The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer

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Chapter 29

Amelia and Brian returned to Nevoc to find Raina inside, sitting at her desk in her office. “Raina! We have to talk.”

“What do you want Amelia? You left me behind! We have nothing to say to each other.”

“Raina, you are getting to out of control over Derek. You have scared him away.”

“Yeah, I know, it’s over.”

Brian said, “So he told you already?”

“Already? What? Now he tells you about our breakup before he gets the chance to tell me?”

Brian shrugged. “I don’t know what you mean, Raina. But I don’t want Derek with you, and I don’t want you around Amelia anymore. She has already agreed to move in with me, and she has left Esmra’s. She will be going with me when I leave for med school this fall.”

Raina’s eyes darkened and her breathing raced. “Is this true Amelia? You are leaving me too?”

“Raina, please, I am in love with Brian. You know this. You know how much I want to be with him, I am happy, and he asked me to marry him.”

“What! You are going to marry him? Some rich boy bratt! No! No! No! I won’t allow it; you will not leave me!” Raina shouted and threw things in the office, as she trashed her office and hollered while Amelia and Brian dodged the debris.

“Raina! Stop! I am not leaving you! I am just moving in with Brian. Please stop! I will be here for you, we will talk. Please don’t do this!”

“Oh really! Really? You are going to see me? Your man just informed me that he will dictate who you see, who you are around and apparently he dictates who Derek is allowed to see!”

Raina yelled and charged at Brian with a knife she pulled from her desk. As she ran toward the couple, Amelia saw the knife and at the last second, she threw herself in front of Brian, taking the knife into her side.

Raina in shock at what she had done, stopped and her mouth lay open as she watched her best and only friend hunker down holding herself from the stab wound. Suddenly there was a bang at the door.

“Raina! Is everything all right?” It was one of the bar workers.

Raina was in shock. “Yes, get back to work.”

Brian fell down at Amelia’s side, “Oh my God! What have you done? What have you done? You’re crazy!”

He picked Amelia up to her feet. “Are you okay, where is it? Show me!”

Amelia removed her hand from her side, and said, “It isn’t that bad.”

Brian let out a sigh, “You were lucky. But I am taking you to the hospital. And as for you Raina, I will be reporting this to the police.”

Brian helped Amelia out, and they left for the hospital.

Raina stayed behind and stared at her desk. Her eyes were dark, her face was pale, and she didn’t know where Pandora went off to after Naberious returned.

She mumbled to herself, “What am I going to do? Find another woman. The only one I know is Amelia and that stupid ex. She will be back, and how am I to lure his ex here? Or anywhere. What am I going to do? She was supposed to help me, to help me with Derek, and she said I wasn’t in love. What does this mean? Do I know what love is? I never learned it from my abandoning parents.”

The lights in her office flickered and there stood Pandora. “Raina, I am sorry I abandoned you at the cemetery. I didn’t get a chance to thank you for bringing that red head to me, to help me. Things have changed. Naberious was there, of course you couldn’t see him, but we have found one another again and in a lot of ways I have you to thank for it. So now it is time for me to help you with Derek. Astaroth and Lahash are on their way to Heather’s house to help begin the process. If she is truly in love with Derek, then she will help restore my power. With her as an old crone, you may not need my help.”

Raina scowled. “No, Derek hates me. Even if you do take her, I still need your help. Please.”

“Raina, I do feel for you and I have seen that look before, one of my own.” Pandora paced the room and held her finger to her lips while in thought. “Okay, I will do this. But you will need to get Derek to the cemetery. I know that Astaroth is going to lure the ex there too. I am more powerful in the cemetery, so we can take care of everything at one time. So, come along, I have an idea.”

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