The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & The Necromancer

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Chapter 7

Two days passed, and just as Raina said, she would not talk to Derek anymore.

Meanwhile, Amelia and her new love had no problem with their budding relationship, and things seemed perfect.

Raina finished her shift at Nevoc, and Esmra spent some time in the office going over figures for Raina. She was awfully close to buying the business from her with some owner finance terms.

Raina appeared to feel better, despite what had taken place with Derek. She set her mind on getting the inscription from that box worked out and to forget about Derek.

Raina made it to Gabe’s house after he texted her, saying he had more information. Without knocking, she walked right in and made herself at home by throwing her purse on the kitchen table and went into Gabe’s office.

“So, what do you have?” Raina leaned in as she looked at Gabe.

“Well, the inscriptions are Egyptian. We can trace most of these texts back to the time of the New Kingdom when many of the famous ancient Egyptians we know today existed. Now, again, these hieroglyphics do not appear to be anything but magic spells that show their beliefs about the afterlife. I don’t know how much you know about that civilization, but they believed in demons and gods. There is one demon that they worshiped that through the years became a god to some Egyptians. His name was Ikenty. Later through hundreds of years they knew him as Naberious.” Gabe pointed out the name on a piece of paper he printed from his computer research. “They regarded him as a powerful demon, even over the great Osiris. However, these texts come spells or chapters in the book of the dead.”

Gabe leaned back in his chair, giving space between the two, so he could take the measure of Raina’s response. She took the paper from his hand and scrutinized it. “Gabe, can I keep this?”

“Sure, that is fine to keep, but you should go to Esmra about this. This box, whatever is going on with it, I am afraid you are getting into some dark territory. She may know something about it and give you a better idea of what this is. It could be some old box; some people fascinated with Egypt could have put together as some science project or...” Gabe stopped.

“Or, it could be something significant.”

Raina left Gabe’s house without another word and said, and she bounced back to Nevoc, where she locked herself in the back office after hours after everyone had gone home for the night. She had been so distracted with the added information Gabe gave her she didn’t notice the few text messages that came through to her phone, nor the time.

In the several sheets of loosely translated words, Raina looked over Gabe’s interpretation of the symbols from what he referenced the book of the dead. After several hours of study, Raina connected that some same symbols on the old scroll type book-matched some symbols that Gabe printed out. Raina read aloud:

“To the demon world you will go,

It is only the dead you will know,

I expel you to the underworld this night,

To be taken forever from our site.

Whom so ever sets you free

Will suffer the curse, and a tainted soul will be.”

Besides, each word or phrase was a symbol of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Next, there was another set of symbols, and this one was the one that Gabe said he was working to piece together but had not completed. Raina ran her fingers over the symbols and tried to put together what she could.

Whom so ever shall answer the Necromancer’s call,

Will hold power to control all.

The greatest gift is the source of a darker power,

With great sacrifice must start at the midnight hour.

Unlock the mystery to learn and be taught,

Put no God before me and unlock Pandora’s box.”

As Raina translated the Egyptian symbols to coordinate with what was inscribed, it became clear to her that whatever was in the box was something more than just opening a box and finding some old trinkets. After she mumbled to herself, “The midnight hour.” Raina looked up at the old clock on the wall in the office. She realized not only was it past the midnight hour, but it was also after two in the morning.

Raina locked up the box with the satchel and the scribed paper and left for Esmra’s house that she called home. After seeing everyone was in bed, she put her phone back on the charger she had seemed to have forgotten about. Before she went to her own bed, she saw that she had a few missed texts. A couple from Amelia asking what she was up to and another one from Derek that read:

“Hey, I hope you are still not mad at me, I would like to see you.”

The message came through before midnight. As Raina read the message, she grinned, but her eyes still carried hurt that she tried to hide behind her tough facade.

She stared at the message for several moments after she read it. When Amelia stirred a bit, Raina put her phone on the charger on her nightstand and went to sleep.

When the morning came, Amelia was up early having to get around for her job at the local coffee house. She was already gone, but she left a note for Raina that asked her to come by the coffee shop before she went in for her shift at Nevoc. Raina jumped up and got around, never even stopping to eat breakfast with the rest of the group, including Esmra, who was sipping her morning tea.

When she saw Raina dash out of the front door, she raised an eyebrow as she sipped.

Esmra then waited for Raina to get in her car to leave, so she could watch her from the window. She watched Raina drive away, and she stood at her window long enough have caught the attention of the other girls, when one approached and asked what she was doing.

Esmra said, “Nothing, just clean the kitchen.” She walked away and continued on with her usual routine.

Raina arrived at the coffee shop where Amelia worked and greeted her with a smile. Amelia gave Raina a cup of coffee. “On the house,” Amelia said as she pulled Raina over to an empty table for two, so they could do some catching up.

“So, I was with Brian last night, and he mentioned that Derek was missing you.” Amelia pushed her elbow across the table to give Raina a nudge on her arm. She did so with a blush in her cheek and a big smile. “So, did you hear from him?”

Raina dropped her head down with a sideways smile. “Well yes, I did.”

Before Raina could say anything else, Amelia was on the ball to pepper her with questions. “So! Did you call him back? Tell me everything! So, what happened?”

“Well, if you would slow down long enough for me to answer you, no, I haven’t called.”


Why? I think you two would be good together!” Amelia shouted playfully.

“Well, I haven’t had time. I am still researching the box you found.” Raina’s voice dropped, and her face didn’t hold the smile it did just moments before.

“Oh, yeah, I have been wondering about that. So, what’s the scoop?” Amelia’s voice lowered.

“Can you come see me after the bar closes tonight?”

Amelia paused and looked at Raina with concern. “What is going on?”

“I don’t have time to get into it, but if you can come over later tonight. We close early tonight. We are only staying open until ten.” Raina said as she was getting up to leave. “We need to talk, and it is a secret, Brian can’t know.” Raina walked out the front door and went into work.

The day passed into the evening hour, and the town’s activities settled down, bringing a close to the day. Raina continued to work at the bar and struggled through her shift as she couldn’t wait to tell Amelia about the beautiful box she discovered. Just as they discussed, Amelia showed up to meet Raina after everything had closed.

The door creaked as Amelia walked in yawning with exhaustion from a long day, “Raina?”

Amelia entered to find the main bar area vacant. However, footsteps became audible from the hall that led to Raina’s office where shortly Raina appeared.

“Hey, good, so come back here, I want to show you.” Raina motioned Amelia with her arm, and she followed suit to see what the fuss was all about, “So, you didn’t tell Brian?”

Amelia’s eyes were droopy, and after she finished another yawn, she said, “Well, he knows I am with you, but I told him you needed some help with some things here. So, he isn’t expecting me.”

Raina nodded and opened the box and removed the velvet bag and the accompanying scripture that was found from inside. “Here, this what I found in the box. At first, I didn’t know what all this was, but Gabe has helped me understand the most of it.

The symbols on the box are ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, and the paper written in mostly symbols are spells. Can you believe that!” Raina seemed excited at her new project.

Amelia was quiet as she studied the contents of the box, and she furrowed her face, “Raina, even though this is cool, these words, they do not look like anything good.

I mean this here,” she pointed at the translation that Raina scribbles in on her notes, “Put no god before me? That doesn’t sound good. I think we need to show this to Esmra.”

Raina slammed her hands down on the table “No! We are not giving this to her!”

Amelia’s eyes widened as she looked up at Raina, who was angry. “Raina, what is wrong? Why are you getting so upset? I just think this is something for her to know about was all.” Amelia pushed herself away from the table.

Raina relaxed and let out the air she held in. Her wide eyes blinked a few times. “I didn’t mean to be so curt. I just don’t think Esmra needs to know about this.” Raina leaned in and placed her hand on Amelia’s knee. “Please.”

Amelia looked into her eyes and moved toward the table. “Well, okay, I guess. But promise me if things don’t seem like they will add up that we at least ask her about the box.”

Raina nodded, and she continued. “Okay, here in this bag, this powder is the only thing we can’t seem to figure out.” Raina said as she emptied a minimal amount of the powder into her hand. “Look, this powder, it has to have something to do with whatever the writing is about, but I just can’t figure out what it is. What do you think?”

Amelia opened it and examined the contents. She shook her head. “I am not sure. Have you tried reading the inscription while you have some powder out? Or maybe you put the powder on the paper?”

Raina took the bag from Amelia’s hand, and poured a little more of the powder back into her hand, and then she dusted the page of the symbols. Just as the powder met the page, the office lights flickered.

Raina and Amelia kept their bodies still while their eyes darted back and forth, then Raina resumed and set the bag next to the paper with the symbols. She took the notes written from Gabe’s translation and read them and scratched her head with a sigh.

“I don’t know, but I think when it mentions someone has to answer the call is the first clue.”

“Raina, what are you talking about?”

“Well, I didn’t tell you the first night the box was in your closet, I could have sworn that I heard a voice coming from it. I believe that whatever is in this box, it calls to us. It was a woman’s voice.” Raina didn’t pay any mind to the horrified look on Amelia’s face.

“What? Are you losing your mind? You heard a voice?”

Raina lifted her eyebrows as she continued to study her notes and nodded. “Yes.”

Amelia crossed her arms and smirked. “Okay then, go ahead, show me.”

Raina pushed the paper down onto the table and said, “I don’t know how to do that.”

Amelia jerked the paper out of Raina’s hand and said, “Here I will do it.” She snorted in disbelief. “Okay. Here we go. Whom so ever shall answer the Necromancer’s call, will hold power to control all. The greatest gift is the source of a darker power.”

Amelia’s voice dwindled to a whisper while she slowed down. Then she stopped and looked up at the clock on the wall in the office. The clock read five minutes to midnight.

Amelia said, “Look here, what about the midnight hour?”

“Well? I guess we can wait for a few minutes.”

Amelia’s face changed while she resumed reading, and then she glanced at the clock. “Okay, we can do that.”

The two witches waited for a few minutes, and just before midnight, Raina took the paper with her notes and held it in front of her face. She looked over her shoulder to make sure they waited until the right moment, and she began to read the words aloud.

Whom so ever shall answer the Necromancer’s call,

Will hold power to control all.

The greatest gift is the source of darker power

With great sacrifice must start at the midnight hour.

Unlock the mystery to learn and be taught,

Put no God Before me and unlock Pandora’s box.

As Raina’s voice lingered in the air, the spot on the floor with the mark glowed purple. Neither noticed anything.

“Well, nothing happened,” Amelia remarked.

Raina shrugged. “I will try again.”

Once again, Raina repeated the words, and this time, the room shook, and the lights flickered once more. Raina froze and said, “I just read the first line. What now?”

Amelia didn’t reply, so Raina resumed causing the room to continue to shake, and the lights in the room shut off, leaving the only source of light from the mark on the floor where the powder fell.

Amelia said, “Look! Look at the floor!”

Over by Raina’s desk, there on the floor in the same spot where Raina had dropped the powder, it began to burn into the wood floor, and as it sizzled, something started to take form within the wood. At first, it was unclear what was happening.

Raina jumped toward the spot and knelt for a better look while Amelia remained at the table with her hand over her mouth.

“Amelia, look at this. This spot, I noticed it here before, but I didn’t know what it was. The spot has turned the same color as the powder in the bag!” Rain’s mouth widened with a smile as she gushed. “Look! It is trying to take a form; it looks like a...” Raina stopped smiling and studied the mark closer. “This looks like a pentagram.”

Amelia walked closer, and she peered over Raina’s head, having removed her hand from her mouth. She said, “What have we done?”

“You are too worried. This must be something from the coven back years ago! Awesome! This is history. I’ll bet there is some great magic here from some of Esmra’s distant family and ancestors. That’s all.”

Amelia sighed, and her shoulders relaxed. “Okay, well, what does all this mean?”

The lights flickered back on and off again. Raina looked at the pentagram that seemed to take another shape.

“I think we are supposed to empty the powder on the floor and read the message!” Raina ran back over to the table and collected the powder and the paper. She opened the pouch and poured the powder out over the image of the pentagram and then pulled her phone out of her back pocket and used the flashlight to read the words.

Whom so ever shall answer the Necromancer’s call,

Will hold power to control all.

The greatest gift is the source of darker power

With great sacrifice must start at the midnight hour.

Unlock the mystery to learn and be taught,

Put no God Before me and unlock Pandora’s box.

The powder’s iridescence grew and glowed purple to emerge from the pentagram in a swirl, like a tornado. The funnel expanded and could fit in the palm of a hand. As moments passed, the funnel exploded into an adult-sized mini-tornado. With a purple glow, the wind blew the girls’ hair away from their faces and sent papers on the desk flying.

Amelia walked backward until the back of her knees hit the couch in the office where she collapsed, falling onto the sofa while maintaining her eyes on the magnificence in the room. Raina stepped backward with caution as the funnel grew larger.

As the spinning slowed, a silhouette emerged from within the core of the funnel and resembled a woman’s shape, but there was more. The womanly figure came dressed in what appeared to be large wings that extended past the radius of the funnel.

There she stood, long black hair, beautiful aquamarine eyes, and enormous wings that spanned over one half of her height. Raina clenched Amelia, who inched toward the door. Raina grabbed her hand and whispered, “Wait.”

The woman walked out of the funnel, and it vanished as though it was never there, leaving behind the faint stain from before. As she moved forward, her wings drug behind her feet that were adorned boot like strapped sandals. Her long legs were decorated in swirling tattoos that resembled vines.

Her hour-glass figure was dressed in a see-through chiffon style material exposing her pale skin. She towered over Raina in height, and her eyes looked downward even on Amelia. Around her neck was a necklace decorated with a large amethyst stone that rested against her barely covered large breasts.

Her large pouty lips were tight along with a clenched jaw. As she stepped forward with another stride, the girls edged closer to the door.

“Who called me and awakened me from my death’s slumber from the underworld? Who is it that has beckoned the knowledge of the Necromancer?” The mysterious creature said.

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