The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer

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Chapter 31

Months passed and things in Salem appeared to move right along into the summer as though nothing ever happened. Esmra’s garden was in full bloom, and she watered her rose bush and listened the birds chirp. Her old creaky wooden gate opened and through it came Amelia and Brain.

“Oh my! You came to say goodbye. I hate these you know.” Esmra pulled Amelia closer for a hug and as they released their embrace, Esmra held Amelia’s left hand and studied the engagement ring. “It is so hard to believe that you are getting married, but I will say to a handsome and smart young man.”

Brian smiled and said, “We will come back and see you. Remember, my family lives here and I will get breaks. I just hope I can make it through medical school.”

“You will do just fine, and Amelia will be there to support you the whole way.” Esmra reached up and hugged Brian. There, now you too get going. I know school won’t start for a couple of months, but at least you two are going to take some time for one another and have a vacation and looks like plan a wedding!”

Amelia blushed and giggled. “I know, I can’t believe it. I found the one and Brian’s mom has been so helpful, she even called some friends of hers in town to help with the cake and décor. You will be there won’t you?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Esmra lost a little bit of her smile, and she looked over to the shed where she kept her garden tools.

Brian cleared his throat. “Um, I think I am going to give you two a moment before we leave. I am just going to go and call the travel agent and make sure that we are good to go. We have a flight to catch. Did Amelia tell you? We are going to Jamaica for three weeks! Can’t wait.” He said as he jogged off back to his car.

“Esmra, things just don’t feel the same without Raina. I tried to see her, and she won’t have anything do to with me.”

“Amelia, you did nothing wrong. She is where she needs to be for now. Poor girl was dealt a bad hand in life, and as much as we all love her, she let her past get the best of her. Raina is lucky that Selena showed up and did what she did. Can you imagine what kind of trouble she would have been in if Selena didn’t do what she did with Derek and Heather? Which by the way, how are they?”

“Well I can’t say about Heather, although she doesn’t remember anything. Derek currently is moving in his new roommate. He said that he plans to stay here for a while. After graduation, he wasn’t sure what he was going to do with his major. He mentioned moving closer to Brian and working while Brian is in medical school. Which is fine with me. We will see. But I think he is still a little bothered. He knows Raina is in the hospital, and he feels partly responsible.”

“Oh, you tell him that I said that he didn’t do a thing to cause Raina’s break down. She had a history of abuse and neglect. If anything, I should be the blame. Raina is gifted but she is bitter and angry. I will see her, so don’t worry. She is allowed visitors.”

“Are you going to be okay here alone?”

“Alone? Amelia, you know I have my other girls in the coven and my best friend Tallulah always comes to see me. I will be fine. Now give me a hug and get out of here.” She reached up and hugged Amelia. “Now get some sun for me!”

Amelia left Esmra tending to her garden, and she and Brian left for the airport for their much-needed vacation. Meanwhile, in Boston, Raina was being held in the psychiatric ward at the local hospital.

Though the ones who cared about her came to see her and hopeful for her to make a recovery and live a healthy life, it didn’t seem that would happen. Still convinced that she befriended a demon and a fairy for their love of one another, the doctors there were convinced that she was schizophrenic and had a lot of anger issues with her father.

Though the doctors may be half right, what they didn’t know what she was completely telling the truth. As she stared outside from her window in the hospital, two demons sat on top of a car in the parking lot watching Raina stand in the second story window.

“Do you think that she will learn to stop saying those things that keep her in there?”

“Oh Lahash, I don’t know, that sad thing is she is right. But I am sure at some point she will get out. What about you?”

“Astaroth, I have never had too much faith in humankind. They are too busy to notice half of what goes on around them. For Raina, I believe that she is way too cunning to allow this to ruin her plans. I mean, she is headstrong in getting what she wants. Maybe next time it will be a woman she fixates on instead of a man. But one thing is for sure, I do not believe that we have seen the last of Raina and once again, she will succumb to demon influences when she opts for her next grab at power and control. Such a sad thing. Humans. When are they ever going to learn that control is an illusion? Either way, now it will be Moloch instead of Naberious who punishes the ones who do wrong and until then, it will be us who feed off the negative energy from the evil humans before they reach their guaranteed destination.

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