Wolf diaries book 1:the great escape

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Chapter 3 finding mother

-cage rattles- ”NOW STAY IN THERE!!!” I see my mother and she has a lot of cuts! I'm really scared for her. they found me and put me in a different room but I attack them! and try to get the keys but mother says “not to and she will be fine I listen to her and throw the keys in her cage” I do as mother said and throw the keys in the cage. but I run away crying I run to this big large building that says Diane Welborn HighSchool” I enter and I see a lot of weird things? than a big loud noise goes and I freak out -RING RING RING RING- I turn to a human and cover it tail with my jacket and after at least 2 minutes the walls are silent as a lake then I meet Sasha...
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