Shin sekai: a Raiden's racing heart

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Right here, right now

And it came to pass, just as Dave had predicted, that as Orie walked back into gym hall, the students were asked to leave, and he was ushered up onto the stage.
"Let the questioning begin" Orie said to himself, as he smiled and rested his hands on the platform in front of him.

Leading the questionnaire was non other than the kind of teacher who knows how to formulate difficult questions, the head of the mathematics department, mr. Fuji Waramaki
"How were you able to perform such an incredible spell " Waramaki asked with all seriousness on his face.
"I did it because I was able to " Orie replied almost immediately.
"But according to your file, your maximum energy level is below how?" Waramaki asked again, as he worked through paper on the table that looked like ones judges use in talent shows.
"Like I said, I did it because I was able to" Orie replied, sticking to his answer.

"That explains nothing " a voice yelled from behind
"You did something your weren't supposed to be able to "
"Something that would require at least the entire school staff; principal and security included "
"And you're saying that it's because you were able to do it "
"How "
"How "
"Explain "

After listening to the rants of the other teachers, Orie smiled, then let out a little chuckle, after that came a continuous laughter, and then silence.
"Fine I'll explain " he said and shrugged a little.
"Ya'll just said it yourselves. It's because I'm better than all of you combined " he said, leaning forward, with a full blown grin on his dark skinned face.

The teachers had accepted the fact that Orie wasn't going to give them a proper answer, but what they could not accept was an insult to their faces. They were almost losing their cool, but they still had shades to throw and questions to ask, so they tried to remain calm, but Orie could see the uneasiness in their faces, and he was enjoying the show.

Dave predicted that the questions would be annoying, but he forgot to mention the part where Orie enjoyed the conversation. And although he wasn't expecting the moment to last Orie knew that the argument was his win, and he waited for more questions.

Meanwhile at the infirmary, Natsumi had just regained consciousness. "What happened " she asked, as she tried to sit up.
"Oh, you fainted " Dave answered as he rushed to put her back down.
"Just lay for a bit " he said, but she tried to get back up.
"Where's Orie " she asked, as Dave had successfully laid her on the bed
"He's coming, just wait a little bit more "

"This file says that your abilities are unspecified, what does that mean?" Waramaki asked, looking at Orie who still had a smile on his face.
"It means what it says, my abilities are unspecified " Orie asked bluntly

Waramaki was of the answers he was getting, or maybe he was just out of questions. Either way, he was packing up his papers and getting ready to leave.
"I'll see you at the tournament " he said the made his way to the door.

As Orie was about to get down from the stage, Waramaki turned and asked "what happened to the principal's kids"

"We're here" a voice said after the door was opened from outside. Shiro, Victor, and Mia could be seen standing at the entrance, all dressed in white, with an adult woman standing behind them.
"What's all this about " the woman asked, with a voice that struck fear in everyone except Orie and Waramaki.
"Oh, principal Rin, we were just holding a conference in honor of mr. Addison Orie " Waramaki said as he walked past them and made his way to his office.
"They honoured me quite well " Orie said, smiling as he walked towards Rin and the others, marveling at Shiro's hand, and wondering why they were all wearing white.

After discovering that Shiro automatically changes all the clothes he put on to white, Victor made him try out a few more uniforms.
"Still can't believe I wore your uniform " Shiro said, looking at mia with Shame showing all over his face.
"But you looked kinda cute in it" she replied, blushing a little bit and smiling.
"I don't care what happened, just go to your class and prepare for your museum visit " Orie said as he walked away to receive a phone call.

Shiro and the others watched Orie in the distance as he let his phone drop to the floor and fell on his knees. They rushed to see what happened, and for the first time, they saw tears flowing down Orie's cheeks.

Dave sat in his office, playing tetris on his tablet with little concentration, when a saddened Orie walked in.
"Was it that bad " Dave asked, looking up to him.
"No, it was actually fun " Orie replied as he walked towards Natsumi, who seemed to be just waking up.
"So what's with the face " Dave asked curiously, turning off his tablet and putting it down.
"I received bad news " Orie said then paused.
"My mom just died " he concluded, and sat beside Natsumi who was feeling sympathetic towards him. She reached out her hand and held his, in an attempt to comfort, and it seemed to be working a little too well.

Orie smiled, then let out a few chuckles and said "i wanted to wait a bit longer but...." then he went on his knees and looked up to Natsumi who was now sitting up "....will you marry me " he said.
Natsumi covered her mouth in an attempt to stop herself from screaming, but some still got out, and it took a few seconds for her to calm down and say "yes "

Dave could not understand the current situation, neither could Natsumi, but he wasn't the one being proposed to, and he wasn't the one being exited by the ring Orie manifested in his hand.
As Orie made the ring appear in his hand, Dave's memories began to flash. He could remember himself in that same position, doing the same trick for someone; probably Shiro's mother, but it wasn't clear. Soon, the headaches began, and he walked out before anyone noticed.

As he put the ring on Natsumi's finger and watched Dave leave the room, Orie turned to see a completely different expression on Natsumi's face. She was breathing heavily and taking off her shirt, and Orie was a bit worried, thinking she had a fever until she said it bold and upfront "I want you...right here...right now "
And without hesitation, Orie went in for the kiss, taking off his overcoat and climbing on top of Natsumi.
As he unbuttoned his shirt, he heard the sound of the door locking and keys sliding in, then he smiled and said "thank you Dave " in his mind, and continued his business.

"Oh finally " Shiro said to himself as he came down from the bus. They arrived late again, but at least they weren't left behind this time.
People kept asking about where Orie was, but Shiro just ignored them all as Dave had instructed.
While others quickly rushed in, Shiro stood behind and put on his headphones, adjusting until he got the right position and song, then he walked in.
As he listened to the lyrics of the song playing, Shiro began to feel quite different from normal. There was a tingling sensation all over his body, and his hands were shaking. Soon small sparks of lightning began to flow around his right hand, and he didn't seem to be in control of his own movements.
After walking off course for a while, Shiro found himself walking towards a statue of an armored warrior. On the base of the statue was written, "sealed by thunder, awoken by lightning " in a writing that Shiro was surprised to understand.
"This doesn't feel nice " said, still walking towards the statue, looking around the hall that was empty.
"Somebody stop me " he said in his mind. He wanted to scream, but he couldn't open his mouth, he just kept walking until he reached the statue and placed his hand on it, then he removed it and watched as stone plating began to fall off, revealing a real man in armour.

Shiro marveled at what he saw, staring from up to down before asking "so who are y...." and receiving a punch that sent him and his head headphones separate ways.
*ya'll know what happened next*
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