The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer

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Chapter 4

A young lawyer who lives in a mansion with his family and hides in a basement. Much of the human race was such a bore, but this little man boy makes me reconsider my opinions. No petty theft, no killing without meditation or long drawn out strategy for a dark plan. This was my recollections of simple times. In spaces where I hovered without war and the carnal knowledge that comes with literal and figurative war. No, with little man boy, he is all that I have been missing. He has the pension for long drawn out strategy, premeditated debauchery no less.

I looked around at his strange collection of boxes in his secret room, and then I saw him reach high on one of the wooden shelves for a black box. It had remained out of sight, and he used a stool while he extended his short arms toward his private collection. He sat down, opened the box and the contents told me all I needed to know about William and that he was the reason for my demon strength that grew by each hour I remained in his presence.

He had a collection of human hair, neatly tied into knots, most of which were blonde and appeared to be a woman’s hair. Next to the hair were snippets of cloth. William picked up one that was red and brought it to his nose, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath in. After a moment, he placed the garment back into the box, and he braided the blonde lock of hair. More contents were inside the box such as jewelry, most of which was gold with an array of gemstones. Though he didn’t lift the inner lining of the box, I could see where human fingers over time, diminished the color from countless times of lifting it away from the box. And what could he have hidden under that red cloth?

I could not help but think he was a common thief turned serial killer, or did he steal from women? Did he covet them? If he did, why?

He lifted the ax from the shelf on the wall and returned to his room and hid it under his bed. Maybe he was afraid someone would break-in, and he protected his baby sister. It was hard to say with little man-boy. I thought he would retire to bed, but he went to his sister’s room, and this time he didn’t knock on the door, but he walked in as if he knew she was asleep and that she was. He opened the curtain that closed her in her bed, and he sat down and stared at her face for a long time. I was uncertain if he would kill her. Then his eyes surveyed her body before he opened her gown to peek.

Is the family full of incest? Certainly, Sophia did not realize what her brother was doing. Or was he really her brother? She must be a deep sleeper because she did not move or seemed to notice he was there. I could hear her slow heartbeat and her deep breathing as she was far away in slumber. I could not help but feel jealous of someone touching her; even worse, I could barely stand myself for also being jealous over a human of all creatures.

But it couldn’t bring myself to leave, and I could not tear my eyes away from his small hands as he unbuttoned her gown just enough to expose one of her breasts, and as her nipple appeared, he reached toward it, and then he stopped with her slight movement.

Once he looked down into her gown, he relaxed and wiped the saliva off his lips. He buttoned her gown back, and he walked away, and this time, he did go to bed, with the ax still under his bed.

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