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The Demon Chronicles: Lahash & Black Moon Lilith

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The demon Lahash tells a story of a time in the distant past. Filled with aristocrats, a secret society, brothels, and murder, he finds that his first real obsession comes through the sinister man he follows in his misdeeds. As a demon, Lahash draws his power on the downtrodden of humankind, and the sinister man, William can offer all the fulfillment he needs. But, the night of the masquerade in Venice changes everything, when Lahash meets Sophia, William's young sister. The possibilities seem endless with Milan's secret society ceremony when they await the return of the dark one's mistress. She is one demon, once from the underworld who can only visit Earth every one thousand years when celestial bodies align. Lilith is the dark one's mistress who has been cast out but Lahash calculates a risky move in order to win her favor to return to Earth in the flesh for Sophia—but at what price? As Lahash comes to know William and the secret society, he is faced with an ultimatum. To fulfill his desires in the flesh for the human he has fallen for in exchange for Lilith's demand, or defy her will and forever remain punished for the rest of his demon existence. Will the secret society be blessed with Lilith's unrelenting dark power? Will Lahash's deal with the demoness come to fruition or will he forever experience a marked change in his demon existence?

Fantasy / Romance
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Dedication and Intro. to Lahash


I dedicate this book to my husband who is my better half.

Thanks for the support for it all, not just the book. I don’t believe I could have hung on and still hanging with mom’s passing and the countless curve balls we endured without you.

Thanks for telling me to finish it, otherwise, I think this book would have wound up on lost and forgotten. Between a new job, kids, illness, funerals, hospitals, and countless nights of lost sleep … you remained the constant.

As I say, the waves we ride get higher and higher, but I am sure when we pass the break, paradise will be on the other side. I love you.

The Demon Chronicles

Lahash & Black Moon Lilith



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Also, by MD Fryson

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In Loving Memory

Arlene Julia

January 17th, 1950 – March 30th, 2021

I was in the middle of drafting this book when my mother discovered she had cancer and later, she lost her fight with it.

The last day I saw her, she lay in the bed, and I couldn’t be sure she knew I was there. When I held her hand it was warm unlike the days when I was young, they always seemed cold to the touch.

The memory of holding her warm hand the last day she lived, and the memory of her soft smiling face the day I said goodbye I will carry in my heart forever.

There isn’t a spectrum in this life no matter how polarizing it may be that I do not have an insatiable curiosity about. At times I believe that curiosity must the most debilitating thing I live with.

Before I had never ending questions about the afterlife, and now with your passing, I have even more that I know I will never have the answer to while I draw breath.

In memory of a tough woman from New Jersey, raised by immigrants of England and Denmark. Mom, you always had a way of helping me see things and having the perseverance to stay the course.

I hope to see you again. If I don’t then everything I believe about the afterlife is true, but I would never be able to tell its story. It doesn’t seem to matter now. All that matters is you knew I loved you and always will.

For now, I will imagine you sleeping with the Angels.

Meet Lahash.

He sat amongst the lawmakers of the house, watching them debate their beliefs about what the law should be while his cold and dark eyes surveyed the room and did so every day. But he searched for something he could not place; it was the inherent restlessness that drove his curiosity stemming from hundreds of years of living and watching the same scenes of humanity play out.

Despite the endless amount of energy taken in for survival, these lawmakers and their evil ways are what kept Lahash alive. There was no other way for a being like him to live without the company of Earth’s downtrodden, crooked, and dirty.

Spending time in the company of evil humans was one of the few ways a demon could gain the power to thrive on Earth. It was not always like this to the demon Lahash. Indeed, his mind drifted back to the times when things weren’t as complicated and yet seemed more mysterious to him; a time when those he encountered would mark a change in him, that he would no doubt carry for the rest of his demon existence...

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