Wolf diaries book 1:the great escape

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Chapter 2 the big metal boat

When it's night these big humans come and they don’t have a necklace so I hide carefully. they have these guns with a lot of ammo! I make my way on a boat and fall in a crate of round orange things. and I decided to eat one but it was yucky! when the sailor‘s fine nothing in the caves they come back on the metal boat and make a lot of weight to go to one side of the boat! So I’m bumped my head on a big piece of metal and I faint when it bumped... The next day The boat is in Wisconsin and I hear a lot of people coming! I bump into a monkey hoarding the bananas and won’t let them go so I’ll give the monkey one of my orangesjust to be nice they weren’t ready anyway. and run away luckily I escape and I go to the slaughterhouse but the mother is not there...
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