Wolf diaries book 1:the great escape

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When I was walking to the cave, I heard a lot about Christmas lights? I was confused by that. But then I saw a light and turned into a wolf because I was frightened. but it was Robert and my friends setting up bright, cheerful lights that looked like things that you put on the tree but tinier. Then a hunter came to me with a flashlight and I jumped to the house but turned to a human thankfully then the hunter looked at me like I looked like someone he knew but then Robert talked to the man and said “mr. Pattinson I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding “ that boy saved my life! I’m so glad he’s my friend but I HAD to decorate with them it was so tiring but the snow was so graceful but loud and I'm so tired from putting up the lights and then we had a s-l-e-e-p-o-v-e-r I think but I hated it so much it was ok? I guess but in my opinion it was my first one we did a pillow fight and drank hot chocolate me and robert slept together but I was A VICIOUS LITTLE MONSTER 👹 at the pillow fight they almost saw my teeth!!!!


sorry I didn't put a lot of punctuation I was tired
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