The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer

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Chapter 5

I was so disappointed in myself. Why would I wait for little William, to do what I suspect he will? Sure, I need his evil energy to keep me in existence. But I felt the need to linger for more than evil. And is he incestuous or a voyeur? Both? To think had I not went to court that day, I may have missed little William’s appearance.

Being new, he sought mentors for a place in law and to further his career in politics. I can see that he surely will make a good politician with the way he lives his double life.

I was pandering with this feeling of exhilaration, lust, but no. Sure we lust, we drive it, feed it, and we are of it. But Sophia, she had something else about her. It was more than her physical attributes and appeal. I could not leave William’s room for more than just his premeditated acts; I was sure I would witness. So, I waited all night, and William slept wonderfully even with what I believed was on his mind.

Later, he awakened with the knock at the door, and before he could get out of bed to answer, Sophia walked in bright-eyed and smiles. She was odd, angry one minute and happy the next. I suppose I understand, with her sheltered existence, it seemed he was all she had, and with no sign of these parents, they discussed, it was the only thing that made sense.

As her bubbly banter early in the morning seemed to be annoying to William, but he tolerated it. He got out of bed, barely looking at her as he pulled on his trousers from the night before. It seems here that either William was intent on being as smelly as possible or the family cannot afford to launder or have servants.

Which, by the way, was also odd, no maids, no cooks, nobody. Strange. I suppose even if I did not need to be around him for my energy, I might have stayed out of morbid curiosity. An estate this large, begs the needed help to run it. I have not even made it through the mansion, and I am sure there are several rooms.

Little, now smelly William opened a drawer, and this time he pulled out some freshly laundered stockings. Amongst the garments appeared more pairs of stockings but were old and worn. As he opened his wardrobe, it was much the same--few items to select from, such as jackets and barely one for colder weather.

Sophia’s bubbly banter that left her plum lips quelled as he continued to ignore her. There she stood, now all dressed to up in the most excellent fashion he could afford her. She was wearing a dress, a bustier, and those annoying panniers. A choker adorned her neck, lightly decorated with pearls. Her hair was pulled up, and atop her head was an odd hat for someone of her youth. It looked worn, and the style did not match her frilly and youthful dress.

William stopped and looked at her, and his eyes momentarily froze at her neckline. He said, “Sophia, where are you going?”

“Well, I am going with you.” She told him. She swung her hips back and forth in excitement.

His eyes narrowed. “No, you are not going anywhere with me. I have business today, and that does not include you.”

He stomped off, jogged downstairs, and went to the kitchen where coffee was still warm and waiting on the stove. Pouring himself a cup, he glanced up from the coffee pot and saw that she was in the kitchen.

“I will go with you, but I have plans myself. I will check out the shop in town. I hear that some new dresses arrived from France. I want to see.” She said with a grin.

William left the kitchen and went back upstairs, for what he did not seem to have any reason except to deter her as he walked into her room. “Sophia, with what money? You know our parents have recently lost the family fortunes on father’s gambling debts. Why do you think I am trying to get into the senate? You should wait.”

She flung herself down on the bed and let out a sigh. “I know, I know. But I have not had a new dress in so long.”

Little William, he may not have been all that bad. He walked to his bed and sat down next to her. “I will get you a dress. I have a small work project, and I can afford something for you.”

I was bursting for the date William was going on with the prostitute. Now with this latest information, William has employment somewhere? A new client has broken the law. No doubt he works for that raunchy lawyer who cannot keep his food in his mouth when he ate. I cannot wait to see this.

William left, and instead of taking the old carriage outside the house, he walked into town. There were only two horses that I had not noticed before, which was odd. Did he have a visitor? How could I have missed that? If he walked as much as he seems, would explain the dirt on his boots and the wear. Those soles had seen a few miles. But it did not seem to bother him.


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