Wolf diaries book 1:the great escape

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The end

After the... thing... I tried to free mother and told all my friends my secrets and... MOTHER WAS WORSE!!!!!!!!! I-I could tell she was sick hurt and about to die I was so sorry for waiting this long... and it’s was about to be the end I opens the cage and carefully put her on my back while being a wolf but I was super tired so I ate an orange and felt so much better but it wasn’t enough for home I had to wait for a banana monkey ship. But when Brandon saw me.. HE HELPED ME and didn’t attack but when I tried to hide he did what I loved... HE PULLED OUT A BONE?!?!?!?!?!?!? Omg I couldn’t resist the temptation I grabbed it and slowly backed away from him but also the moon was going away and I was turning human and... He saw me and he didn't hate me but he thought I was unique and so he told everyone! Except for the council members and they live with me now. But now I have a daughter and her name is Ashely and I love her with all my heart but she is hard sometimes and me and Brandon can handle her...
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