Shin sekai: a Raiden's racing heart

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the second son of the ****** clan, Orie was given the mission of retrieving 'Amadioha's thunder' , a thunder bolt that took the form of a human and saved their ancestors. As the mission was passed down through generations, so was the thunder, this meant that each generation searched for a different person. Although it didn't take long for Orie to find his target, he had to deal with questions, discrimination, jealousy, love, a rowdy class, and the "Thunder's" unforeseen circumstances. soon he began to understand why his ancestors failed to complete their mission. This story focuses on the circumstances surrounding his mission.

Fantasy / Action
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It all leads to Shin

"Oh not the face" Shiro thought to himself as he was sent flying through the museum's front door. The impact of his back hitting the street floor was enough to get a yell out of him and make him roll around in pain. After rolling, he laid there for a few seconds before getting back up to reassess the situation he was in. He had already sustained significant damage and his vision was already blurred. "But I was hit only once" he said to himself in an unsure tone as he staggered to remain on his feet. He could barely move, no one else was around and he could see the armored man walking down the steps of the museum.
As Shiro watched, the armored man walked down the steps and stopped, then he began to stare at Shiro. After few minutes of awkward silence and observation, the armored man finally spoke "are you Shin" he asked, with a lot of seriousness in his reverberating voice. Obviously shiro would deny that he wasn't the one the armored man was looking for, but Victor said he may have heard the name before, the same name sounded familiar to Dave, all his attackers called him that name, and his curiosity had reached it's peak.
"So what if am?" Shiro answered in a taunting manner expecting a reply, but before he could crack a smile, Shiro found himself dodging a punch to the face and evading a few more attacks after that before creating a distance between him and his opponent. "Something seems of " Shiro said in his thought. He wasn't able to dodge when he was at full strength, but in a wounded state, he was evading well enough to not get hit.
Though the fact that one hit caused a lot of damage to Shiro was yet to have an explanation, the question everyone should be asking should be asking is "how did all this start?"
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