and said, “My name is Naberious.”

Pandora stopped in her tracks. “Naberious? I have heard of you. Aren’t you the keeper of the underworld? The gates of hell?”

“Yes, yes I am. I originated from the underworld, but I live in the dark realm. Hell is such a loosely used term. However, when Moloch, the soul collecting demon brings a soul to the dark realm, I am the demon in charge of what souls we collect. I oversee Moloch, and he rules the demons here on Earth.”

“No wonder when I go near the dark realm, I never see you. What are you doing here? On Earth? This isn’t your station.” Pandora crossed her arms and remained suspicious of the demon.

“Maybe, sometimes we all could use a break from our station for just a spell. You are a necromancer, aren’t you?”

“By a human’s definition, I may be the grim reaper.” She laughed, “But yes, I call upon the lost spirits, not for any reason but to retrieve the information needed from them to move on. Sometimes though, they may also be the other half of a soul key.”

“Soul key? You know of the soul keys?”

Pandora remained dismissive of his questions. “Yes, so what of it? Why do you care about the soul keys?”

Naberious looked away and drug his feet a few steps back, so he could take a seat across the headstone he stood in front of. “Well soul keys aren’t something we get the chance to see a lot of. Most soul keys remained bound for eternity. The universe hardly ever allows a break in that unity. We, as demons, however, when given a rare chance to acquire one, the dark one is most pleased.”

“Soul keys are the property of the universe. When I encounter a human is a part of a soul key, rarely, the twin soul or the other half of the soul key is ever broken. It just may take several lifetimes for them to find one another again. This is not my specialty, though. Echo, the Earth nymph, is the record keeper of such souls. I still do not...”

Naberious interrupted her. “Not what? You are in training, aren’t you?”

Pandora stiffened her body, dropping her clenched hands to her side. “How do you know that! No, I am not!”

“Did your mother and the nymphs forget to share with you that demons can read memories?” Naberious said.

Pandora ignored the inquiry, and she turned her frowning face away from his stare. “There are few times I have ever had to go to the dark realm and deliver a soul. But I am a necromancer fairy. It is only children of the queen blessed with this role and a few others she chooses. If I encounter a soul key, I get the nymphs.”

Naberious moved to change the conversation back to the direction of his intentions. “Well, if this is as much of a break I get from where I sit, this has been a delightful break.” His head was low, only cutting his eyes upward to the spunky fairy to gauge her reaction.

Pandora snorted, and her eyes flashed. “A break? A duke of the underworld, hell, the dark realm, whatever you want to call it, you need a break?”

Hissing, he said, “Not all that they teach you is the truth. An idealized conception of presumptions. I cannot stand presumptions! No less taught by that queen!”

Pandora leaned forward, marched and remained inches from the demon’s face. “Don’t you say anything about my mother! You know nothing about our kind!”

“Nor do you have any actual knowledge of ours!”

Naberious and his tense moment quelled, he struggled to look at Pandora in her full and wondrous eyes that swirled when excited. Her skin although a creamy color of perfection, her cheeks resembled the color of fire. As he moved to take himself back from her, he stopped and cocked his head lower as he took in a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Pandora didn’t resemble the same reluctance with her stiffened body. She pursed her lips and her nostrils flared as she exhaled. “What is your problem, demon?”

With the uncomfortable inquiry, his eyes glanced at the bright green blades of grass that covered the ground of the old cemetery. “It’s just,” he stumbled as he searched for his words, “It’s just you smell...”

Pandora folded her arms, pressing her breasts outward from her already tight attire. Heightened amber eyes gawked at her neckline and the curvature of her breasts as the veins underneath her transparent skin. “What? I smell?”

Naberious pulled further away. “You smell wonderful, actually,” he mumbled.

Pandora’s tight grip around her body relaxed. Her chest expanded as she took a breath and let her rigid arms collapse at her sides as her eyes softened. “You are a strange demon, not the way they taught me. By the way, my name is...”

Naberious interrupted, “I know your name.”

“How do you know my name?”

Tension left his lips and his eyes softened, exposing his subtle smirk. “Do you have dreams?”

Pandora lifted her hands up as if she were shooing away a pest and said, “You know what? My mother told me that demons love to play head games. Well demon, so do fairies and frankly, I am bored with this conversation.”

Pandora shifted, and her wings filled with light tension, rising from the ground. Turning to leave, her body faced the dusky sky now royal blue with nightfall. Star lights twinkled amidst the clouds that rolled in with the breeze and carried Pandora’s scent. With the breeze, he drew a slow breath to inhale the divine aroma composed of lavender, lotus flower, and hints of cedar.

“What is with you and my scent? Dreams?” Pandora held her hands up as if to examine something she couldn’t see.

Naberious leaned on the headstone and crossed his arms with a smile and said, “Did you know that smell is one sense most linked to memory for a human?”

“And this affects us how?”

Pushing himself away from the headstone, he stood taller, more predatory as walked toward Pandora. “Well, it doesn’t; I just wonder if I will remember this moment when I smell lavender, lotus, and cedar wood? And I thought you were leaving?”

Pandora brought her hand up to her face and then looked to the demon and said, “How did you know...”

“I have lived for thousands of years, Ms. Pandora, I have seen,” he paused and smiled as he looked to her, “and smelled a few things in my day.”

“Well, I have to get going. It has been...”

“Where are you going?”

“Where else, I will do my job and get to work. It doesn’t look as though any ghosts are here for a fairy to collect, so I am leaving.”

“Wait,” he said, “Take me with you.”

“Why would I take a demon with me on my work assignments? I can’t take you. You are not of my world. It’s forbidden.”

And there it was the three-syllable word that left Pandora’s plump pink lips as though it was an entitlement to engage in. A term that carried so much meaning, to bring so much punishment for doing the one thing that should never be done. Naberious was fascinated with Pandora and her fiery nature, her will, and her beauty. To him, she was the break from his mundane job of keeping a tally of the dark souls who entered the dark realm, and she was also something else to him. She was also so much more than even she realized, a secret.


The large pentagram glowed under the twilight sky, amid the fairy nymphs who stood within each of the five-star points of the symbol. The queen’s weapons against demons, each nymph ruled one of four basic elements of fire, water, earth, and air. One additional nymph whose powers surpassed them all, Karma, and she ruled all that her name implied.

Sadness was not an emotion these fairies often exhibited; however, the queen’s garden courtyard held within it a sadness. With the twilight fading into the night, wrath would soon follow and descend upon Pandora, who stood in the center of the symbol.

The daughter of the queen herself, her eyes remained low and fixated on the plush green grass beneath her feet in the fairy courtyard just outside her mother’s chambers. The purple color radiating from the pentagram symbol reflected onto her creamy skin, giving her a cool, light amethyst glow. Her large wings collapsed at her sides and shook with her cries, as she begged her mother, Selena, for mercy.

With an unrelenting hatred for any being aside from fairies, the queen prepared to unleash her wrath upon her daughter for her crimes. She paced around the symbol while her steely eyes penetrated Pandora, who hid her face as she cradled herself. Strands of her long jet-black hair draped over her slumped and quivering shoulders as she continued to beg for forgiveness for what her mother considered a disgusting act against fairies and their laws.

“Mother, please! I am sorry. I meant no disrespect. Please believe me.” Pandora’s voice trailed off as she begged and sobbed, “We are in love, please, I meant no wrong or disrespect to you.” Pandora wrapped her arms around her knees and continued to hug herself while her grand wings hid her body.

Selena stopped pacing and turned to face her daughter. Her tall silhouette barely stood out in the darkened courtyard. Leaving small light for an eye to see, cold yellow eyes stood out from the dreary landscape. “You knew I forbid it! Fairies are to be of their own, we must stay together. Now look what you have done!” Selena dropped her head for just a moment to catch her ragged breath before shouting, “A demon! How could you? A demon at such a rank, he is even higher than the high court demons; one that controls the evil souls from a human’s death. This is nothing more than a rebellious act against me and our ways.” Selena admonished.

The nymphs stood speechless, keeping their eyes low, barely able to witness the queen’s rage against her daughter. Karma, the fairy that delivers the karmic debt for all souls in the universe approached Selena to deliver a book. Selena, who remained out of breath from her anger and shouting at Pandora, paused at the site of the book resting in Karma’s hands.

“Selena, here it is as you wish.” Karma reluctantly handed over a dark leather-bound book from which the pages were of a thick and a darkened cream-colored lined with gold. She reached out and took the book from Karma and glanced at the pentagram. For a moment, a glimmer of sadness brushed across her face when she and Pandora looked at one another.

Quickly, Selena cut her eyes downward at the old and worn book in her arms. She stood clenching it within her grasp and then gave Karma a curt nod to which Karma walked away and resumed her position at the fifth point in the pentagram.

Selena looked to her daughter once more. Her face was like a statue devoid of any emotion, as though any sadness that had once decorated her face never happened. In an instant, her cat-like eyes no longer harbored rage. Now sadness emerged with the glistening of tears that filled her eyes. Fighting her own emotions, she took a quick breath.

“Pandora, you have given me no other choice. You have disgraced me, yourself, and our kind by indulging yourself with that demon. I will never forgive you for what you have done. I will strip you of your title, and your younger sister, Luna, will take my place upon my passing. I banish you from our realm, it will take your soul from you and place it in this box. Our ceremony will begin now.”

As Selena delivered the message, her voice grew distant and echoed within her mind. She relaxed her tight hold of her body and lay back into the grass awaiting her punishment, and the memories of Naberious took her away to the only time she felt loved and safe.

Escaping for just a small spell, Pandora allowed her fond memories to return to her. Racing tears flooded her cheeks slowed to a dribble, dampening her long black hair before landing on the grass. After a quick glimpse at a few strands of her dampened hair, she tightened her eyes shut, expelling more tears that drenched her smiling lips. In moments there he was, alive in her mind.


He reached across the grass, where her long strands of hair landed after the quick breeze came and went, letting her hair fall once again. Pandora lay with his long black leather jacket covering her nude body. He brushed his fingers across her strands bringing them up to his nose and the excitement emerged an amber glow in his light brown eyes. For a moment before he closed them, he took in the scent of her hair.

“I love the way you smell.” Naberious opened his eyes and let go of her hair. The light that flashed in his eyes dwindled down after his brief excitement, and he gazed at her while she lay still in the grass returning a lover’s gaze.

He smirked as he leaned over to kiss her and his light brown wavy tresses fell over his shoulders, brushing Pandora’s cheeks as their lips met.

After a few moments of a soft kiss, Pandora sat up and ran her easily the side of his narrow face, stopping for just a moment to rest her palm at his jawline. “I know. You don’t have to say it. So now we have been together this long... how will you explain this to the dark one? Where do I fit in?” Pandora straddled herself across his lap.

“I don’t know really. Demon laws aren’t anything like fairy laws. Our dark lord doesn’t care who we are with as so long as we complete our tasks. I can’t recall in all the thousands of years I have existed that any demon has ever been with a fairy like this. I am more worried about your mother.”

Pandora dressed herself. “I know. I have been gone a lot and I never return with much to tell her except that there haven’t been many ghosts on Earth that need my assistance to choose their next life to become a spirit guide, or to live as a human again. The lies are getting harder to tell.” Pandora slipped on her one-piece, purple chiffon dress and tugged at the ragged hem, pulling the dress over her curvy hips.

Naberious stopped dressing to watch her pull at the hem of her dress, and he reached out his hand and brushed his fingers down her leg, “Well all I care about is that you believe me now.” He smiled and wrapped his arms around her. “I thought you would never believe me. Remember when we first met...or met here for the first time in this life?” Pulling her tight to his long and lean body, his French cuffs covered most of his long hands that rested snugly against the small of Pandora’s back.

“I can’t lose you again. Painful enough to have existed for thousands of years,” he loosened his grip and lowered his face, pressing his forehead to hers. With closed eyes he said, “I would not wish that pain upon any being, even if I am the bringer of suffering.” He released Pandora from his hold and turned away. “I will always be this. I will be nothing different or better.” His eyes glowed amber again as he looked at Pandora. “But I know that even if I don’t deserve you, I would do anything to prove that I would never stop doing everything in my power to bring you, what I feel inside of me.” He grabbed her small hand and pressed it into his bare chest. The slight breeze grazed the hemline of his opened shirt and his long collar lifted with the breeze.

Pushing his collar down, she stroked his chest and brought her aquamarine eyes to focus just past his shoulder where a hint of a gravestone was present underneath an old tree. With this distraction, her gaze lingered while she recalled the day they met.

Pandora snickered, “I can’t believe that you just never gave up on me, I was so well...difficult I guess I could say. I remember.” She smiled and wrapped her arms around him. “I know that you are better than what you were born, and we can’t pick who we are. I love you.” Pandora’s smile left her face, and she rested her profile against his chest where her hand once set. “I don’t want to lose you either. But what can I do about my mother? We can’t keep this secret forever. If she finds out, they will never allow my return to the fairy realm. If I can never go home, I will lose my power, and may even perish. We draw our power from the fairy realm, and I cannot be gone too long. I am afraid of what will happen to us.”

“Let me talk to your mother and show her that not all demons are bad. Not all of us are like Ipos, Pyro, or even Lahash. The fairies and the demons can still work together and do what the universe requires of us and do so in peace and balance.”

Pandora turned around. “No! No! If she ever finds out about this, she won’t listen to you, a demon. It must be me to tell her. Let me do it. I will find a way.”

Pandora pulled away and turned her back to Naberious as she stared into the inky sky decorated with thousands of stars where a memory within a memory came to her. Looking into the night sky with the weighted down worry of what would come of her brought her back to the time when she allowed Naberious into her life.

The day she and Naberious met for the first time when he made the request that ignited the passion and the forbidden love affair between a fairy princess and a prince of the dark realm.


There once again, they stood within the cemetery, having just met for the first time. Pandora was ready to leave and had she done so; her fate would not have her suffering the wrath of her angry fairy queen mother.

Just as Pandora was set to fly away and change the course of her existence, Naberious could not let her go. He could not lose her again. Unbeknownst to her, Naberious knew more about her and the memories of a long-ago life she did not recollect herself.

The demon looked at her with troubled eyes as he interrupted, “Where are you going?”

“Where else, I will do my job and get to work. It doesn’t look as though any ghosts are here.”

“Wait,” he said, “Take me with you.”

“Why would I take a demon with me on my work assignments? I can’t take you. You are not of my world. It is forbidden.”

“Give me the night and then you will be free of me. Maybe you can show me your ways with the ghosts, maybe I can show you that in all the Universe a sense of balance remains. Humans are born with the ability, the choice, to act in the ways of good or evil, it is only the demons who capitalize on such ways of the dark, and we keep a balance. We must balance everything in the Universe as there is no other way to be.” Naberious said with a serious tone as he pleaded with Pandora with his eyes.

Pandora dismissed the demon and his odd request. Her mind carried its own conversation as she looked at him with suspicion.

Why would a demon, a duke, from the court want to come with me? What does he want? Secrets? To destroy me? My mother...the other fairies? Makes not a bit of sense.

“What do you want? Demons are opportunists...why me, why do you want to see what I do?” Pandora asked.

“I just want the pleasure of your company, nothing more. Just for this night.” Naberious remained astute in his response, serious and though the presentation of such a request from the overall sense of the word demon, was off-putting.

Despite all the rules they taught her and the warnings from other fairies, something in his eyes told Pandora different. Something in his eyes gave rise to acceptance of his request with no reason or merit. A mysterious request that made her senses come alive and with it, fueled her burning desire for romance she tried to hide with her shell exterior.

“Well, all right, but it doesn’t seem clear that there are any ghosts in need of fairy assistance. What will you do then?” she asked.

Naberious snorted despite a glimmer of happiness, and it harrowed his penetrating eyes with guilty pleasure. “Come, I will show you where I really come from...I bet you didn’t realize that some demons have a knack for time travel, did you?”

Pandora’s face was incredulous, “Time travel? There is no such thing.” She cocked her head around as if the demon were spreading a lie.

Naberious said nothing, instead he extended his arm and opened his hand to Pandora with his palm exposed. “Come, you will see.”

Pandora raised her arm but drew it inward to her chest as she studied his hand. Slowly she reached forward by just an inch where she stopped and then brought her eyes to meet his. The pair never broke eye contact, even when Pandora reluctantly moved her hand to take his.

Once their hands met in such a peculiar fashion, there was an unspoken lingering hesitancy from which Pandora struggled to maintain eye contact through her thick, black eyelashes that framed her aquamarine eyes.

Her soft touch did not match her outer appearance of a tough and cold fairy but revealed more of her own truth to the demon. A side of her that if known, would in her mind, be a disappointment to her cold and calculating mother.

His hand was soft, and despite his long fingers his hands were not thin or cold, but fleshy and comforting. As Pandora’s fingertips brushed the palm of his hand with a slow settle, he took in a deep breath as though it was unexpected. Naberious winced, and when he finally looked down within the palm of his hand, his face revealed surprise to not what he held in his own hand, but whose hand it was. The hand of a fairy and one with a pretentious and pious belief that who he was, a demon, deserved nothing from her and surely not an acceptance.

His long fingers wrapped around her hand and in silence he led her to the place he called his old home, his place of creation and his beacon for what he loved, lived and wished he could be once more.

“Where are we going?”

Naberious dropped his chin, exposing a hint of his smile when he turned his head slightly. “We will start in the dark realm where time travel is possible; To the gates.”

“The gates? The gates of hell, so to speak. Where the dark human souls are brought in by Moloch?”

“Well it isn’t necessarily ‘hell’ as you put it. It is the gates to the dark realm. Hell is what the humans believe in. There is no such place but if you want to call it that...” Naberious said.

“I think everyone refers to it as hell?” Pandora questioned herself as much as him.

Naberious stopped outside the cemetery. “I know. You can call it what you want. Once we go, that is where we enter to time travel.” He created a portal to the dark realm. “But it can only go backward in time. Some demons may see the future, like Ipos, but we cannot go there. No one will question you because you are with me, but you will get some looks.” He smiled as he created the portal.

His free arm raised, he moved it in a circle and with each revolution, smoke and fire emerged. The Earth’s scenery from within the emerging portal took on a watery appearance as the green trees gave way to a crimson appearance that hurled heat and wind.

Pandora squinted her eyes and looked away as the portal opened, her fair skin heated and flushed red with the swift heat. Naberious looked back and said, “Come, it really seems worse than what it is.”

They walked through together hand in hand and once on the other side, their hands broke apart. “Naberious, I have been to the dark realm before, you know. I have had the unfortunate task of turning over a few dark souls to Moloch. I just do not recall the entry like this.”

“Really? So, what is it like for you?”

Pandora shrugged and took in a deep breath, “Well my portal is different, it doesn’t appear red, but it is purple and not nearly as warm,” she said fanning herself with an eye roll, “Why is it different for you?”

“Pandora, how many times have you portaled with another?”

Tugging at her bottom lip as she sunk deep into her thoughts she said, “Actually, never! Wow, my mother has never even entered the dark realm with me.”

“Well that explains it. A portal isn’t just anyone’s portal. It represents the creator of the portal. A portal is the reflection of a soul or an aura. Now I know what your aura color is. Now you know mine. Most demons are red anyway, but there are variances.”

They continued to walk through a dark and now colder enclosed pathway of hardened, dry dirt that crumbled with their steps. For just a brief time they seemed to be in an enclosed area until they were in a large atmosphere of darkened red skies, smoky air full of sulfurous sediments and a harrowing feeling driven by the cold demon eyes that fell upon them.

Aside from the shears of dirt that crumbled under their feet, the only other audible noises where the hisses and the whispers of the legion that Naberious commanded. “Come, pay no mind,” he said as he pulled her through the thick atmosphere and glowing eyes of demon soldiers desperate to take her.

“Here we are, the gates. We will pass through these and I will show you were I come from.”

Pandora stood close to Naberious as they both looked up upon the high gates that he spoke of. Tall and wide, they enclosed the gates by two colossal statues- of an Egyptian tone and with it a remanence. “What is that vibration? That subtle buzzing? And I thought you said you came from the dark realm?”

Naberious looked at the tall and mysterious statues. “That is a magnetic field you are sensing.” He pointed to the center of the gate which beyond that gate was not just one entry into the dark realm, but a ball of light full of an electrical current. “I was created in the underworld, but my first life was on Earth.”

Pandora examined the light and listened to the humming that accompanied it, “That is a magnetic field?”

“No, however, it creates one, is in the light we walk, and you will see where I come from.”

Pandora stopped, no way. My mother said nothing about a demonic magnetic field or time travel in my studies.”

“She couldn’t. She knows a lot about the demons, but she doesn’t know about this, hardly any being does outside of the dark realm. Do not be afraid. Earth has a magnetic field, think about it.” Naberious dismissed her worries while he shook his head.

Pandora seemed to have understood that later part of what he said, but she struggled to walk into what appeared to be a ball of electricity. She followed Naberious and the closer they walked, their feet left the ground and with each step they hovered higher than before until it submerged their bodies within the ball of light and disappeared.

Despite they submerged their selves within a grand ball of light, to Pandora this was just but a split-second event, as though it never happened. In a blink of an eye, she found herself in a place she had never been before, not even in present day. Much opposite of her realm. This place was not only on Earth, it appeared to be in a desert. The horizon stood in a purple hue of mystery, with just a few planets in the sky that appeared as small stars. Below the horizon, sand covered the ground and the dry breeze tickled her ears. No mossy knolls, springs, or rocks to be seated upon.

Within a scant walking distance appeared two pyramids that stood together overlooking a city of Egyptians. Pandora filled with intrigue couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked upon one of the most notable times in ancient Egyptian history.

“Naberious, we are in Egypt? You were created here? In Egypt? What is the time period?” Pandora’s lust for curiosity left her lips faster than he could reply.

Naberious escorted her toward one pyramid and stopped while his eyes continued to gaze upon the Egyptians who were casually going about their evening, preparing for the night’s feast. “This is sixteenth century, BC, Egypt. Most known for, The New Kingdom of Egypt. It is here, isn’t it? Where, according to humans, all life began. Though, the history goes back a lot further, this is merely the place in which demons were born into recognition, where demons are or were recognized by humans. Here in this place.”

Pandora’s eyes were shifty, “I don’t understand, you said you would take me to where you were born?”

“Listen to me, I was created in the underworld. My residence is the dark realm. It is here, where my birth recognition by the humans that I exist. Demons believe in a second birth, with humanity. The advancement of humans in recognition of the Universe’s will, good and evil, the light and the dark. The balance that has always existed and always will. I have known many of the years of Egypt, and the ancient Sumerians. This time, this place is my favorite place and time. I come here a lot to remember. When things were different.” Naberious stared out into the black soil that once existed in these times of Egypt before the desert took over the marsh lands.

Pandora watched Naberious in his study of a time and place that he deemed the most memorable and one that he showed affection to. He once more extended his hand to her and offered a casual stroll within one tomb, highly decorated for a pharaoh. He talked to her about the rituals, the beliefs systems of a long-lost civilization that is such a fascination of modern-day times.

They left the densely populated city and moved outward to talk more and visit about his request to accompany her on her mission to help a lost soul.

“Naberious, why did you bring me here?”

“You didn’t seem to have a lot to do at the time, and I wanted to have time with you.” He answered in a gloomy voice, staring at her feet, avoiding her eye contact.

“I guess that is true. Did you know I would be there? Or was this some random act?” Pandora sat looking upward to the demon who remained standing and now lay his eyes on the city many yards away.

“Why do you ask such questions? Why does it matter? I was there, you were there.” He snapped; his voice rushed.

“Naberious, you have to understand. We just met. You are in a cemetery where you know fairies can be at times, you are a duke of hell or the underworld, whatever you want to call it. You want to go with me, to find ghosts, and now you bring me a place and time that you consider your better memories. Why?”

Naberious remained with his back turned and said, “Fairies, you all have a life span...a birth and a death. Right?”

“Yes, we live for a very long time, thousands of years. Most often we outlive the spirit guides, but what does that have to do with anything?” Pandora stood up and moved, so she could stand closer to him.

“Demons, we live forever...well nearly. We hardly perish. Unless we are destroyed by the dark one or something greater than we are, like an angel. Or possibly a powerful fairy...” he turned around to face her and his eyes narrowed, and his voice deepened. “Do you believe in love?”

Pandora was taken back with such a question coming from a demon, “Yes, I mean fairies love...each other,” she backed away from the demon and looked away. “I haven’t found the one yet. My mother said it would take time, the fairies in our realm as far as the male counterparts go are harder to pin down, I guess.”

“Yes, but do you believe that demons can love?”

Pandora lost her composure and brought her hands up, “Are you kidding me? No, demons cannot love, all you all care for is...lust. Trust me, my mother has warned me about demons.”

Naberious took a step towards her. “You do not think we are capable of anything else? I have loved before.”

Pandora laughed, “Well, I am sure it complicates demon relationships. I have yet to meet a female demon, where are they? What happened, it didn’t work out? What do demons have to fight about anyway? That is so ridiculous.”

“Who said it was a demon? The female demons most often choose human males or females...or that is the rumor of a few I know, however we can to speak, but not for is for lust.”

Pandora stopped laughing and her face sobered. “Look, I didn’t mean to offend you, but they teach fairies all about demons when we are young and how to deal with them to help a human cross over, and how to know if they are lying or soul stealing. I was taught nothing about love. My mother barely believes in love herself. In fact, I never hear her speak of it.”

“There are many things that the fairies do not know of the demon world. What your mother knows...” he stopped and caught himself from speaking further.

“What? What were you going to say about my mother?” Pandora retorted.

Naberious did not answer her, instead he walked away as if to leave. “Where are you going?”

Naberious continued his quick gate. “We are leaving. Now.”

Suddenly the pair found their selves back on present day Earth, in the cemetery where they met and left from. “Pandora, thank you for taking the trip with me, as we agreed you have given me the pleasure of your company. I must be headed back to the dark realm.”

As Naberious circled his arm to open the portal, Pandora studied the hand that held hers the moment they left together where he spent some time showing her a little of himself.

“Wait, wait. Why did you take me there?” Pandora grabbed his hand.

He stopped creating the portal, and he looked at her hand, and his eyes softened. “I didn’t tell you all or share with you what I wanted too...I don’t think you are ready for that. It is all right though, at least I could spend some time with you. Goodbye, Pandora.”

Pandora gripped his hand. “No, wait! Don’t leave. I want to know more. It was beautiful. Understand they teach us to despise your kind, to mistrust.”

Naberious looked into her eyes. “But you trusted me enough to go to the dark realm, to travel back in time, to witness something. Didn’t you? But yet you do not believe the things I speak of. You didn’t believe in time travel to the past and I proved it to you, and you do not believe that demons can love because of our evil natures. Right?”

Pandora shrugged. “I get where you are coming from, but you have to understand, I have never heard of demon true love, it sounds just as strange saying it out loud as it does in my head.”

Naberious took her by the same hand that he did when he first escorted her to the dark realm. “You know that we can read memories, I can see your memories. I can see things in your memory that you do not even recognize.”

Pandora jerked her hand out of his firm hold, her face was incredulous. “What is this? A game you play. Messing with my mind, my emotions.... WHAT DO YOU WANT!” she shouted.

Naberious remained calm, almost smug that he aroused such passion from her. “I want something, but only when you are ready.”

Pandora turned to walk away as he spoke, but when she turned to respond, Naberious disappeared.


Pandora’s eyes came back into the focus of reality as she imagined Naberious’s fingers brushing across her black hair, the tears poured, soaking the ground that she lay on in the center of the pentagram.

A fairy lot of Selena’s followers emerged and bound her. Selena opened up her fairy book, to a blank page in the center, passing other pages filled with writing, symbols and magic. As she read from the blank page, each word that Selena chanted, the paper burned and inscribed itself as Selena read aloud. As each word left her lips, Pandora sobbed harder and louder, sending an echo through the fairy realm in the coveted fairy garden they stood within.

Selena knelt and pulled out a box from her cloak and placed it within the pentagram, opened it and stepped away to resume her chant where she watched the pages light up with her words. As she came to a close of her chant, she looked to her daughter, who lay motionless.

To the wicked world you will go,

It is only the dead you will know,

I expel you to the underworld this night,

To be taken forever from our site.

Whom so ever lets you go

Will endure the Necromancer’s Curse and a tainted soul.”

As Selena chanted out the words meant to carry take Pandora to the underworld, her mind took her away one last time, to a place when she was happy, to a time when she was with the one she was in loved.

Slowly her mother’s admonishing voice faded away. Pandora’s mind drifted back to the memories that carried her through her sadness. The very memories of events and choices that led her down the path into her banishment. She closed her eyes and went back to the memory once more.


Back in the cemetery Pandora stood having been abandoned by her new mysterious demonic liaison. She looked all around the cemetery, but he had left, without so much as a goodbye.

“Why did he leave? Where did he go? This is infuriating, what a weak being. He couldn’t even stay long enough to work this out. Wait a minute...why do I care? Why would I want to work anything out with a demon? This is crazy!”

Pandora stomped off through the cemetery mumbling to herself. She stopped at one point in her mindless agitated banter and looked back at where she lost saw Naberious, as though she thought he would return or maybe she hoped he would.

Many days and nights passed on Earth before Pandora returned to the cemetery where she met the demon. Just as her mother sent for her to do, it was time once again to execute her tasks as the fairy who was most often referred to as the Necromancer.

As she was prepared to leave from the fairy realm, she walked into her mother’s large chambers where she maintained the lot of books, spells and company that always surrounded her, to include Orion her most trusted advisor.

Orion and Selena were not in the chambers; however, two Selena’s favorite nymphs were there, seated at her large and heavy table indulging in the drink they most often referred to as fairy delight. Just two of the elemental nymphs were seated side by side, looking through one of Selena’s old fairy books. A book that had Selena noticed what they were doing, would land them in troubled waters with the Queen.

Just as Pandora entered, the nymphs stopped giggling and slammed the book shut while their cheeks flushed with guilt. “Pandora! We thought you left already...for Earth.” Said Lotus, the water nymph.

Pandora raised her eyebrow as her enormous eyes fell on the book. “So, I see you are digging around in my mother’s things. You know if she catches you what will happen.” Pandora smugly lectured.

“Where is my mother?” Pandora asked.

Lotus stood up from the table to return the book to the shelf. “She is in the nursery, tending to your sister.”

Pandora nodded, “Luna, yes. I should spend more time with her. But I have to go.”

The other nymph that sat with Lotus, was the Earth nymph, Echo, and she said, “Do you want me to go with you?”

“Not this time Echo, but I appreciate it.”

“Okay but remember, I can help you if you are struggling with the ghosts. I sometimes mean you may have the wrong spirit. You are still young in experience. Your mother taught you well, but I could help. Or I guess you could rely on the other necromancers...but you know how they are.”

Pandora drew a lengthy breath followed by a slow sigh, “I know. You are like a cheat sheet. You hold the knowledge of the soul keys. If I run onto a ghost, and I know where their twin soul is, I feel like it is almost like I am trying to change an outcome. It’s too hard for me to not try to help the ghost to the answer. I just need more practice, alone. But I will call on you if I get stuck.”


Quickly Pandora found herself in the cemetery, looking for Naberious, however he was nowhere to be found. She walked through the cemetery and her eyes fell to look toward the only audible crunching of the grass and leaves beneath her feet. The grass remained green, despite fall was close. The leaves were beginning their depart for their last cycle of life, and the Earth had escaped a heavy frost for just a small window of time.

Winter days would soon follow, and the days would shorten as the winter solstice approached. One solitary Cardinal perched on a branch that swayed over a headstone. The headstone she last witnessed Naberious brush his hand across. With just a pause in her already slow gate, she caught herself drifting away to the time he escorted her to the dark realm and showed her the many things she did not know about, or at least if it were something her mother knew about, was kept from her.

Pandora left the cemetery and found a member of her own kind, another necromancer. “Caticus,” she shouted, “Hey, it is me, Pandora.”

Caticus was a male fairy of the realm and mostly did what he considered dirty work, meeting the soul collector of the dark realm to deliver evil souls to the dark realm.

“Pandora, what are you doing here? I thought you would scout for the better half of lost souls, to meet with the spirit guides. Which one was it you had a brief encounter with, his name was it ...let me guess? Relic?”

“Caticus, please, don’t remind me. It was his human he watched over that had passed away. This ghost had already lived the lives the Universe sent for, and he had the choice to move on to the guide realm or live a human life. Relic he is a real wild card. I hear he has a thing for fairies.” Pandora rolled her eyes and maintained a mild disconnect to where the conversation was going.

Caticus was a tall and slender fairy, with pale skin and eyes as black as night. When he smiled, he brought a lightness with him in a mood that always helped Pandora feel at ease.

“Oh Pandora, Relic is fine. In fact, he is handsome I would say. But he is really not my type.” Caticus winked, “I have my sights set on one of the other fairies these days, but he seems not to be interested. He seems to enjoy the wiles of the nymphs. Ahh, they are so boring.” He laughed at himself while he recounted his memory and examined his fingers.

“Caticus, so it isn’t often you find a corrupt soul so to speak. Why has Moloch not come and where is this lost soul?”

Caticus was still examining his perfect hands, studying them as if he were uninterested to catch a wicked soul as he would call it. “Well this soul, I find it odd that he has been marked for collection. You know, Moloch, that demon is just so full of himself. He always has to deliver the dark one’s terms with his sigil. Like oh sure it is Moloch’s terms.” Caticus puffed a quick push of air from his lower lip to move a strand of his light brown hair from covering his eye. “The dark one, I suppose allows his high court demons their egotistical indulgences. I wished the dark one would appoint another demon as the collector. Maybe like Lahash, he at least has a fashion sense.” He smiled.

“Lahash, well I would think he is worse than them all. That demon doesn’t have a side, he just goes where opportunity takes him. Have you ever encountered a demon by the name of Naberious?”

Caticus paused from looking at his perfect manicure and his eyes squinted with puzzled affliction. “He is a duke I believe. He I guess would be Moloch’s boss. But I have never met him, in fact from what I hear, he believes coming here is so below his standards.” Caticus snapped up his posture as though he just discovered the best news. “You know, he and I would probably get along, maybe I should ask Moloch about Moloch is such a brute I say. He probably would get his little demon feelings hurt if I were to ask.” Caticus stopped his incessant rambling and looked at Pandora with trifled sincerity. “So why do you ask, anyway?”

Their lively banter about demons was interrupted by the appearance of the evil soul collector himself, Moloch. There he stood in towering height and broadness to carry the entire cemetery with him. He stood with his yellow eyes burrowing into Caticus, who in return remained unfazed as he continued to study his perfect hands with a raised eyebrow.

“Okay, where is my pickup? The dark one called this one and there has been no debate over it, so it is a matter that has been brought to a close.” Moloch asked Caticus.

Caticus rolled his eyes and maintained his vision on his hands, he said, “Well the dirty soul is over there, by the vacant building. When I finally convinced him he had passed on and was executed for his crimes on Earth via the death penalty for murders, he just couldn’t quite believe that he was going to....well, you know,” he said with a quick shrug of his shoulder as if saying the place was below his standards. “I must add, he seems a bit resistant to my story.” Caticus looked over to the lost soul who could see the fairies and Moloch.

He stood in terror, his body shook, and his face carried an acute denial he had died. Moloch looked at Caticus with aggravation before he started his advance toward the lost soul who had remained a ghost for some time before realizing his time was passed.

Pandora said, “Wow, that is Moloch? He seems bigger here and you know...” Pandora paused, and she changed her train of thought, jumping back to the reality that this soul who was bound for the dark realm had a spirit guide watching over him. “But if Relic watched over him, then why did he turn? You know evil?”

Caticus said, “Scary? More like brute,” he rolled his eyes once more, “Please, the intelligence level is that of a garden slug. I just hate having to see him. I am only glad that is isn’t often anyway.” He leaned in and whispered in Pandora’s ear, “I like the spirit guides a lot better.” He grinned while hovering over her shoulder, but as he pulled away and his eyes fell on Moloch, his face turned to disgust. “Well in answer to your question about Relic, I think this human was numb to all pure inferences. Who knows, Relic was probably taking a vacation with some other fairy, leaving his spirit guide duties. So, we can blame Relic.” He grinned.

Pandora kept her eyes on Moloch and said, “I guess on Relic. But don’t you think you may underestimate Moloch? I have heard of him from my mother and there was never a time she said he was not smart.”

Moloch had returned with the evil soul set for the dark realm and as he was on his way out with the crying soul, he looked at Pandora and said, “My boss would like a word with you.”

Pandora’s eyes were wide as plates and her mouth dropped open. “What?”

Moloch said, “You know. Follow me.”

As Moloch created his portal for the dark realm, Caticus elbowed Pandora. “You didn’t tell me you knew him. I want to know everything when you get back!”

Pandora walked behind Moloch, and she turned around and shrugged her shoulders at Caticus who stood with an ornery look. He was smirking and shaking his head. “You are so coy Ms. Pandora. I never took you to keep demon company.”

Pandora’s face changed, her jaw tightened, and she glared at Caticus. “I don’t!”

In moments, they disappeared leaving Caticus behind for the dark realm where Naberious awaited seeing Pandora once more. As they arrived through the portal, Pandora looked around for her escort who had disappeared with the once lost soul Caticus collected. Pandora stood in what appeared to be a room with her being the only one there. Not a sound or a sight but just a dismal room, alone.

Before too much time had passed, she heard vague sounds of footsteps echoing, until they stopped having arrived closer. Then there he stood, Naberious himself. Alone and with a smile across his face.

“Pandora, how good it was for you to come. I have been waiting for you.” He said.

“Why? How did you know where I was?”

“Pandora, I don’t think you have come to an understanding of who I am. I am just a few places away from the lord of the dark realm. A trusted advisor to him. I govern the lost human souls that travel here from Earth when they have not learned their lessons the Universe has sent for them. I am the end all be all when humans have burned through all their chances. You know, living out their lives. I am the ruler of the last resort for humankind. It isn’t as often as you think humans come here. Most of a demon’s work takes place on Earth.”

Pandora’s face furrowed, she appeared disappointed, but in who was the question. “So, you are a high court demon?”

Naberious snorted, “Oh Pandora, your mother is quite the secret keeper, isn’t she?”

“You spoke of my mother before and you didn’t finish. What is going on? I am here, I came, didn’t I? And how did you know where I was?”

“I know all, I always know where you are. Your mother...well she knows quite a lot about the demons. That doesn’t mean that she shares all with you or the others. I am sure she has her reasons. I am not of the high court.” He smiled and made a steeple with his fingers, and he pressed them to his lips. Walking a circle around Pandora he said, “I go higher. I am not at the famous round table demon meetings that Moloch, Lahash or even Ipos sit at. My table merely only holds a few advisors to the dark one. However, I did at one time. Demons have to earn their positions in the dark realm.”

Pandora watched him and thought and after a few moments passed she asked, “Can they all travel back in time like you?”

Naberious’s eyes darkened. “No, they can’t. I am one of the few. Now let us pick up where we left off, shall we? I asked you if you believed in love. You didn’t think a demon could love, could you? Would you like me to make you a believer?”

Pandora’s normal reaction to a demon would have resulted in disdain, however she found Naberious provocative, mysterious, and she could not help herself. Her pupils dilated and the aquamarine color disappeared rapidly as her pupils took over. Her faced flushed, and she ran her hands across her hips. “Yes, I would. Can you show me. What demons here love?”

Naberious stood behind and wrapped his arms around Pandora, and he nestled his nose into her black hair and closed his eyes. “Yours truly.”

Pandora in part was uncomfortable with the demon’s touch but did not pull away from him. “You were in love?”

Naberious released his grasp only to keep his hands on her waist as he moved around her to face her. He brushed his hand down her cheek and lifted her chin so their eyes would meet. “Yes, I was in love, a long time ago. I have waited so long for you. I never thought I would find you again.”

Pandora pulled her head away. “What are you talking about?”

“Do you believe in past lives?

“Sure, human past lives.”

“What about fairies? Do you have past lives? Have you ever asked where you came from?” Naberious lowered his head and his darkened eyes bore into Pandora’s. She quivered and struggled to maintain her look.

“Stop Naberious. Stop.” She tore her eyes away and looked down and studied the dark floor, that seemed ironically cold. She drug the heel of her boot across it for just a moment. The scuff left behind glowed white for a moment before it disappeared. “I can’t look at you.”

Naberious whispered into her ear, “I know why. Someday you will too.”

She turned her face toward him as he remained close, listening to her whisper to him.

He brushed his hand across hers. “Soon you will know why you struggle to look into my eyes.”

“Tell me Naberious, why can’t I? Why can’t I look at you without this feeling?”

Naberious broke away from the close stance with her. He walked with his hands behind his back and stared upward into the darkened atmosphere that was devoid of light and warmth. “You said you believe in past lives. But you can’t reconcile a fairy having lived a past life, right?”

“Well, I do not believe we live over one life. Fairies live thousands of years, why would we need to live on and on?” Pandora was questioning him as much as herself.

Naberious extended his hand once more. “Please take a walk with me and close your eyes.”

For just a moment her eyes were closed before he asked her to open them once more. He had taken her back in time, to the New Kingdom of Egypt, his favorite place. They sat away from the city, in the dark where it also remained quiet.

“Pandora, look we are here once more. I am showing you a vision of where I took you last. I want you to see something.” He brought her down into the city within the walls of one home of an Egyptian. Inside the small abode were two lovers, and with minimal light to see, it appeared they were making love. He pulled her closer to the bed and said, “They do not know we are here, do not be afraid.”

Pandora swallowed hard as if she were taking poison down her own throat; her hands shook within his grasp. There as the lovers took pleasure of one another, the man or what appeared to be a man rolled over onto his back, and he put his arm over his eyes while he caught his breath.

The woman’s face hid in the shadows as she left the bed. She turned her back as she clothed herself in a gown. When she turned around and revealed her identity, it was then that Pandora found a reason to gasp.

“Oh! Oh! Who is that? She is she looks like me! An Egyptian. Like me, what have you done? What is this some kind of joke!”

She pulled her hands away from Naberious and darted out of the room. Naberious followed her all the way outside and found her in tears.

“Pandora, listen to me.” Naberious wrapped his arms around her as she tried to fight him off.

“Do you believe that I am her? That I was some Egyptian? What is this? You are mistaken!” Pandora was beside herself.

Before Naberious said anything else, the man or the one who the Egyptian woman lay in bed walked outside. The moonlight revealed his face. Naberious pointed to the man standing there. “He is me. That is you and me.”

Pandora shook her head. “No, you are crazy. This is demon tricks. You were not a man!”

“You are right. I was never a man. What you are seeing is me in the past as a demon. I made myself known to her. She was a human woman; what Egypt considered a magician or a necromancer. She was high within the rankings of the royals and assisted with preparation for the afterlife; she would lead rituals for the kings to speak to the dead to ask questions and believed in beings like me. So, one night during one of her conjuring spells, I made myself known to her, and the rest is history. I loved her.” he said as he looked to Pandora with sad eyes. “I came to know her through her times of rituals. Back then, her energy aura was pure, and there was not a way that our worlds could connect, or, so I believed. But on one night she called upon the spirits, I felt more drawn to her than anything in my entire existence. I could not control myself or stay hidden between the planes of existence. I carried an undying, unrelenting need to know her, to be with her. To touch...”

Pandora settled and looked in his eyes. “You believe that woman is me, and we were together in a previous life?”

Naberious kept his eyes low as if he were giving her dire news. “Yes. I am sorry if I have never told you this. But fairies can live other lives. It is not common for a fairy to live another life, but humans can live again as a fairy, just as they can a spirit guide. It is just exceedingly rare. Have you never asked about your father?”

Pandora’s eyes narrowed, “No. I know most male fairies are only interested in other male fairies. Not all but most. My mother explained to me that myself and my younger sister were given to her from the universe. That we were created from there.”

Naberious was incredulous. “You mean she tells you that, and you believe it?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Pandora’s voice raised.

“I guess you are right, why wouldn’t you? You come from the Universe, but you came from a life before. Usually, fairies are created from another life of someone with gifts, special powers like her.” Naberious nodded to the woman he knew from another life as she jumped back into bed.

“So, you want to start up again? You want a life from thousands of years ago? This is crazy!” Pandora shouted, “What happened to her?”

“They considered her a Priestess when they discovered her calling upon a demon; they put her to death. I never had the chance to protect her, to save her. She died because of me.”

Pandora drew a deep breath. “If you can time travel, why didn’t you travel back in time before, and stop it?”

“I tried that. It didn’t work. It is impossible to travel back in time and change what has already happened. I may be a powerful being, but I can’t overpower the Universe.” He looked up into the darkened sky and smiled watching the twinkling of the stars.

“Naberious, I don’t understand? How can you go back in time, how can you not change what takes place?”

“Look at them, lying in bed.” Naberious nodded through the doorway to the room. “We are here, they are here. This is the past; it has already happened. We may be here, but time is locked away in another plane. Demons who time travel can observe, and we can watch, but never can we attempt to disrupt the order of the Universe. It is impossible.”

Pandora slumped down against the wall of the house and rested her elbows on her knees and watched Naberious study the sky. “Well, I thought we were the most powerful beings. The fairies, demons and the spirit guides.”

Naberious stopped staring at the stars. “Your mother still does not allow you to know all.” He snorted. “I guess she didn’t tell you of the angels?”

Pandora stared at him with her mouth open. “No, I have never seen one. When I was a child, she would tell me tales of the angels. I never considered them real. Just a story.”

“They are not a story or tale, Pandora. They are very real, and they remain in the hall of souls. No one sees them. They are the guardians of the human souls when they have passed on from being a spirit guide.”


“You heard me. They are real. They watch over the souls to be given to a newborn. With each transcended life they live, they go there and wait to start the life cycle over again. This includes twin souls. The Egyptians called them soul keys.

Pandora’s eyes widened as she recalled her conversation with the nymphs. “Twin souls, yes. I know of the twin souls. They are connected throughout their lives and after their life ends and a new one begins; they find each other once more.”

Suddenly, it dawned on Pandora what Naberious had been trying to explain to her. She stopped talking and gasped covering her mouth. Her eyes welled up with tears as she stood in shock.

Naberious watched her connect what it was he tried to make her understand. “But I knew her soul would transcend once again. She was not a wicked soul and was not evil. In Egypt, they only permitted a priestess to call upon a demon for a pharaoh.” He took Pandora by the hand. “Go on, ask me more.”

Pandora swallowed and took a sharp breath. “How?”

Naberious said, “During the times of Egypt the demon that the Egyptians associated me with was by the name, Ikenty. In ancient times, they believed Ikenty to be a terrible demon, but through the ages, he became associated as one of Egypt’s gods. The father of the more known gods of Osiris. I became looked upon as a protector. However, when it was discovered that she called to me, it was forbidden, and they put her to death. It was you. Even your mother came from somewhere; she had a creation- souls transcend many times over and over. The spirit guides believe in a soul key just as the Egyptians did. This is a merging of two halves of a soul.”

“Why would my mother keep this from me? Why?”

Naberious shook his head. “I do not know why. But she knows of the things I speak of. Your mother has her own secrets, some that I cannot tell you. But know this, despite the length of your lives as fairies, you are created from something else. Usually a reincarnation of a human or other celestial being- from a star. All souls within this universe come from stars.” He glanced back up at the sky. “Except demons... we come from another plane of existence. I can’t speak of this now. Have you never had flashbacks of anything?”

“Flashbacks? Flashback,” she muttered in thought when her eyes widened with recognition, “Yes, Yes, I do. But I never could reason the scene in my head. It was not like the fairy realm. I just see objects and faces of people I do not recognize. I guess it all makes sense now. All beings can live many lives. I just can’t believe my mother; she keeps things hidden from me.”

“Is this why I struggle to look into your eyes when you look at me?”

Naberious said nothing, he just stared at her again with a smile as Pandora looked away.

“Why can’t I look at you?”

“It is because when twin souls look into each other’s eyes, there is an unconscious recognition of the other. It is filled with mystery and the feeling that touches your soul is exhilarating and frightening at one time. Two very exclusive feelings that anyone would struggle to reconcile. You feel something so deep, but cannot explain, it is intimidating. Many humans when they recognize their twin souls will run from it. They can’t handle it and if they keep their connection, until they accept their twin soul, they will have many difficulties. They will doubt they should be with the other. It is when they submit their soul to the other and embrace all the emotion is when they connect or as the Egyptians call it, their soul key.”

Naberious approached her and draped his arms around her as she pulled away. “You and I, we were together in your past life. I found you again and I will never let you go.”


Once again, the sounds of Selena’s voice returned and coursed through Pandora’s flustered and terrified mind, having only escaped for a small while with her memories. The memories of the demon Naberious. She batted her eyes several times to adjust to the reality that surrounded her now as she was cast away.

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