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Helpful Angels Incorporated Volume 1: The Fray

By opal10 All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

Chapter 1

The peace-keeper of the Justice Force was dying.

“Teacher, you can’t die. Who is going to protect people?” said a woman with back length black curly hair and blue eyes the color of the sky.

“Don’t worry,” the peace-keeper said as she stroked the woman’s face, “There will always be peace-keepers to keep…the… peace.” Then the peace-keeper took her last breath.

“No, teacher don’t go.” said the woman in tears.

Then as the peace-keeper’s body turned to dust, a light rose in the air from where her body was laying. Then the light disappeared when it flew into the sky.

“It can’t be. Why?!” yelled the woman.

A month later, a tall girl with peach skin and back length white and pink hair in a braid, pink eyes, an orange short sleeveless dress which went to her knees, she had on long shoulder length orange gloves, and a silver edge plated white cloak and silver shoes. She had on goggles that was sliver on the glass and the straps were all orange. was versing a criminal on a roof.

“There is no escape,” said Libra, “Just surrender.”

“Ah, but Libra there is always a way out.” the male criminal said, then he jumped off the roof.

“I got you now.” Said Libra as she made her wooden staff that at the tip was curled around an orange sphere appeared out of thin air. Then she used it to make the criminal float.

“What? What is happening?” the criminal was confused as he continued to float in midair.

“I have you in my grasp that is what is happening.”

“Let me down. I promise I won’t do it again.”

“You really promise?” Libra looked at the criminal with hope in her eyes, “Maybe I changed him.” she thought.

“FOOL!” a male voice shouted.

Then a tall man in a dark black and blue sleeveless trench coat appeared. The man had pale peach skin. He also wore black fingerless gloves, and had on a white sleeveless shirt that revealed his muscles. It was also above his black pants and boots, and over his mouth was a black and blue cloth that acted as a mask.

The man’s rage showed in his blood red eyes, and his crystal clear short white hair complimented those eyes, “Don’t be fooled by his I promise, ‘I won’t commit crime act,’ Libra. If you are fooled by that, you are not hero.”

“Dark Law, what are you doing here?” asked Libra.

“Making sure you don’t make another mistake again?”

“What mistake?”

As Libra was distracted, her magic diminished, and the criminal escaped her grasp, “LIKE THAT ONE!” Dark Law yelled.

“What?!!” Libra regained composure and went after the criminal, but so did Dark Law, who outran her and cut the criminal off.

“What in the world!” yelled the criminal who was corned by the both of them after they chased him on the roof tops for ten minutes.

“I am going to bring you in.” said Dark Law.

“No, I am.” Said Libra.

Then out of Dark Law’s hands came electricity, but it was more powerful than that. It looked like the sky was angry, it was one of his powers. The power of thunder. Then Libra used her ability which came through her staff. The staff is wooden at the bottom, and the spear is a lightly colored orange. The staff glowed the color of a sunny day, it was light. Then the both of them shot their powers at the criminal. The powers canceled each other out, but the criminal fainted.

“Now look at what you did.” Libra was pissed off.

“At what I did?” Dark Law was just as angry as she was, “You were the one at fault.”

“If you would stop butting into my business, everything would turn out fine.”

“Fine. Fine? Did you just say fine?”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Libra was confused.

“You have never made any arrest before, and the criminal always gets away.”

“That is not true.” Libra start to look away from him.

“Isn’t it. Look me in the eyes and tell me if I’m lying.”

Libra still couldn’t look at him.

“See I am telling the truth.”

“So what if you are telling the truth?” Libra was furious now, “Do you have a problem with me?”

“I do. You never collect any money from your missions, and since you don’t, I will.”

“Why you? I should report you to Sky Harmony.”

“Go ahead, she will agree with me.” Dark Law huffed.

“I WILL!” Libra left the scene and the criminal with Dark Law, and she headed to Helpful Angels Headquarters. A beautiful white marble building that had two other buildings attached to it by marble bridge that looked like the building itself. The lights coming from the building were neon white and yellow. Plus, the two outer buildings looked like flat skyscrapers, but the one in the center had an antenna that was shaped like a pole. The Helpful Angel Headquarters was surrounded by buildings and other skyscrapers all around, but at the same time it was a metropolis of beauty.

When she arrived, she went to the top floor. She met the secretary, “Hi, Leeann. How are you today?”

A woman of her forties, with back length brown hair, black eyes, short, average, and wore a pink business suit, “Hello, Libra. Everything is going well today, but what happened now?”

“Whatever do you mean?” Libra looked confused and nervous.

“The only time you come here is if something is wrong, so what’s wrong?”

“It’s that guy, Dark Law again.”

“Dark Law? What do you mean?” Leeann was confused.

“I was going to hold my tongue, but this is the last straw. He interfered with one of my missions again.” Libra’s face was so red.

“Alright, let me get Sky Harmony for you.”

“No, need.” A woman with shoulder length lilac hair, short, average, blue eyes and tan skin, walked out of two white and gold double doors, “I can hear your conversation from in there.”

“Sorry Sky.” Libra blushed.

“Libra how many times have I told you….”

“Not to be so loud. Yeah, I got it Sky. Can we continue elsewhere, just in case someone else comes?”

“Sure, come into my office.”

They both walked in as Leeann, “I will take messages for you miss.”

“Thank you.” Sky closed the doors behind them, after she comfortable sat in her chair with her blue long ball gown with cap sleeves and white accents on, “Now what is the problem between you and Dark Law?”

“Problem, it’s a big problem. That guy is always in my face about what I do, and he came on my mission. Sky it was my mission.”

“Libra, I know that. But you also know that you cannot work solo anymore.”

“I know.” Libra pouted.

“We are getting bigger missions now that require everyone to work in pairs.”

“I know.” Libra repeated.

“And besides I think you and Dark Law will work great together.”

“When pigs fly.”

“I feel the same way.” A male voice spoke out.


Dark Law jumped down from the ceiling as Sky Harmony continued, “You have been here the whole time haven’t you?”

“Yes, Sky Harmony.” He answered.

“He has?” Libra was red and confused at the same time as she thought, “Then he heard everything I said.”

“I heard everything you said.” Dark Law started complaining, “You can’t do a mission by yourself to save your life.”

“I can too.” Libra argued.

“You cannot.”

Sky was getting tired, “ENOUGH YOU TWO!!!” When things calmed down she continued, “The reason I placed you both together is because the two of you balance each other out.”

“How do we do that? Libra was curious.

“Yeah, I want to know too.” Said Dark Law.

“You will just have to figure that out for yourselves.” Sky Harmony turned and sat down again, “But I do have a new mission.”

“Really, I’ll take it.” Libra jumped in.

“No, I will do it. You’ll just botch it up.” Argued Dark Law.

Sky Law intervened, “The mission is for the both of you. It is a two-person job; so do you want to take it?”

“I don’t want to work with him.” Libra refused.

“Same here.” Dark Law turned his back on Libra, and she too in response.

“Well then I will have to find some other team to do this one-thousand-dollar job.” Sky slipped that in there.

“One, one, one thousand.” Dark Law’s eyes glowed with excitement.

“You can do what you want, but I’m not working with him.” Libra turned to the doors, “Sky when you have time to talk again let me know.”

“Sure,” Then Libra left as Sky continued, “Dark Law without her, you can’t have this mission.”

“Drat,” Dark Law then thought, “I need that weak brat to do the mission.”

“Since you need her, you might as well persuade Libra to join you, but I would be nice in the process.”

“Yes, Sky Harmony.” Then Dark Law left as well.

Sky Harmony thought, “I hope those two get along. If they figure out each other’s weaknesses, they will make a powerful pair.”

Dark Law chased Libra up to the stairs that led to the locker rooms. Once there Libra, “Stop right there.” She was in the locker rooms, but she saw him from the crack in the open door.

“I came to talk to you.”

“There is nothing to talk about. I hate you.”

“I feel the same way, but we have to work together.”

There was no answer, so Dark Law continued, “Why don’t you come out, so we can talk?”

There was still no answer, “Libra are you there?”

Then one of the female heroes came out and said, “If you are looking for Libra, she left by the back exit.”

Dark Law thought, “Why that annoying brat!”

Libra was actually half way home when Dark Law started to look for her. Once she was on top of her rooftop, she went into the shadows and changed back into her original form, a tall, average, peach skinned young lady. Her straight black hair flowed in the wind as she ran inside of her apartment building. Once she was in her apartment she blinked her brown eyes as she looked out of her window, and she saw Dark Law zoom by.

“Phew, that was close,” Libra thought, “No one would believe that I Siena Modera a twenty-one-year-old that just graduated from college is the superhero Libra.”

She started to get food prepared as she continued to think, “And there is no way that I will work with that annoying and rude Dark Law. When pigs fly is when I will work with him, which will never happen.”

The next day, Siena woke up, got dress and she was about to head to work when KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, “Okay, I’m coming!” she shouted as she headed towards her front door.

When she opened it, a male with waist length blue/black hair, muscular, tall, pale peach skin, and green eyes was standing at her door.

“Vanden, you didn’t have to come and get me. I knew what time the study session is.”

“I know, but a woman should not walk alone in the streets.” He said.

“It’s the day time, Vanden Helis. I can escort myself.”

“Well consider me your escort now.”

“Thank you, I will gladly take that offer.” Then Siena got her pocketbook, closed and locked the door behind her, and they left.

Siena thought on the drive over to the college she graduated from, “This guy is Vanden Tal Helis. He is the most popular guy that graduated on the campus. He found a job working in stocks in the city, and he still comes to help his community out as often as he can. I can see why every woman is in love with him. But what am I, a jobless graduate doing with him?”

“Hey, the college is five minutes away, are you ready for your speech?”

“Yeah, the speech on how you have to have a plan in college, or else it will end up bad.” Siena replied as she brought out her papers, then she thought, “This is what I am doing with him. He looked me up on our college website, and he found me at the bottom of the list of graduates, so without knowing that this was a study session on failures, I agreed to help him. I am technically miserable as Libra and Siena Modera. I just hope I can do more good as a hero.”

They arrived at the college. When they got out of Vanden’s car, there were snickers nearby. Siena looked around, and she saw all of the graduates at a small distance, “What are they doing here Vanden?”

“Oh, I invited them. This is a study session on failure and success.”

“Great, this is going to be fun.” Libra said sarcastically.

As they went into the study hall that was filled with about fifty students, Siena tripped and dropped her papers.

“Oh, looks like failure causes a person to loose balance.” Said one woman.

“Well I wouldn’t want to get it. I hope it’s not contagious.” Said a second woman.

“I’m glad we didn’t fail like she did, or else we would lose everything.” Said the leader of the pack. Then all three of them walked away laughing, and they took a seat in the lecture hall.

As Siena picked up her things, Vanden reach out his hand to her, “Are you alright?”

“Yes,” Siena stood up, regained her composure, “Let’s continue.” She and Vanden headed towards the podium. But as she walked there were still snickers from all around her.

Vanden made his success about how well his job is, how well he did in his classes, and how it is being the Valedictorian. But when it was Siena’s turn to talk, as she got up to the podium someone cough, “Loser.” She looked around for the person, but she couldn’t find them. She became nervous. Vanden started looking around with his eyes as well.

Siena started with her speech, but before she could finish someone cough again, “Get off the stage.” She found the perpetrators with that, it was the three women that tripped her earlier so she yelled, “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!! WHAT HAVE I EVER DO TO YOU?!!”

Then the leader yelled up, “You barely graduated, so you don’t belong here. This place is for successful people, so leave.”

“YEAH!!” the other two women with her agreed.

The new students who the study session was for, started wondering about Siena while others wondered what was going on. So all eyes continued to be on Siena. Siena couldn’t take it, so she left the podium and ran out of the lecture hall, where she bursted into tears.

The female leader sat down and said, “Well now that the blemish is gone let’s get back to teaching these kids how to be a success.”

But Vanden who was standing right next to them, “Get out.”

“But Vanden why?” asked the leader.

“Because I thought life in the world might have changed your outlook on people.”

“But Vanden you are a success; why would you want to associate with a loser like that?”

“Maybe because she is not letting her failures get her down, and she is still going strong. That is why I invited her here. Now you three please leave, before I have security escort you out.”

“Humph, we will remember this.”

“Yeah.” Said the other two. Then the three of them left the hall too.

Vanden thought, “Now I have to find Siena.” But Vanden could not find her.

At the end of the day, Siena was in her apartment. She was there the whole day after the incident in the lecture hall, “It’s time to go. I can be a hero now and be myself.” Then Siena transformed into Libra. But as she was leaving her apartment through the roof, Vanden arrived in his cherry sedan. Vanden looked up at Siena’s apartment, and he saw Libra jumping from the roof to another building.

“Isn’t that Libra, why is she coming from Siena’s building?” He was curious, so Vanden parked there, went into the alley way, and he transformed into Dark Law. Then he jumped from each fire escape to the other between the buildings, got onto the roof top then ran after her.

Dark Law noticed that Libra was crying as she ran from roof to roof. Then he thought, “I bet Siena felt the same way earlier, but why would Libra be upset?” Then he yelled, “HEY LIBRA! WAIT UP!”

Libra saw Dark Law and thought, “Oh, no not him. Not now. I don’t want to see him.” So she increased her speed. She pulled further away from him.

“HEY, I’M NOT FINISHED!!!” yelled Dark Law as he started to speed up as well.

“He’s catching up. What is this guy made of?” As Libra started to increase her speed again her eyes started to water, so she could not see, and she messed up her jumping. She tripped and fell downwards.

But Dark Law caught up to her, and he swoop in and caught her as they we falling down, but he was able to stop his fall by jumping down from the fire escapes like he did earlier. When they stopped he looked at her, “Are you crazy?”

“Leave me alone.” She tried to push him away, but he held onto her tighter, “You don’t know what I am going through.”

“Try me.”

“Not ever in the world. You are rude, money grubbing, and annoying like I am right?”

“Where did you hear that I thought you were annoying?”

“You don’t have to say it. It was all in your face when we were at Sky Harmony’s office.”

Dark Law grinded his teeth.

“See, even you can’t say something positive about me.”

“What do you mean even you?”

Libra turned her head, “It’s nothing. But how long are you going to carry me?”

“One: until I find out what’s wrong? And two until you say yes to working with me on the one-thousand-dollar mission.”

“WHAT?!” she blushed.

“I just want answers.”

“Like I said, no way.”

“Then you can’t get down.”

“Alright, alright.” Libra gave in, “Look I had a bad day today, and I just don’t want to talk about it. Is that alright with you?”

“Cool, now say yes to working with me on the mission.”

“Now that is a different story. No way possible. Not happening.”

“Why not?”

“Remember we annoy each other?” Libra snuffed at him.

Dark Law grinded his teeth quickly, took a breath then said, “We can work together if we tried.”

“Oh, let’s face it Dark Law. The only reason you want to work with me is to get the money.”

Shocked Dark Law asked, “How do you know?”

“It’s all in your face.”

“Fine, I want the money, and I can’t get it without you.”

Libra thought, “I knew it. He is such a shrewd person.” Then she said aloud, “Well you may want that money, but you are not getting it.”

“And why not?”

“Because I won’t work with you, and that is final.”

“Oh you think so do you?” Dark Law smirked.

Libra thought, “What is he planning?”

Then Dark Law leaped back up to the roof top, and he closed his eyes and started to leap from roof top to roof top.

Libra frightened yelled, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

“Until you agree to work with me, I won’t put you down, and I will keep doing stunts like this with you in my arms, and who knows, we might fall.”

“You never do things this reckless.”

“Yes, but I also get what I want, and that is a fact.”

“This guy is crazy.” Libra thought.

“So will you give me the answer I want?”

Libra felt pressured by Dark Law, but she was more afraid of heights. So she decided, “Alright, I will say yes.”

“Great,” Dark Law stopped running, and he placed Libra down on the pavement of the roof top, “Now let’s go tell Sky Harmony, that we agreed to work together, for the sake of doing the mission.”

Libra then started grinding her teeth then she mumbled, “Yeah, let’s go tell her.”

“Did you say something.” Dark Law turned to look at Libra.

“Nope, nothing at all. Let’s go.”

They went to the Helpful Angels Incorporated headquarters, and they went straight to Sky Harmony’s office. Sky Harmony was there, and she was waiting for them. She stood up, “So have you two finally made your decision?”

Dark Law spoke first, “We are. We decide to take the mission, and we decide to work together.”

“Is this true Libra?” Sky Harmony stared at Libra.

Libra blushed, looked at Dark Law, and then back at Sky Harmony, “Yes, what he said.”

Sky Harmony noticed something was wrong with them, “Are you sure?”

Libra looked like she was going to burst, but she Dark Law stared her down. Sky Harmony noticed it, “Don’t intimate her, Dark Law! Libra what do you really want to do?”

Libra started tearing up, “I want to take the mission, but I don’t want to work with Dark Law because he doesn’t understand me just like everyone else except you Sky. No one understands me.” Libra started crying.

“Dark Law can we have a moment alone?” Sky Harmony asked.

“Sure,” Dark Law headed towards the door turned back to look at them, “I will be back.” Then he left the room.

Sky Harmony sat down and offered Libra a seat, which she sat down in, “Now what is the problem?”

At first Libra wouldn’t talk, then Sky Harmony said, “Libra, I know you, something is wrong. But I can’t help you if you won’t tell me.” Then she whispered, “Siena please tell me what happened?”

Libra cried, “I WAS MADE FUN OF TODAY AT THE LECTURE HALL!!” Libra busted into tears. Sky Harmony stood up, went around her desk, wrap her arms around Libra, “Everything is going to be alright. Just cry it out, I’ll be right here to hold your hand.” Libra just kept crying until she settled down which was an hour later, but unfortunately for them Dark Law went outside and he was listening against the window. Dark Law thought, “She had a hard time today at a lecture hall. How is that possible? Only Siena and I went to a lecture hall today.” Dark Law had a really curious face on.

As Libra finished crying, Sky Harmony, “Are you ready to talk about it?”

“Yeah.” Then Libra told Sky Harmony all of what happened.

“I thought those girls would grow up once they went into the workforce. I guess not.”

“But I haven’t accomplished anything, and I don’t have a job. You pay all the bills for me.”

“No, I remind you of the bills, and you work hard on these missions, which by the way are worth some pay. Maybe not much but they are worth something.”

“Thanks Sky. I really feel better.”

“Hey what are friends for. But before we invite him back in do you really not agree to go on this mission with Dark Law.”

“Well….” Libra hesitated.

“I won’t force you.”

“I think I will go. Besides since I feel better now, I think I can handle myself and the situation.”

“That’s good to hear because I want to go now too, but there is a question that I want to ask.” Dark Law bursted in.

Libra and Sky Harmony turned towards him as Sky Harmony asked, “Were you listening at the door?”

“No, but I was at the window.”

Sky Harmony thought, “Drat, I knew this guy might not listen.” She was nervous.

Libra faced Dark Law, “What do you want to ask?”

“Are you somehow related to a woman named Siena Modera?”

“Why no? Why would you ask such a thing?”

“Because when I last saw her she was running from some place in tears.” Dark Law was concerned.

But then Libra became curious, “How do you know this woman named Siena Modera?”

Dark Law blushed a bit, stepped back, “Because I heard her name when I went over to the college that she studies at when I was on a mission, and I saw her face.”

Libra blushed a bit at that information and thought, “I didn’t know Dark Law was on my campus grounds for a mission. I hope he doesn’t recognize me.” Then she said aloud, “When did this mission happen?”

Libra turned to Sky Harmony as Dark Law answered, “It happed a few months ago, I was looking for a missing student.”

Sky Harmony nodded her head in agreement while showing Libra an, ‘I’m sorry it happened face.’

“Well I don’t know her.” Libra answered, but she was curious, “Why are you looking for Siena?”

“I just wanted to see if she was okay. Is that alright with you?”

Libra couldn’t believe that Vanden wanted to see if she was okay. To her this was the happiest day of her life, “Of course it is okay with me.”

Dark Law was curious as to why Libra was crying, “Why are you crying? “

“I am just very happy right now.”

Dark Law grinned, “Did I make you happy?”

Libra gritted her teeth and reluctantly, “Yes, you made me happy Dark Law. Are you happy now?”

“Of course, so will you go on the mission?”

“Yes, Sky Harmony you can count me in.” Libra was confident and smiling at that moment.

“Alright, now that you two are in agreement, I can explain the mission.” Sky Harmony took a breath and continued, “Have you two ever been to the Midlands?”

“Yes, some of that place has civilization, while other places are completely raw and filled with nature.” Dark Law answered quickly.

“That’s right,” continued Sky Harmony, “The Midlands is a popular place that attracts travelers and pioneers.”

“I don’t understand if it is that great of a place then what is the problem?” Libra was confused.

“The problem is the people that settled there, first are having problems with the people who are settling there after them.” Said Sky Harmony.

“What type of disputes are there?” Dark Law quickly jumped in.

Libra cut in as well, “What do you mean disputes? They are probably just arguing.”

Dark Law shook his head.

“Dark Law is right Libra. There have been fights over the land.”

“What?” Libra was shocked.

“Told you.”

They were about to start arguing when Sky Harmony said, “Ahem.” Then they stopped. She continued, “Actually for this mission there isn’t any fighting going on over the land.”

“Then what is going on?” Dark Law was frustrated by this while Libra snickered.

“There is a man known as Diablo Los Tragua. That’s what your clients the villagers call him behind his back.”

“But what is he really called?” asked Dark Law.

“Sir Niall Los Tragua. He is the nobleman who owns the area so he says.”

“I get where you are coming from.” Dark Law said, “Because it is new land no one technically has ownership over it.”


Then Libra jumped in, “I don’t get it? Why don’t they just share the land?”

Dark Law laughed, “He wouldn’t share the land. If this guy is greedy like other criminals that I know, he will not spare a penny.”

Libra ignored Dark Law, “What is he doing and how is it effecting the villagers?”

“He has the water grounds sealed off by his guards, and he has taken most of the land to plant his crops.” Answers Sky Harmony.

“Since the people need food and water, I am guessing that they are protesting over this.” Said Dark Law.

“It gets worse from the beginning he has charged the people money to use this land for their crops and to drink the water, and every time they protest he raises the fare. And it is to the point where most people lose their homes and get driven out of town by Sir Los Tragua’s guards.”

“Why don’t they just revolt against him?”

“If it was that easy, do you think they would contact us?”

“Then why don’t they?”

Libra jumped in the conversation, “Are they scared of something?”

“Yes losing their homes.”

Dark Law laughed again, at Sky Harmony’s answer, “Losing your home isn’t a big thing just fight. At least they won’t lose their dignity.”

“And what is that going to get them?” Libra frowned on Dark Law words, “Is that going to get them a warm place to stay? Is it going to get them food to feed their bellies?”

Dark Law tried to cut her off but Libra kept going, “And finally is that going to help their family and friends? I think not, I can understand why they are afraid. They have to think about their survival first and then fighting. You should know that since you are the smart guy.”

“Now, now you two.” Sky Harmony tried to calm the situation before it became worse.

“I wasn’t implying that they lose their belongings, just that they should defend themselves like some people in this room.” Dark Law was pissed off.

“See I knew you wouldn’t understand me. And for your information I fight when I have to not before.”

“Now that is a dream.”

“Why you?!”

“ALRIGHT ENOUGH!!” Sky Harmony shouted, “If you two don’t get along, you are not going on this mission. Do you understand me?”

“Yes.” They both said in unison.

“So your mission is to go to the Midlands, help the villagers there, and try to instate peace between them and Sir Los Tragua.”

But Dark Law added, “And if that doesn’t work?”

“Make your own judgment, but remember to save people in the process. That is all.”

“Yes.” They saluted Sky Harmony and left, but Sky Harmony said, “Libra hold up. I need to talk to you.”

Libra told Dark Law, “I will meet you downstairs.”

“Alright.” He left as she went back into the office.

“What do you want to talk about?”

Not trusting anything Sky Harmony whispered to her, “Be careful around Dark Law. He is becoming suspicious of you.”

Libra whispered back, “Don’t worry Sky, it is not like he thinks I am Siena.”

“Well that is true, but be careful anyway.”

“I will.” Then Libra left.

Libra met Dark Law in front of the locker rooms like she said.

“Well when are we moving out?” asked Libra perky and excited at the thought of a new mission.

“As soon as we have some ground rules set.” Dark Law replied.

Libra thought, “I can’t believe this guy, and after I agreed to work with him so he can do this mission.” Then she said reluctantly, “Alright, what ground rules?”

“I am in charge of this mission.”

“NO WAY. This is a two-person mission, so we should make the decisions together as a team.”

“Not happening, either I am in charge, or you don’t go.”

Libra smiled, “Alright that’s fine, but we’ll see how Sky Harmony feels about that.” Libra slightly started to walk back to Sky Harmony’s office and stated, “Oh, Sky Harmony….”

But Dark Law pulled her away before she could say anything, and they went back near the locker rooms, “Alright you can come.”


“And we make decisions together.”

“Good, now what is this next ground rule, so we can get on with our lives.”

“Okay,” Dark Law mumbled then said aloud, “The next ground rule is that no going off by yourself, or doing things on your own got it.”

“I can say the same about you. I can agree to that, but can you?”

“Sure why not?” Dark Law grumbly agreed.

“Let’s shake hands on it.” Libra put out her hand, and Dark Law shook it, “See I knew we could come to some sort of agreement.”

“Cool.” But Dark Law was boiling inside at this predicament, “Let’s go.”

“Go where?”

“Where else, the Midlands.”

“Oh, I thought you might want to prepare or something.” Libra was confused by him suddenly wanting to take off.

“Oh, I was already prepared for this mission twenty-four hours ago.” Dark Law grinned, “It is you who is not prepared.”

Libra pissed off, “Ooooooo, I can’t stand you.”

“So do you want to get prepared or just keep staring at my good looks?”

“What woman would want to stare at that?” Libra snooted.

“Any woman.”

“You are too full of yourself.”

To distract her Dark Law, “Time is ticking.”

“Alright, alright, I will go, and we will meet back here in two hours.” Libra huffed, “I will be prepared by then.”

“Good.” Then Libra left, but Dark Law thought, “I wonder who she is?”

After two hours Libra kept her word, and she met Dark Law in front of the locker room with a bag full of stuff. Dark Law looked shocked, “Is this what you are bringing?”

“Yeah, aren’t you?” She heaved the bag over her left shoulder.

“No, this is what I am bringing.” Dark Law lifted up a small bag, “You don’t even know how to travel do you?”

“What? I have traveled before, and every time I bring the necessities.”

“Which is this big ass bag?”

“Yes, because it fits all my necessities.”

“Let me see this bag.” Dark Law tried to take it from her.

“No, you are a man. You do not need to see what is in my bag.”

“Oh, yes I do.” Dark Law insisted.

“And why is that?” Libra pulled the bag away from him.

“Because when traveling, a traveler always needs to travel lightly so they can move around easily, don’t tell me no one ever told you that?”

Libra became solemn for a moment thinking about a house with smoke coming out of the chimney, and laughing was coming from the house. She came out of her thoughts and told Dark Law, “No, no one ever taught me. Most things I learned on my own.”

“That is strange.” Thought Dark Law who saw her depressed face, “Hey, I am sorry if I upset you.”

“Thank you.”

“Just get rid of only the things that you really don’t need for this trip, and then if you need something at that moment along the way we’ll get it.”

“Really?” Libra’s eyes glowed.

“Of course.”

“Yippee!” Libra unpacked mostly clothes and other items that were not needed on the trip.

Dark Law just stared, “Uh you know, you can buy clothes on the road if you want.”

“But that would waste money.”

“Not if you spend it right.”

Libra trying to be funny, “Teach me teacher.”

With an attitude, “Let’s go.”

“Lead the way.”

Both of them picked up their bag after Libra placed her items in her locker, and they left headquarters. Sky Harmony was watching them leave from her office window as Leeann came in, “Do you think those two will be alright?” Leeann approached the window and saw them as well.

“Yes, they do make a great team.”

“But they were arguing so much Miss Harmony.”

“Just because a person argues with someone, does not mean that they do not care about the person.” Sky Harmony thought, “I had to learn that the hard way.”

“In any case, Miss Harmony, I came to you because this letter just came in.”

“From where?”

“Unfortunately, the Midlands.”

“What? Let me see that letter.” Leeann handed Sky Harmony a beat up envelope.

Sky Harmony opened the envelope and took out a one-page letter, which she read very quickly. She placed it down and looked out the window again, “We have to stop Dark Law and Libra from going to the Midlands.”

“I knew it something bad was in that letter wasn’t it?”

“You guessed right. In short, this letter is from the villagers of the Midlands.”

“What does it say?” Leeann was curious.

Sky Harmony took a breath, “They no longer require our services. Plus, they do not have the money to give to us for the service.”

“But what happened between now, and when they wanted us to work for them?”

“It doesn’t say, but I know one thing Dark Law and Libra are walking straight into trouble when they get there.” Sky Harmony looked out the window again, and they were gone, “Let’s hope they can conquer this trouble.”

“I hope so too Miss Harmony.”

One thousand miles away after taking a bus to a train, Libra and Dark Law arrived in the Midlands. They got off the train with their bags, and the conductor helped Libra off of the train. The weird thing to Libra was, no one got off at this stop except, but the train was currently full of people.

Libra asked the conductor, “Is anyone else getting off here?”

“Why no young lady.” The conductor tipped his hat towards Libra, “This really isn’t an area to trifle with.”

“What do you know about this area since we are on the subject?” Dark Law asked.

The conductor whispered to Dark Law and Libra, “This area belongs to Sir Los Tragua. He is a ruthless man. Anyone that travels through this area will have to pay a fine, so be careful.”

“What why?” Libra objected.

“Who knows, but that is his law. The villagers would know about that more than me because they have been paying taxes to him for years.”

Suddenly the whistle of the train blew, “That’s my cue. Now you both be care traveling through here. If you don’t pay the fine like all travelers, something worse might happen to you.” The conductor hopped back on the side of the train and yelled as it was taking off, “GOOD LUCK!!!”

Libra turned to Dark Law, “So what do we do now?”

“We start walking until we reach the village that Los Tragua is in.”

“Good plan.” Then they started walking north.

They traveled for what seemed about an hour when, “OUCH!”

Dark Law turned to Libra, “What’s wrong?”

“I think my foot hit something, it aches.”

Dark Law sighed, “You have really never traveled before have you?”

“Yes, I have.”

“No, I mean really traveled like walking and hiking.”

“That is a part of camping.”

“It is also a part of traveling depending on where you go.”

“No it isn’t.” Libra insisted.

“This isn’t getting me anywhere. I know.” Dark Law thought then he said aloud, “I know how about we discuss where we are going to sleep tonight.”

“What do you mean sleep?” Libra was shocked, “We are not sleeping out here are we?”

Dark Law pulled out the map that Sky Harmony gave him before they left, “We are a couple of miles from the village.”

“Can we get there today?”

“Yeah, if we walk for the whole day.”


Dark Law placed his right hand on his chin as he sat on a rock, “So how do you want to do this? We can travel for the whole day, and wear ourselves out, or we can camp out for the night.”

Libra scratched her hair, “Hmmmmmm. I think we should camp out for the night. It’s just one night besides we will be there in the morning, right?”

Dark Law looked at the map, “If we can make it to the middle of this forest before the sun sets this entry we can make it to the village before the afternoon tomorrow.”

“Deal well camp out tonight.” Libra shook his hand.

“This is the best deal you have agreed to all day.”

They picked up their bags, “Wise guy let’s go.” Libra started walking.

They walked in the direction of the forest Dark Law spoke about. Once they got there the entrance of the forest looked so eerie. The darkness of the trees, and the low swaying of the leaves creeped out Libra, “Are you sure we have to go through here?”

“Either that or we take the long way around this forest.”

“How long will the long way around take?”

“I don’t know probably two or three days.”

“Two or three days?!” Libra was shocked.

“Don’t get in a fuss that is just my estimate.”

“I thought you traveled in the Midlands before.”

“I have just not in this part.” Dark Law retaliated.


“So are you ready to go in, or do you want to take the long way around?” asked Dark Law.


“Make up your mind, time is fundamental here.” Dark Law said with an attitude.

“Alright wise guy,” Libra looked into the pitch black forest, and shook a little, “We will go into the forest.” Libra started walking into the forest, and Dark Law followed.

As they walked through the forest, Libra had the creeps, “It feels like I’m being watched.” She thought, to her there were eyes everywhere in the forest.

Then a branch she walked over snapped, and she jumped into Dark Law’s arms.

“Hey, what is the matter with you?” Dark Law held her like a princess for a moment then he put her down on the ground.

“There is someone behind us.”

Dark law turned around, “There is no one there.” Dark Law kept looking around as he lifted up leaves, branches, and peered around the trees, “See there is no one around. Stop wasting time and let’s keep going.”

Libra huffed, “Humph.” As she thought, “That guy doesn’t believe me, but I know there are people around us.” Libra kept looking all around as her pink eyes glowed for a moment, then Dark Law stopped walking looked back at her, “HEY STOP LOOKING AROUND! Come on.”

“Fine.” She mumbled, “Jerk.”

They kept walking for a couple of hours, but because of the pitch darkness of the forest, Libra couldn’t tell if it was night or day. Dark Law looked at something on his wrist, “Okay, let’s stop here for now.”


“Because it is nightfall.”

“How can you tell?” Libra was curious.

“Because I have a watch, which is a necessity for travel if you are meeting people.”

“Great my stuff isn’t a necessity, but that is?”

“Most of your things were clothes, which is necessary on a trip, but you don’t have to have thirteen outfits.”

Libra snooted, “So what we will be gone for days. I will need a fresh pair of clothes.”

“Says the person who can’t achieve a mission.” Dark Law mumbled.

“What was that?” Libra heard him slightly.

Dark Law placed his bag down on the small grove in the center of the trees where they were, “You heard me. You are a person who can’t even achieve a mission for money. So why do you need all those clothes?”

“First of all me needing clothes is none of your business,” Libra retaliated, “Second, I can achieve a mission, unlike some other money hungry people I know.”

Dark Law blew his top, “Fine since I am so money hungry, and you don’t need my money, you can find the village on your own.” Dark Law placed a blanket down on the ground.

“Fine by me, I don’t need you anyway.” Libra placed her sleeping bag down on the ground, “We will go our separate ways in the morning.”

“Fine.” Dark Law laid on his blanket and went to sleep, then Libra laid on her sleeping bag and did the same as she said, “Fine.”

The both of them turned away from each other as they started to fall asleep, but little did they know, Libra was right, they were being watched by something or someone.

As Libra slept, she had a nightmare. It was so vivid and she did not know where she was because everything was pitch black. But a figure appeared behind Dark Law with a drawn sword. Libra tried to speak out, but she couldn’t. Her voice was hoarse. Then the black figure stabbed Dark Law through the chest with the sword. Then Libra woke up in sweat, but the unfortunate part was the dream became real.

There was a dark figure standing over Dark Law, Libra got up and yelled, “DARK LAW LOOK OUT!!!!” But no sound came out of her mouth, it was like she lost her voice. So she tried to get up, but when she did another dark figure held her down to the ground and cruelly whispered, “Don’t move,” he held a knife to her throat, “Or else you will die before your partner does.”

The first dark figure was about to stab Dark Law when Dark Law turned around quickly and tripped him. Libra smiled at how quick he was.

Dark Law stood up fast, “You might want to quiet your approach next time because this young lady heard you guys throughout the day.”

Libra thought, “He actually believed me? Maybe there is more to Dark Law than I thought.”

“I was patiently waiting after we both went to sleep.”

“Oh, yeah then I hope you are ready for your demise.” Said the first dark figure who attacked.

“Bring it.”

Libra has seen Dark Law’s thunder powers so she thought, “I wonder if he going to use the power of thunder again?”

But this time Dark Law did something very different. When the first dark figure started to attack, Dark Law didn’t move. His hands were sluggish as they stayed to his sides, and Libra couldn’t see his eyes. Libra became frightened because the attacker was coming closer. When she tried to yell, the second dark figure held the knife closer to her neck, “I told you to keep quiet or else you will die.”

Libra answered, “I’m not afraid of you.”

“Well then let’s do what I said shall we. Good bye woman.” The second dark figure started to get closer to slice Libra’s neck when suddenly, “GAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!” Blood came out of the second dark figure’s mouth and dripped on her face. She saw he was stabbed through the heart by something black, and so was the first dark figure.

Dark Law lifted up his face and his hands. His hands were completely pitch black and so were his eyes, and Libra had an eerie feeling. Libra slid out from under the second dark figure, got away from him, and we towards Dark Law.

“Dark Law are you okay?” Libra approached him more, but stopped when he spoke in a strange voice, “That is what you get for messing with the powers of darkness. You become cold and empty.”

“Dark Law what is wrong with you?”

He dropped the two dark figures after he pulled his powers back to his hands, “Great, another target.”

Libra became scared and started running.

“There is no where you can run darkness is everywhere.” The strange voice from Dark Law smiled.

Libra thought as she ran, “I don’t know this Dark Law. He is usually annoying and arrogant, not scary.”

Libra tripped over something and looked back as Dark Law gazed down upon her when he caught up, “How did you do that?”

“Oh, you didn’t realize.”

“Realize what?”

“I cannot only control thunder, but the shadows because of the powers of darkness.”

Libra tried to slip away, but the shadows caught her leg, “Meaning?”

“I can be everywhere.” Dark Law kneeled down in front of her with the darkness in his hands slowly approaching her.

Libra started crying, “I want the other Dark Law back. Give him back now!”

Dark Law licked her tears, “I like the way you cry, so I won’t kill you. You are very interesting.”

Libra kept on the subject, “Give him back now!”

“Oh, that guy. He is fine because we both are one in the same, so he can see everything.”

“What? I don’t understand.”

“We are the same person, and the same spirit. It’s just that when he uses the powers of darkness he becomes stronger, and that is me.”

Libra thought, “I think I get it now. This is Dark Law, but a stronger form. They are still the same guy.”

“By that look on your face, you understand.” Then Dark Law suddenly, took of his cloth over his mouth, took her chin, pulled her towards him and kissed her on the lips. It was a deep French kiss, which made Libra feel woozy all over. When he let go, “Also you might want to be aware things are going to get tough since I am interest in you. So long.” Then Dark Law passed out in her arms.

Libra started blushing, “DARK LAW, DARK LAW WAKE UP! PLEASE WAKE UP!” Then she thought, “And please get off of me.”

After a couple of hours of resting, Dark Law woke up with his head laying on Libra’s lap. He was covered with his blanket, but she was freezing as she still slept against a tree sitting up. Dark Law got up pulled her close and covered them both with his blanket.

“It’s still not daylight yet, and we can’t move in the dark,” he thought, “It’s best to stay here.” Dark Law blushed slightly when he looked at Libra sleeping, “I can’t believe that guy. What is his issue? Kissing Libra like that. I will have to talk to him once we get back to base.” Dark Law then laid down against the tree too, and they both rested.

The next day when Libra woke up, she realized she was covered with Dark Law’s blanket, but he was nowhere to be found. Libra got up, “DARK LAW! DARK LAW WHERE ARE YOU?!”

He peaked around the corner of a tree, “Over here.”

“Where were you?”

“I just bathed in a stream nearby, and I am ready to go. But you might want to suit up again.”

Libra was pissed since she was worried about him, “You mean bathe.”

“Yeah, because you reek.”

Libra was so pissed, she stomped past him towards the stream he pointed to and thought, “What part of this guy likes me?” Then she thought about last night’s kiss and blushed. She shook her head, “He doesn’t like me. He is a jerk.”

Dark Law watched her as she walked off and thought, “That should fix things between me and her.” Then the strange voice that came from Dark Law last night whispered in his mind, “You know you are feeling different things from what you are thinking, right?”

Dark Law turned around to look at him, and everything turned pitch black. He was standing still closing his eyes in the forest, but in his mind, everything was dark around him. Only the dark force and Dark Law were visible.

“I’m glad you showed up. I have to talk to you.” said Dark Law.

“Go ahead speak your mind. I am apart of you.”

“That’s the point. Don’t do things on your own.”

“Like what?”

“You know what. I saw you kissing Libra last night.”

“Oh, no that was all you. You felt that way.”

“I do not. I don’t like that weak, annoying woman who can’t even do a case by herself.”

“Is that the mind speaking or the heart.” The dark force then appeared behind him in a shadowy unstable form that looked like fire and fog, and he too had red eyes like Dark Law.

“That is just me being logical that’s all. There is nothing more to it.”

“It’s the mind.”

“Never mind about that. What is between Libra and I is just business, and once this mission is over, I will never have to see her again.”

For Libra who was at the stream wearing a long towel over her body that reached down to the top of her knees thought, “That guy is a pain. I knew he didn’t like me. I must have been dreaming what I went through last night.”

Libra poured water all over herself using her hands as she continued to think, “I don’t know why he acts like this. What have I ever done to him? He is a real jerk.”

After Libra finished bathing, she dried off, and put on her suit again. But then once her suit was on and she was walking back on land, she found herself surrounded again, but this time there were many of them.

“I don’t know who you all are, but I am ready to defend myself at any time so come at me!” Libra said to them.

Then the people revealed themselves, and Libra smiled, “Oh it’s you.”

Meanwhile Dark Law was still conversing with the dark force within him, “Now that, this is all settled I have to get going.”

“Sure.” The dark force smiled, “But you might need my help again.”

“And when I do, don’t you do anything when we switch places, got it?”

“I promise.”

“Good.” Then Dark Law opened his eyes as he woke up and looked around, but the dark force within him secretly said, “Yeah, right. I am here to act on your impulses Vanden.”

Dark Law looked around, and he suddenly heard chatting coming from the stream where Libra was bathing, so he went to look. Once he got to the stream he saw Libra in the middle of a bunch of villagers, and she was laughing and smiling. Dark Law was so angry that he marched down to where they were, “Hey Libra what is going on here?”

“Oh, Dark Law you’re here. I thought you would stay where you were.” She kept smiling, even at him, “I was going to come and get you.”

“That is not the point, who are all these people?”

“Oh, these are the residences of the village we are going to.” Then she turned to an elderly man with a wooden cane, who had a long chest length white beard, eyebrows, hair, and wore torn and patched up clothing, “Dark Law meet Elder Farinhid the leader of Drakan Village, one of the villages in the Midlands.”

Dark Law bowed and then stood up again, “It is nice to meet you Elder Farinhid.”

“It is nice to meet you as well.” Farinhid shook his hand, “I am glad you still came even after that letter was sent to you.”

Libra and Dark Law were confused, “What letter?” they asked in unison.

“You don’t know.”

“No.” they spoke together again.

The villagers’ faces turned solemn. Libra noticed, “What is going on?”

Dark Law put two and two together, “I’m guessing that by the warm reception we received last night, by what you just said, and this letter that you are talking about, someone doesn’t want us here does he?”

“Yes.” Answered Farinhid.

Libra was confused, “I don’t understand Dark Law.”

“I’ll tell you Libra, that attack last night was to get rid of us quietly, and this letter that they brought up was a warning that we were supposed to get before coming here. Most likely Sky Harmony received after we left.”

“What?!” Libra was shocked.

“Am I right everyone?”

“Yes,” Farinhid was sadden, “We found out from Diablo Los Tragua today that you would not be coming.”

“Why?” asked Libra.

“Because he claimed one of the villagers sent out a letter terminating your services. I do not know how he found out we hired you, but we all are stuck outside the village until tomorrow.”

“That’s terrible.” Libra was furious, “He can’t force you out of your homes.”

“Oh, yes he can. He claims to be the owner of the lands that Drakan Village is on.”

Libra turned to Dark Law, “Can he do that?”

Dark Law answered, “It depends on if he has a deed to this land.” Then he turned to Farinhid, “Do you have it?”

“I’m afraid not. When we moved here we just settled here. We did not have a paper to prove ownership.”

“That’s bad.” Dark Law continued, “The government are the only people that have the deeds to these lands. And unfortunately unless you have one, the land belongs to him, and technically you all are just living on his land.”

“But Dark Law, they were here first.”

“Libra it doesn’t matter. If Sir Los Tragua has the deed to this land that Drakan Village is on, then we can’t interfere.” He looked at her intensely, “Do you understand?”

Libra started to pout, “Yes.” But she got her face together, “So how do we find this deed?”

“Oh, I didn’t say it would be that easy.” Then Dark Law turned to the villagers, “We will meet with Sir Los Tragua, and if he has the deed, we will inform you. But if he doesn’t that is when we get involved.” Dark Law turned to look at Libra, “Is that okay with you?”

“Perfectly.” Libra smiled.

Elder Farinhid smiled with tears, “Thank you so much for giving us a chance. You will not regret it.”

Dark Law spoke to him again, “That is fine and all, but before we proceed any further, where is the money?”

Libra was insulted at Dark Law comment, she thought, “How could he ask for money at a time like this?” She was red with anger.

Farinhid pulled a bag out of his left pocket, “Here it is.”

Dark Law snatched the money from him and shook it in his right hand, “This is not one thousand coins. We were promised one thousand coins.”

“We apologize because of Diablo Los Tragua; we couldn’t afford much. This is money from the whole village.” Farinhid got on his knees, “Take it and please help us.”

Dark Law walked towards him, stopped, “Get up, you are a leader you should not be groveling.”

Farinhid stood up in tears, “Thank you.”

Then Dark Law dropped the bag in his face, “Just because I told you to get up doesn’t mean I am doing this mission. You can solve your problem on your own.” All the villagers looked shock as Dark Law walked away.

Libra chased him a few feet until she got in front of him, she was within hearing distance of the villagers, “Dark Law what is your problem? You are being money hungry again.”

“So I have a goal with that money.”

“And that gives you the right to deny people your help?”

“Until I get my money, they will not receive anything from me. This is a business Libra not a charity.”

Libra was furious, she wanted to speak, but he cut her off, “You can help them, bit you will be proving me right.”

“In what way?” She asked with rage in her voice.

“You are just a woman who can’t do a mission and earn money.” He smiled an annoying smile and walked around her. Libra just stared at his back.

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