Wolf diaries book 1:the great escape

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Meeting Robert

It's the next day and I look in my locker than a boy different than jack comes up to me and says ”hey how’s it going”. then looks at his hand starts to sweat and said “I like your hair sand?” Then he chuckles and walks away nervously. but a girl walks up to me and says “oooo someone’s got a little crush!” and I respond with ”what?!?” And we have a short a conversation about him ”that he’s the coolest boy in school and she says that every girl here loves him and want his sweat but he only sweats when he’s nervous?” Ok so his name is Robert but his friends call him bob. but the girl talking to me is named Abby and we talk together about Robert and I tell her about my diary and she says she wants to read it but it’s personal. And I have a sleepover i think what it’s called? Anyway she’s going to draw this little heart next to the date.

❤️ 12-2-2030
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