The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer

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Chapter 21

They escorted Naberious from his lonely cell through the dark realm to the famous round table room of the high court demons. As he arrived, the escorting demons who were Naberious’s legion turned and left, leaving him to the empty room. He walked in and sat at the large slate gray stone table. He relaxed his body against the large chair he was seated in and waited for the famous dark one to engage.

“Naberious, you and I have some discussing to do. How is it, out of all my demons, you the prince of my realm have allowed yourself to arrive in such a state? With your interludes, I will call them, you have upset the queen. Do you realize what this has implicated for our work on Earth?” The dark one asked.

Naberious’s eyes remained focused on his lap where he hands rested, and he did not bring his face up to answer his master. “Lord, please, forgive me. I never meant for this to grow to such proportions. What is it I can do to remedy what I have caused?”

“You realize, I do not care, nor do I waste my time on a demon’s escapades. The only concern I have is with the fairies. They will not cooperate with the lost souls. Moloch will not have much use. The fairies are more likely to block our attempts at these collections, leaving the dark souls to remain ghosts on Earth. You know, as I do, that the ill will of the living is what we draw our power upon. Even a darkened soul in the form of a ghost on Earth is of no use to us unless we collect on that soul. It is all about balance. We do not know Selena to yield once provoked.” The dark one said.

Naberious lifted his saddened eyes and surveyed the ominous room he sat in, alone. “Lord, I believe that I can rectify this if given a chance. Allow me to approach the queen, and I will appease her and have things the way they once were.”

Whispers were audible just outside the room; however, when Naberious rose from his seat to look, it did not appear that anyone was there. He resumed his conversation with the dark one. “Does this meet your satisfaction?”

The dark one said, “Very well, Naberious. You are one of the few oldest living demons I have in my home. I will not punish you for your actions that true, I may not understand how you claim you know anything of the mortal emotion of love, and I believe that this experience will be of use to me at a later time. Fix this situation the best you can, but know this; should you fail, I will have to consider a different outcome for you. Let little time pass. I can’t allow the demons to suffer a loss of energy sources for your belief in the antiquated emotions that demons should not have.”

Lahash and a demoness stood outside of the room as they listened to the discussion. Once the conversation was over, they quickly disappeared back to their chambers within the dark realm. Lahash said, “Astaroth, what do you make of this?”

“Well, I can’t say for sure. However, I do not see this ending well, for neither the fairy nor Naberious.”


Esmra finished her story. “So, there it is, the long-ago story. As you can see, as a warning sign to the dark one, she cast her own daughter away. All of this is written in the sacred book of our coven. Selena’s fairy book illustrates what she would do to the demon if he escaped and the dark one took the book. Well, that demon was Naberious, and he left the dark realm with the fairy book and confronted Selena. When he arrived, she told him that Pandora left with another fairy to another realm. Which was more painful to him than hearing what happened? He felt betrayed and exiled himself. I have no idea as to where. No matter what, there will never be a real truce. There has been a bit of a senseless war between them. And as long as she doesn’t have the book, she is less powerful.”

Amelia had barely taken a breath with the news. “Why would Selena give the book, anyway?”

“Selena was angry and wanted to destroy Naberious. Being he is a duke or prince, she agreed to cast her daughter out and leave him be as so long as the dark one would make sure he never came near her fairies again. She got what she wanted. Had she not, she would have destroyed him.”

Amelia’s face furrowed. “I don’t get it, why didn’t she just destroy Naberious? Why did she care?”

Esmra smiled. “Well fairies, they are a contrary lot. They don’t like to interfere with anything and only like themselves. They don’t like humans too much and hate demons but possess a special connection with the Universe, and they abide by the laws of the Universe. That law is karma and a balance of good and evil. Which includes a mild tolerance to demons who take care of the rotten humans.”

Amelia flopped her arms across the table and craned her neck around to look at Esmra. “That makes absolutely no sense! If Selena is so worried about karma, then why would she cast her own daughter out? Wouldn’t the Universe see that as something bad or wrong, that Selena would get her karma?”

Esmra smiled and rested her hand on Amelia’s hands that still lay across the table. “Well you have an excellent point. I do not know Selena directly, only through stories from prior generations. She believes in it. However, I believe that she must think she was doing something for the betterment, or maybe she doesn’t see that she will get any negative karma. I see it differently. I am sure there will come a time that something will find its way to her, and she will face some tough choices, more than likely to do with something close to her heart. Call me strange, but I believe that everyone’s karma is different. It is not an eye for an eye. I think something similar can happen to the one causing harm, but I feel that karma visits a person by their own fears. Say, for example, a man is angry with his wife or girlfriend, and he hits her. So, would the man suffer as much should she hit him back? Maybe he has children with his wife or girlfriend. Maybe the Universe delivers a daughter who meets someone like him, and he hurts his daughter. Is it possible his karma comes in the form of not being able to help his daughter from a monster, not unlike himself?”

Amelia nodded. “I think I understand. One person may not see the pain they inflict the same way another sees. Makes sense.”

Esmra said, “Well, that is how I see it. Selena may have her day if her act was unjust. Only the Universe is the judge of all our actions, and it is done so through karma. The law of energy. This has been a pleasant talk, but we are wasting time.”

Amelia jumped up. “Right! Okay! What are we going to do? Raina is off the deep end. She and I had a fight, and I need not get into that right now. I know that Brian wants me to invite her to go with us on a weekend getaway. Looks to be this weekend. So, do I do that?”

“Yes, yes. Get her out of here. I will figure out a way to send whatever came from that box away and I may need the help of the other witches. Where is the box?”

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