Shin sekai: a Raiden's racing heart

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With a little bit of hesitation, Orie peeped into his classroom, then slowly walked in. As he walked towards the teacher's table, no one rose to greet him; not even Victor, his most/only respectful student. As Orie sat down and looked at the impatient faces of his students, he felt apologetic even though it wasn't his fault that they had been left behind. Neither him nor his students were new to the kind of situation they were in, his class was the most unfavoured in the entire school, and he could believe it was his fault.
In "Fubuki island", non-royals were considered things to stepped on and kicked around. Orie wasn't just a non-royal, he was a foreigner from a different country and There was no way for him to hide the obvious fact that was written all over body. His dark skin and his short curly hair gave him away. Orie greatest challenge was his job, teaching in the most elite school at a very young age of twenty-five. His colleagues looked down on him, and he was assigned to one of the non-royal classes that no one agreed teach.
After rearranging the files on his table he stood up and asked "who isn't in class today? with little seriousness in his voice, and still wasn't spoken to. He wanted to end the silence and spark a conversation to kill time, but the students were unresponsive, they acted this way anytime they were left out of school activities, and Orie had to do something about it. "Time to use my trump card." he said to himself as he scanned his class for an empty desk. He reached into his pocket, when he saw what he was looking for, and brought out what looked like a twig, tied around several times with a red cloth, leaving only both of its ends visible. The he raised the item towards his mouth and spoke into it "Shiro...Shiro...Shiro." he called as the looked at him, unsure of what he was doing. Then suddenly Shiro appeared in front of the entire class; unfortunately for Shiro, he was still running, so his destination was the wall behind the class.
"Mr. Anderson, could you kindly unplug your head from the wall and take a seat" Orie said to Shro, as he walked to help pull him out. Orie let out a little chuckle as he heard his student's curious voices, the atmosphere was filled with "wow!","whoa!!","what the!!!" and many other words of exclamation. He had finally gotten his students to talk, and it was time to answer for it.
The question, "What is that", was repeated in the mouths of his students, and Orie took it as music to his ears. As he stood close to the damaged wall, he spoke proudly "It is a multipurpose magical item" he said
"What do mean multipurpose?" Victor's voice echoed from the the front seat of the class; the surprise and could be seen all over his face, not even his glasses could hide the astonishment in his eyes. Every magical item that was known and documented were used for specific purposes, and Victor was unbelieving to what Orie said. "Check this out" Orie said, with a smile that said "I'm gonna clear your doubts" directed at Victor, then he got closer to the damaged wall, and spoke into the item in his hand for the second time. "Wall...wall...wall" he called, then soon after that, the damaged wall repaired itself in an instant. Summoning and repair were indeed, two different things, and all doubts were cleared. "How does it work?","what is it's origin?", "who invented it?" all these questions ran wild in Victor's mind, but the one he saw fit to ask was "what is it called?".
" is called Otumopkor."
Orie answered in the calmest voice he could, in order for the students to understand what he was saying, but still "Otu what??" Shiro asked with a voice that reached the ears of everyone in the class. "Mopkor" Orie replied, sarcastically completing the word for shiro. Many other questions were thrown at Orie but he was out of time, as a bus finally arrived to pick them up.

"Miss Fubuki, how long do you plan to wait?", a voice asked as Natsumi stood in front of the "tech house" , she turned deaf ears to whatever people said, and kept waiting for the man she loved. She had done everything she could to ensure his arrival, she knew that he and his students were sure arrive soon, and normally she would go about her business till he sneaked up on her, but she heard him say something about the day being his day, so she wanted to enjoy it with him. The mumbling continued, people couldn't contain their ignorant thoughts, they kept trying to say things to make her give up, but her mind was already made up, and nothing could make her leave.

Orie was ignoring the complaints of the bus driver, as he focused his attention on the destination they were about to reach. Looking out of the window, he noticed a familiar face, standing right in front of the tech house. Her hair looked like it was reflecting the sky, and she had an "I've been waiting a long time" kind of vibe. To the students, she was just "Miss Fubuki" but to Orie, she was his major problem.
Soon, the bus was parked in front of Natsumi, and the students came rushing through. After the commotion, Orie walked out slowly, and smiling, as Natsumi came to welcome him. "Happy birthday" she said, with a huge smile on her face, but Orie's face didn't seem to welcome the courtesy. "It's...not my birthday" he said, with a confused look directed at Natsumi. "But you said something about today being your day" she replied. "Oooh no, that's not what I meant" he answered after he realized that he had said something like that. It wasn't Orie's birthday but it was indeed, his day. He was named after one of the four market days of the igbo tribe, he was said to be more confident whenever the day arrived. The day, "Orie" occurs every four days, so that day was just one of his days.
Natsumi felt disappointed in herself, she buried her face in Orie's torso in order to hide her shame as he patted her back to console her. She could've just asked, but she was too shy to so, and now she was laughing at her own mistake. "Soo...where the gift?" Orie asked with a mischievous smile on his face. "But it's not your birthday" Natsumi replied, raising her face to look at Orie, "but you got me a gift,right right?" he asked as he held her by the hand, and headed into the building, having a typical lovers conversation.

It had been about ten minutes since shiro walked into the tech house, and nothing seemed to interest him, all that was there was a big hall that the students were gathered in, and a temporary stage that was yet to be mounted, as he walked around bored, and trying to remember something he was sure that he had forgotten, he bumped into he believed it was, Mia. Shiro was embarrassed, not only did he forget his best friend's sister, he tripped and fell on her in the midst of a crowd. Mumblings began, but ended abruptly as announced the arrival of the tech house's top scientist, "Dr Jing"
People looked and saw a man walking out from behind the stage and mounting the podium, he greeted and the students and staff reciprocated, then he began his speech. "Most of us don't know what we're doing here, some of us do, and are still uninterested, but be rest assured, you're not here to be disappointed" he said, in a tone that gave off the awesome scientist vibe. "If you look above you" he continued, pointing up and shifting the attention to where he was pointing. Up there hung a machine which no one was able to guess it's name. "That thing there is the future of humanity, something one would call, a "mana cell" it has the ability to store a magical energy in huge quantities. You students are the first to ever lay eyes upon it." He in a proud voice.
As Jing gave his speech, an person lurked around in the ceiling, looking down on the students through an open hole. "I have my target in sight" he spoke into the communication gear he was wearing. "Alright then take him out" a voice replied from the other side.
Shiro was finally standing in one place and pretending to care about what Jing had to say, he had stop walking around, in order to prevent ninety percent of the teachers from building up a case against him...again. as he looked up, noticed something falling towards him; at first glance, it was a slim piece of paper, but as it got closer, a black wolf emerged from it and bit Shiro in the shoulder, attempting to rip his entire arm off. The wolf's fangs had a strong grip, but Shiro plan wasn't to go free. He smiled as he covered his body in lightning and shocked the wolf into evaporation. People saw what happened and began to rush through the exit as more paper fell from the ceiling, but Shiro decided to stay back. He deduced that he was the target, and that staying behind meant that the others were safe, but he didn't expect that Victor and Mia would stay behind with him.
Now they were surrounded by summoned wolves of numbers beyond counting, some of the wolves began leaving the building, and Shiro saw that his plan was flawed. The one who summoned the wolves would surely have a sense of target, but not the wolves themselves, which meant that: the more the people, the more the wolves.
Outside the building, people were still trying to get into their buses, and there was no way anyone could make it out in time to not get bitten. Students panicked, and some teachers were trying their best to keep them calm while the others got ready to engage.
Orie assessed the situation, and according to his calculations, casualties were unavoidable if a battle took place. He held Natsumi and kissed her in the forehead, then said "This is why today is my day" as he ran in front of everyone, and stood. A dark aura began emitting from his body and spreading around everybody. His eyes were completely dark, and atmosphere was getting tense. People paid little attention to what Orie was doing as the wolves got closer. They were ready to engage, some buses already started their engines, some worried about Orie, since he was the front-most person, but as the first wolf got close to him, he yelled out "tuoyo!!!", and no one saw any wolf again. It some time to realise that they were back in school grounds, Orie's spell had teleported everyone except shiro and his friends, it wasn't long before Orie and the others noticed.
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