The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer

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Chapter 2

After I followed little man-boy into the back room hidden behind the red curtain, his demeanor seemed to have changed. Ironically, instead of heightened nervousness or becoming unhinged, he seemed to relax, as though he felt right at home. I could not place the transformation that just took place. Of course, Mr. Manners quickly dusted his jacket off as though the smell and stain from his dinner would somehow disappear, or that it mattered to the women in the back.

Monique still had little man-boy’s hand in hers, and she gleefully tugged his arm as she pushed through the bustling crowd of men and prostitutes. The room was darkened, and the walls were crimson red. Aligned with the walls were booths, with black curtains, one could pull for privacy. In the center of the room, remained a dance floor in front of a stage. Sometimes musicians came in to play for entertainment; other times, they used the stage for advertising the newest addition of prostitutes that gained membership to the club. There was a bar area for those to get their favorite tonic, and it was an unspoken word, that there was more to be had behind the bar. For a few coins, one could purchase some opium to heighten their pleasure.

After a few minutes of pushing through a packed room that evening, it was then that William departed from Mr. Manners and disappeared into a place in the back. There were several rooms in the back to choose from. Mr. Manners chuckled to himself, but once little man-boy went, his eyes quickly surveyed the place for the most available women for the night. He spotted a slightly curvy woman, with long black hair, swept up atop her head with a few tendrils that brushed her shoulders. Her dress was a green velvet, and it was low cut allowing her large assets to bulge outward for all eyes to see. Just an inch below the line across her chest, her nipple was sure to set.

I thought she was not interested in Mr. Manners. His aura was dark, and he certainly had all the evil traits of a politician. No doubt would serve my energy reserves for a while. It was little William whom I felt a fervent desire to draw near. He was unlike any human I have encountered in some time. His aura was dark, cold, and mysterious. Something told me his real demeanor was hidden underneath and facade of innocence and nervousness. Should a young man who was already nervous enter such an establishment as this, he would become more agitated. I half expected him to run away. Here he is, unknown to my presence.

She made things easier for him by quickly undressing and laying in the bed with her naked body exposed. She looked to be in her early 40s, and her body scars showed where she matured and filled out quickly. Her skin was fair against her dark hair, and her mahogany brown eyes were obscure in the dimly lit room.

Little William did not hesitate. He shucked his boots and those nasty stockings which were inundated with stains. They smelled awful, and I could not reason if he were a newly appointed lawyer or senator, that he could not afford decent laundry service. She did not seem to mind as she lay there, snickering and smiling at little man-boy.

He said to her, “I have never been with a woman. I am not sure what I am supposed to do.” Now that is odd; he did not seem that way when he ripped his clothes off. He jumped on top of her, frightening her into laughter when she covered her mouth to hide her smile.

Mona said, “Well that is just fine, there is no need to worry, I know what to do.”

So, the two engaged in what seemed to be a regular round of sex, despite they did not know one another.

That was the shocking part. If only I could read his memories; and I could, but I would have to make myself known to him, and if I do that, the dark one would be most displeased. Ever since he cast away Lilith, the dark one has forbidden the demons to reveal themselves to the human world.

Back in the day, I felt alive, making myself known to humans. Of course, I could not reveal my pure form. So, I have grown quite fond of my look. I dress in the best fashions. I have great hair, and the art here in Italy inspired me to remain an artist of my attire. Of course, my favorite liquor, Disarrono. I love that drink. My mind get so carried away at the thought of it…but, if I could make myself known to him, I could find out what is hidden beneath the innocent demeanor he seems to qualify to everyone and enjoy the Earthly pleasures of drink and women.

His sexcapade with Mona has ended abruptly. He certainly does not seem to be the virgin he has tried to convince Mona of.

“Wow, you sure don’t seem like you have never been with a woman,” she said as she pulled up the soiled sheet over her breasts.

William smiled at her. “I thought that was what all women wanted to here.” He finished pulling up his pants, and he quickly put those smelly stockings on, followed by his boots that had quite a bit of mud on them I had not seen earlier. Strange, the weather was dry, and during this time of the year, the rain was not something that often came during the summer here in Milan.

Mona studied his face for a moment. “Oh, well, it is okay; it is me. You do not have to lie to me.”

Her face relaxed as she left her bed and dressed. I watched William’s eyes survey her backside as he licked his lips. When she turned, he quickly attended to buttoning up his white, loose fit shirt. Strange, his shirt was so clean compared to the rest of his clothes.

He smiled, and when he did, he had a near child-like appearance. I can see why he gets away with his con job of being a virgin.

“When can I see you again?” he asked her.

“I work nearly every night, except for Sundays. I tend to my mother those days. She is ill.”

William did not seem to care about the little story she shared, all that mattered to him was when he could see her again. He left her in the small room, and I followed him through the back room as the men called it. He was looking for Mr. Manners, who had departed into his room with the woman from before.

So, he began to walk around, looking at the place, and I followed him as he wandered to a less occupied part of the backroom. There as we walked down a long dark hallway, there was not anyone around, and he found a door at the end of the hall, and it was locked. After a few moments of fiddling with the lock, he heard his name being called out over the noise of the club.

He dashed out of the hallway and found Mr. Manners. Strangely he was dressed and put together so well. I wondered what he was really doing in the back. Not a hair out of place.

“William! What are you doing back there? You are not to go back there, especially without me!” He scolded little man-boy.

“Well, what is back there?” William asked.

Mr. Manners quickly put his hat back on and let William out of the club where they walked down the empty street. “William, you must promise me you will never go back there again.”

William looked back over his shoulder and said, “Why?”

“William, you are not ready for that. It is a sacred place only for top members of the club. We use the room each year for a meeting, and that is all I can tell you.”

“Well, when is the next meeting?”

Mr. Manners sighed, “Well, actually in a week. We will have our meeting. So, in the meantime, you will not need to come back until after. Your new friend can take care of you after.”

“I like Mona, why do I have to wait?”

Mr. Manners and little man-boy stopped walking as they had arrived at Mr. Manner’s residence. “We can discuss this later. I must be going in.”

He left little William standing outside under a full moon. I could see the whites of his eyes in the reflection in the light. After a few moments of standing in front of the large house, William turned back toward the gentlemen’s club, and that is when I knew I had to follow him.

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