The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer

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Chapter 30

Astaroth and Lahash found the ex’s home and watched over her bed while she slept in the nude. “So, this is her?” Lahash said with a smirk. “She isn’t that great, but she possesses some nice assets.”

Astaroth closed her eyes and began her warfare on the girl’s unsuspecting mind. As she lay asleep Astaroth found her subconscious where she dreamed of her and Derek’s last sexual encounter and the sweet nothing’s he whispered in her ear. Then, Astaroth played her trick and just as she saw Derek’s face, it was Astaroth in her truest demonic form hissing and scratching her while she tried to run away in her dream.

Astaroth created an image of the city cemetery with Derek there, and in the dream, he was screaming, “Heather, help me! Help me! Please save me!” He crawled across the graveyard grass, clawing his way to the exit gate.

As the dream continued, Pandora and Raina appeared at the foot of the bed alongside Lahash and Astaroth. “Pandora? What are you doing here? I thought you went for Derek.”

“Astaroth, I have an idea, we can use Raina to send a text to Derek from Heather’s phone telling him to meet her at the graveyard. You can continue your spell or trick through the dream and get her there. Once she is there, I can absorb her youth and then conduct the spell on Derek.”

Astaroth shook her head. “That is your plan? How do you know he will go? And if she is out of the way, why put a spell on him?”

“He doesn’t seem to want anything to do with Raina. Look, I promised her I would help. She has done what I have asked. With one more woman in love, I think I can make it back home.”

Suddenly Heather woke up screaming, her breathing was rushed, and it reddened her chest from the blood flow to her pounding heart. First, she looked to the clock and it was 3 a.m., and then she grabbed her cell phone and called Derek.

It rang just once, and Derek answered. “Heather, I got your message. I can meet you at the graveyard. But what in the world is going on?

Heather was in a trance. The same way Astaroth managed Amelia. “Derek, come and you will see. I need to see you, please.”

With a sheet wrapped around her body and nothing else, she stayed in her trance like state and went to the graveyard just as Astaroth tricked her into. The demons and Pandora followed with Raina at their sides.

Derek arrived in minutes, and he jumped out of his car and ran through the gate of the graveyard surveying the landscape searching for Heather.

“Heather?” He shouted.

Without a moment to waste, Pandora appeared in front of Derek. Startled from the site of the fairy, he fell back onto the ground and shuffled his feet and hands moving away from her as she advanced.

“Who are you? What have you done with Heather?” He looked past Pandora and saw Raina. “Oh no, Raina, what are you doing? Is this some kind of joke? I don’t want to be with you. I am sorry things didn’t work out, but please. Please just let things go.”

“Let things go!?” Raina shouted and charged toward him. “Oh no, you embarrassed me. You used me, all because you are a wimp! That’s right, nothing more than a coward. But my friend will see you are put back to a better state of mind.”

Standing behind the necromancer pair was Naberious.

“Naberious,” Lahash said, “Are you sure this will work?”

Naberious watched his love perform her dark magic on Derek. “I don’t know. I never knew Pandora to be this way.”

“Well, just as human males don’t get it, I get it. See, this is what men deserve when they misbehave. I think Raina is the most interesting human I have come across.” Astaroth watched with a grin as the atmosphere changed.

The moon lit sky swirled a flash of lighting. Up in the air above Derek, a dusty red swirl emerged over his head. His eyes surveyed the red dusty swirl, and as he sat in horror, Pandora continued her magic. She raised her arms over her head and began a chant in another language.

“What are you doing? What are you saying?” Derek shouted as he tried to get away.

As Raina came into his line of sight, she grinned in satisfaction and with anticipation of making him all hers.

“Raina, please. What is this? I am sorry! I am sorry!” Derek shouted.

Pandora continued her fae chant, and then she said to Raina. “Now Raina. His will is suspended and now it is time for you to do your work. You must go to him, kiss him, look into his eyes and say these words.”

Now my love has come to be

You will forever be mine to keep

No one shall get in our way,

It is you and I until the end of days.”

Raina obliged, and soon appeared over Derek, straddled, and looked into his eyes as she chanted the words. Suddenly Derek’s face relaxed. He no longer appeared to be in terror but resembled a trance like state as he fell into Raina’s hypnotic agenda. Within moments, he collapsed and fell back onto the grass in the cemetery. The swirl of red dissipated.

“What happened to him, Pandora?”

“He will be fine, Raina, this is a part of the spell. When he awakens, you will have him in your arms at his apartment, and he will have no recollection of what has taken place here. I will transport you two back. No need to worry. Your work here is complete. But now I must deal with Heather and receive what I need to go on.”

The ex remained in her hypnotic trance, unbeknownst to her what had taken place. As Pandora approached her, the wind’s power increased as she raised her arms into the air, and Heather floated up and hovered until she went unconscious.

“What is she doing, Naberious?” Lahash inquired as he moved toward the scene.

“I don’t know, but the ground is shaking,” Naberious replied as he looked down at the cracking ground beneath his feet.

A cloud emerged around Heather, and Pandora extended her arm outward and opened her hand. A small golden globe appeared and spun upward, then opened, releasing green smoke that flowed into Heather’s ears, nose, and mouth.

Just as Pandora pushed the globe closer to reel in the life force extruded from the green smoke, a lighting crash from within the low-lying clouds erupted, and a portal appeared.

Astaroth pointed. “Look there, a portal. It is not from the dark realm; this is a portal from the fairies. Has Pandora created a portal so soon? She has not completed the ritual. What is happening?”

Naberious recognized an old enemy, tall, regal, pale white skin, and cold amber eyes boring through him. “Selena.”

“What? Selena is here?” Lahash said.

Selena’s eyes surveyed Naberious with contempt, even as s she approached her daughter. Selena raised her hand, exposing one of her infamous balls of rage that she was most known to hurl at a demon.

“What is happening? Is she going to strike down Pandora, after all this time?” Astaroth asked

Naberious narrowed his eyes and shook his head. “No! No!” He rushed out into the open where Pandora was to absorb the smoke extruded from Heather. Naberious placed his hand on Pandora’s shoulder and said, “Pandora, no. I can’t let you do this.”

Pandora’s eyes surveyed his face, and then she spotted her mother in the distance. Distracted, she dropped Heather to the ground where she remained knocked out.

“Mother! Why are you here? To stop me from coming after you?”

“Pandora, I have come to stop you from hurting this young woman.”

“What?” Pandora was incredulous. “Since when do you care about humans? Or anyone?′

“Pandora, I haven’t come to stop you for that reason. If I allow you to continue, it will be Karma that comes for you. She will deliver the Universe’s ultimate karma for what you are doing. There is still time for you to stop and do what is right.”

“Oh, like you did the right thing when you cast me away, for loving Naberious.”

Pandora charged Selena, and their bodies collided with an explosion of light and furry. Within the bright light, their silhouettes danced in a frenzy of horror. Selena thrashed and tried to clutch her, to keep her back as Pandora’s hands wrapped around her neck. Pandora’s eyes watered and her pupils widened. She gritted her teeth and held her mother with her hands that radiated red electricity while she choked her.

Selena loosened her hold around Pandora’s hands, and she stopped struggling against the choke hold. In an anguished and strained voice, she said, “You need to listen to me, please. I am sorry for what I did to you. I was hurt and angry for your disobedience. That act of sending you away has created so much turmoil between the fairies and the demons. We no longer help the lost human souls cross over to the other side. We have remained in the shadows for one hundred years and there hasn’t been a day in that time when I didn’t think of you. If I could take it all back I would, but I can’t.”

Pandora’s face resembled the shock that she felt deep inside, and a solitary tear emerged and rolled down her cheek. She loosened her vehement hold of her mother’s neck, but she stayed atop her body, and glowered into Selena’s eyes. “Why didn’t you come and get me? Why did you leave me there to suffer all that time?”

“Daughter, once a fairy or demon is cast away to the underworld, they can never be saved. It was the human necromancer that released you and even though you have escaped for a small spell, you must return there. I am sorry.”

“You want me to go back! To suffer more! Why? Why won’t you help me?”

“Pandora, I fathomed no one would find that box I gave to Esmra. Her coven was supposed to hold that box in secrecy and protection. But if you return, it doesn’t have to be what it was. If I send you back myself, we have an agreement that you do not have to live in solitary or suffer how you have. Nimbus will give you a place to help guard over all banished souls, you do not have to live in suffering for eternity. I am sorry, but that is all I can offer. I gave your soul to them, and I cannot take it back.”

“Oh, so I would have a job like Naberious did, that he wanted to escape. I won’t let you take me back. I won’t.”

“Pandora, go back! You will not live much longer here on Earth; you are already weakened. You have little time.” Selena sat up from the ground and rubbed her neck.

“No mother! I will absorb every young in love woman I have to in order to survive. I won’t let you take me back. Never!”

Selena said, “Very well then.” She looked over her shoulder and there appeared Karma.

“Karma, you can’t be serious. You can’t be here to take me.” Pandora said.

“Pandora, I love you and it killed me to have to do what I did all those years ago and help send you away. But I cannot refuse and disregard the order of the Universe. I cannot allow you to hurt a human without just cause. We protect and help humans, and there would never be a time that we interfered in their lives this way and that is what you are doing.”

Pandora stiffened up her body, and she glared at Selena, ready to advance, but before she had the chance, Selena hurled an enormous green ball at her. It collided into her body and propelled her across the cemetery grounds, and her body knocked down headstones in her manic trajectory.

“Stop this Pandora! Do not make it any harder on yourself than it already has been!” Selena charged again, with another glistening ball in her hand. Tears left her eyes while she begged her daughter to stop.

Pandora regrouped herself and she remained crouched on the ground. She lifted her head and cut her blackened eyes and murmured in a guttural voice. “No!”

Just as Pandora lurched forward, Naberious appeared front of her. “No Pandora. Please. For me. Don’t do this.” He put his hand on her shoulder. Anger fueled her thinking, and she growled while she leaned into his hand.

“Do what? How will we be together? How? I can’t go home; I can’t go to the dark realm and I refuse to go back to the underworld. I can’t go back and suffer for eternity, just for loving you.” Her shoulders dropped along with her head. Bringing her hands up, she covered her face and sobbed.

He looked to Selena and said, “Selena, you have caused enough hurt and pain. She doesn’t deserve the atonement and phallic rage you have imposed.

Selena said, “How dare you! You have ruined my daughter! You did what you did to her, you tricked her to love you. A demon! Wretched foulness to this Universe. Fairies are not to consort with demons, it is against our laws and you are lucky that you have escaped a wrath that no doubt you deserve!”

“Selena, you want to punish her for your own mistakes! I know of your past with demons. You will no longer hurt Pandora for what you have done yourself!”

Selena froze in her track. “I have done no such thing!”

“Do not lie Selena, fairies do not lie.”

Selena backed away and mumbled, “That was a long time ago. I made a promise after my suffering that I would protect myself and my kind against demons. Never again! It is not your place to say such things!”

Naberious advanced toward Selena and his eyes glowed with rage. His body heated and his voice dropped to a harrowing guttural growl. “It is my place, no matter what you believe. You are not in charge of the demons; you have no rank in our court. Your hypocrisy is repulsive as you did the same as your daughter and you want to chastise her for your own sins. These sins you make by your own commandments. There is no debauchery in love and no matter who you are you can’t control who you love.”

As Naberious admonished Selena, she cowered in shame and a tear rolled down her face, and she turned away.

Naberious grabbed her arm. “Look at her! Look at your daughter and see what you have done!”

Selena refused to look, and his voice had venom in it. “LOOK AT HER!”

Selena turned her shaky head and more tears dropped to the cemetery ground.

Pandora continued to sob. “Why mother? Why?”

Selena wiped the tears from her face. “I couldn’t let you make the same mistakes I did. Many years ago, I made the same mistake, and I suffered so much for what I did. It was a long time ago.”

“Tell her why you did it, tell her!” Naberious shouted.

“I believed that if I were to seduce a demon...”

Naberious tightened his hold on her arm. “Say it.”

“I believed that I could control demons. Control everything. Take over the Universe.”

Naberious threw Selena to the ground. “You are a disgrace.”

Selena’s tears stopped, her face furrowed, and her jaw tightened. “You low life!” She stood up and said, “How dare you touch me! How dare you talk to me this way!”

She held up her hands, and ignited a green ball of fury with velocity, she reared back her arms over her head and hurled her green ball of rage at Naberious.

As the pace intensified, Pandora panicked as she watched her mother’s ball of evil rage come for him. Right before impact, Pandora threw herself in front of it taking the impact into her chest. Falling to the ground, nearly lifeless, her breathing was strained.

Naberious dropped to the ground. “What have you done to her!”

Pandora tried to speak and with a strained voice she said, “I love you.”

“Is she dying? What is happening!? Help her!” Naberious shouted.

Selena froze with the scene, in shock that what she did, once again, she hurt her child. She raced toward her, but before she could get close, Naberious moved from his crouched position.

His skin heated, turning red, and his eyes glowed. With heavy breathing he charged Selena, grabbed, and hurled her through the cemetery. Crashing through several headstones, her body skidded along the ground like a feather blowing in the wind.

Naberious continued, and just as he was going to avenge Pandora, Lahash appeared in his path. “Naberious, stop. This is not you. I know what you are capable of, and I certainly know what Selena can do. Please,” Lahash said and nodded toward Selena who was collecting herself. “Think of Pandora.”

Heat from Naberious’s body cooled and his breathing slowed. When his eyes found her, he could see the pain Pandora was in and joined her on the ground.

Lifting her head into his lap, he stroked her hair. “All I ever wanted was to be with her. Now look. We can’t help what we are born into, but I know that what we are born into doesn’t have to define us. I have always done as I am supposed to do. To guard the dark human souls of the dark realm. But I never enjoyed my station. For thousands of years, I lived doing what I was supposed to and for a fleeting time, I found a being in the Universe that made me feel alive. I would do it again, if only I knew no harm would come to her.

Cradling Pandora he said, “I will go with her.”

Lahash and Astaroth gasped. “No! Naberious you must return to the dark realm. We need you.”

“No, you don’t. You want me there to please the dark one and as much as I understand that, I do not want to return. I have been gone for so long. I do not care to return to something I have addressed for eons and now that I have been away, in Necropolis. What is there left for me? Not a thing and all I ever wanted was her.” He pointed to Pandora. “Of all my power, will and status, she was the only thing I ever had that completed me. To know that my acts, decisions, and desires did this to her, I can’t go on knowing her fate.” Naberious opened his long leather jacket and pulled out Selena’s coveted book. “I know that I took something of Selena’s many years ago that I know she would want back. Because of what she has done to Pandora, I will not return her fairy book, but I will give it to you with strict instructions to turn it over for keeping in the dark realm.” He extended his arm and handed Lahash the book of the fairies that Selena wanted back.

“I have decided, if we can’t be together in any realm or here on Earth, then our souls can be together in death, in the underworld.”

“Are you mad?” Lahash shouted, “Have you no idea what will come of you, a high court demon? What has happened to you?”

Naberious said, “It was my fault that this happened. If I had left her be, then she would have never been cast away. Lahash, you know if you had a chance to do things over again for the one you had, you would.”

Lahash’s demeanor changed and a look of sadness filled his amber eyes. “She has nothing to do with this. Nothing close to it at all.”

“Lahash, yes it does. Sophia. How often do you think of her? It doesn’t matter that it was over 300 years ago, she never leaves your mind, and worse, you cannot escape the torment of the memory. You look for her to appear again in another life. I know you do because I did when I searched for Pandora. The difference here is Pandora is a fairy and I can be with her, even in death. You know if you could do the same, you would.”

Lahash held the book in his hand, and he looked at it as though he had never seen it before. “Maybe.” Then he disappeared with the book.

Esmra walked through the gates of the cemetery, and she found Selena. “Am I too late? Did we stop it?” Then she looked to Raina. “Raina, I am sorry. I called for assistance on this one, I couldn’t allow you to continue what you were doing. This cannot go on. I blame myself for this by allowing the box to fall into the wrong hands. Step aside and allow Selena to save you before you make it worse for yourself.”

Raina hissed. “Save me?”

“Yes, Raina, Selena can transport Heather and Derek back to where they were with no recollection of what took place here. But I will have to remove you from the coven. Nevoc is yours and that is okay, but you will not be allowed back into the coven again. I am sorry, but this is how is has to be.”

“Kick me out! Take Pandora away! No! I have lost everything! Derek, and now Amelia is leaving me for stupid Brian! No, I won’t let you ruin this!”

Esmra’s tired eyes surveyed the cemetery and stopped when she saw Selena.

“Esmra you have been a loyal support to our kind and so have the many generations of your family. I will take care of this and make it easier. If Naberious wishes to return to the underworld with Pandora, then so be it. At least she will have him with her. I will take care of Heather and Derek. They will not remember a thing.”

In an incredible lighted moment, both Derek and Heather disappeared only to awaken in their own beds with no recollection of that night, but enough that Derek would not return to Raina. Astaroth departed for the dark realm.

“Esmra, go home, all is taken care of in your world. I am not angry with you. Please. Your world will be fine, what is left to attend to is not your concern.” Selena said. Esmra grabbed Raina and drug her out of the cemetery screaming. Selena waved her hand and put Raina in a trance. Esmra and Raina left without another word.

All that remained in the cemetery were Selena, Karma, Pandora and Naberious.

Selena opened her robe that covered her long dress, and she pulled out Pandora’s box. “I am so sorry for what I have done to you. I am sure that I will suffer for the decisions I have made. But I can’t save you.” She wrapped her arms around Pandora, who relaxed into her embrace and cried on her mother’s shoulder.

“Mother, I meant no wrong. I just loved him, and I can’t help who I love.”

“Maybe someday there will be a way that you can come back, but the underworld has you and there isn’t anything I can do now.” As Selena walked away from her daughter she nodded to Karma and created a portal back to the fairy realm and disappeared.

Karma lifted her arm and swirled it around, chanting in an operatic voice, almost soothing to hear. The box opened and as it did one hundred years ago, Pandora’s soul dissipated into the air and swirled in a funnel as her screams were audible.

Naberious looked to Karma and gave the nod, and he to, dissipated into the air like floating embers and swirled together with his love and in moments their smoky embers disappeared and the box slammed shut, leaving behind Pandora’s box.

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