Wolf diaries book 1:the great escape

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A wolf/human sets on a jorney to find a destiny while bring along some friends that are trusting enough

Fantasy / Drama
Kimberly Lucero
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Chapter 1 the beginning

The forest is black and the cave is filled with spiders and bats.”I hate it here my brother says” I loves to explore. but I hide in the cave and drink my milk. I hate the sunlight because it burns my skin but I guess that's life. while mother picks some fruit for lunch I hear a scream and my moon necklace shines bright as the daylight. I worry about mother and my older brother takes charge and announces “if the mother doesn't come home soon I will be in charge of the pack!” and my family says “why should he be in charge just because he's the oldest?” Then my pack argues I try to not hear it but my family is loud so I go to my hiding spot and talk to myself alone and fall asleep... The next day I see a note and it’s written by a human and a trace of mother’s fur I don’t tell my pack about the letter because they will try to grab it and rip the paper while fighting so I read it and it says “Ella I’m in a cage at Wisconsin slaughterhouse you have to rescue me!”and it looked like it was in a hurry so when I had the chance I did what I knew was right
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