Wolf diaries book 1:the great escape

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Chapter 4 The student council Jack and sasha

Some girl puts me in a bag and opens the bag and sees me and Asks me A ton of questions like why aren’t you in class did you see the principal about this? then a tough looking man comes up and says” don’t worry Sasha I’ll handle this” and I was very confused at the moment who was he then after a few minutes they let me go! but had to walk with me to the principals office so then I had a talk with the principal and she gave me some paper to tell where my classes were? here then I was given a locker with a code and on the second day of Scool. my hands were packed so I decided to give school a rest but I didn’t have anywhere to go so I snuck into someone’s backpack. Sasha‘s on accident! but then Sasha And jack talk about me and say I’m suspicious? then I jumped out but half of me forgets I’m in sight of her bed and I jump onto window but Jack put me on chat snap? and get a lot of likes but then a lot of people came to me and asked how Jack did the edit? in I just stood there and ran as fast as I could! then I ran into a hotel and bought myself a room and moved in there... for the rest of the time I was in Wisconsin
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