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The war is over, but they are still hunted and hated. All because of the actions of one of them, she has to live in hiding. Forced to live on Earth as a human, Ava has to keep the secret of her identity from everyone. Especially from the stars, who now roam the Earth in order to diffuse a war between the four Alpha’s of the Air, Fire, Water and Earth Shifter packs. Her life is turned upside down when she meets a Pulsar that she has unexplainable feelings for. Truths come to light and will show that not everything is what it seems. What happens when Ava finds out that not even her truth is true? What happens when her true bloodline is revealed? Life sometimes throws more at us than we bargained for, but it’s up to us if we get drowned by it or if we rise above the waves and triumph.

Fantasy / Action
A. Makkelie
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‘Where is she!?’

He came barging into Infinity and looked around him with anger and worry rolling off him.

‘Where the hell is she!!??’ He yelled again as he saw someone else enter Infinity as well.

‘Sun?’ She asked as she saw him pacing around with tears in his eyes. ‘What is going on?’ She took a view steps towards him.

‘Where is she, Gaia?’ Sun asked her as a tear rolled down his cheek.

Gaia gave him a confused look as she didn’t understand what he meant.

‘Where is who?’ Gaia and Sun looked at Mars who also entered with Venus, Mercury and Satrun, before all the others appeared as well.

‘Moon.’ Sun said with a softer voice. ‘I can’t feel her anymore and her planet is without life. I have searched for her, but she is nowhere to be found.’ Gaia and the others looked at him with a shocked expression.

‘She’s taken.’ Everyone looked at the Zodiac who entered Infinity and fell on his knees before the Planets.

Sun immediately walked towards him. ‘What do you mean, Cancer?’

Cancer sighed as he looked up at Sun. ‘She was taken during the day when she was resting. I didn’t feel her distress until I felt her leaving the atmosphere and when I searched for her she was too far gone. I went to her chambers and there were signs of a struggle and...’ He stopped as he sighed again and let his head hang.

‘Out with it, Zodiac.’ Saturn said with a hard voice.

‘There was blood.’ Cancer said as he still refused to look up at Sun.

With good reason.

Sun was immediately filled with rage and his eyes started to glow. Fire danced around his hands as he looked at Cancer and he knew that he was certainly going to kill someone.

‘Who!?’ His voice was dark and ethereal. ‘Who would dare to take my Soul from me!?’ He added.

‘Sun.’ Gaia said quietly as she tried to calm him down, but he didn’t listen to her.

‘Who!?’ Sun yelled.

Cancer shivered as he felt the power of Sun surround him. ‘There were traces of power in her chambers. Traces that lead back to the power of a Magnetar.’ He said.

‘I will kill them.’ He said with a dark voice. ‘I will kill all of them for taking Moon, for taking my Soul!’

Sun turned around and looked at the others. ’I will kill any Magnetar until Moon is returned to me.′ He said with a hard voice. ′I declare war on all the Magnetars.′ He added.

‘Sun, I understand you want to get her back, but declaring war with them won’t help you!’ Venus said as she tried to reason with him.

‘How would you feel if your Soul, if Mars, was taken from you!?’ Sun yelled at her as he took a few steps forward.

Venus sighed as she let her head hang. She knew that she would react the exact same way.

‘Sun, all of our children are Magnetars.’ Gaia said as she laid a hand on his shoulder. ‘If you are really declaring war, you will also declare war with them.’

Sun clenched his jaw. ‘So be it.’

Gaia retreated her hand as she looked shocked at one of her best friends.

He sighed as he looked at Gaia. ‘They won’t get hurt by my hand.’ Sun said as he saw the shocked and hurtful look on Gaia’s face. ‘Will you stand with me?’ Sun asked as he turned completely towards Gaia.

‘This is a war that is against everything Creation intended when she created the souls that reside in all of us and the souls that live in this universe and the others, Sun.’ Mercury said. ‘This won’t end the way you want it to.’ He added.

‘What am I supposed to do then!?’ Sun yelled at Mercury. ‘Moon is my Soul, Mercury! She is everything to me and I will not leave her alone in the hands of some Magnetar!’ Sun added before he sighed.

‘If she dies so will I. Our planets will die with us and create chaos on all of your own planets as the light that we give will be forever gone. Even if it wasn’t for the love I have for her, it’s for the survival of this universe.’ He said as he looked at the others who also knew that he was right.

It remained quiet for a while, until one of them spoke up.

‘I will stand with you.’ Gaia suddenly said.

Everyone looked at her.

‘Gaia!’ Uranus said as he immediately took her hand in his.

‘Moon is my friend as well. We cannot leave her in the hands of a Magnetar who wants her for something. She doesn’t deserve that.’ Gaia said as she looked at her Soul.

He sighed before he clenched his jaw and gave her a small nod.

‘I will help you as well.’ Pluto spoke up and walked towards Sun. ‘Taking Moon is something that is a threat to all of us. If one of them succeeded without repercussions, what will withold the others to do the same?’

‘You speak like you believe that there are souls that are waiting to take us.’ Saturn said.

Pluto turned around to look at him. ‘The Zodiac’s are our Elite, but they live just as long as we have. I don’t know about you, but I won’t take my chances with Scorpio.’

Neptune scoffed as she shook her head. ‘You are the one who favors him.’

‘Yeah, so I know exactly what kind of male he is as I myself am just the same.’ Pluto said as he shrugged.

‘This is insanity.’ Mercury whispered as he shook his head.

‘Then help us.’ Pluto said as he looked at him.

Mercury looked at Pluto before he looked at Sun.

Sun sighed as he saw the look in Mercury’s eyes and already knew that the three of them were on their own. ‘Creation may create the souls, but we are the ones who have to live them. She doesn’t decide what happens.’ Sun said before he walked away and faded as he exited Infinity.

‘Think about what you two are doing.’ Mercury said to Pluto and Gaia.

‘We are.’ Gaia said. ‘This is more important than saving Moon. This is about saving this universe and ourselves.’ She said before she faded as well, followed by Pluto.

‘So it begins.’ Mars said as he sighed.

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