Shin sekai: a Raiden's racing heart

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The lost arm

"Shiro...Shiro...Shiro" Orie yelled into his device, but there was no outcome, he had been repeatedly doing this for the past few minutes, he even tried teleporting, but he didn't seem to have enough mana left go that far. Many others were less concerned and had already gone home, and Orie had finally made peace with the fact that his magic would not be able to save his students. He reached into right pocket and brought out, then he made a call that was answered almost immediately "Hello" a female voice answered from the other side, then Orie replied "Hello, principal Rin, I need a ride" then he cut the call and looked back at Natsumi who was sticking to his side.

Back in the "Shin sekai Tech house", shiro and his friends stood amidst an uncountable number canines. The wolves formed a circle around them and were closing in slowly, in a coordinated manner. Their growling howling was beginning tick Shiro off, a he handle it any longer but he was waiting for Victor's signal. As soon as "Go" came out of Victor's mouth Mia's entire appearance changed, she was now dressed like one those legendary female warriors, then she ran straight into battle and began to slay. Victor brought out a small button and threw it to Shiro, then he brought out a few metal balls and threw them at the wolves facing his direction, the balls exploded with surprisingly huge shockwaves that weren't proportionate to their sizes . Then he tweaked his wristwatch and transformed it into a handgun and began to blast his way to the exit, the objective was to escape with their lives. Meanwhile, Shiro smiled as he looked at the button Victor gave him, then he pressed it. The button made a loud, high pitched sound then began to change form and turned into headphones. Shiro put on the headphones and turned on the music then followed Mia's lead.
The battle was intense, Mia was drawing swords out of midair and at the same time, showing off a marvellous blade dance, Victor's marksmanship was on point and he hit a target every time he made a shot, while Shiro moved to the beat playing on his headphones, displaying a rhythmic martial art mixed in with a little lightning that shocked everything in his path.
The battle seemed to be progressing smoothly, as they already close to the exit and there weren't much wolves left in the hall, but Shiro sensed that something was off. Since the battle started, the wolves had been attacking Shiro from the right, which was where he was first bitten, and it seemed like they knew that it was seriously damaged even though he didn't act like it was.
The three of them had finally made it to the exit door, exhaustion filled their very being as they had destroyed all wolves in the hall. Their objective was escape, but the kept coming until there was none left. With the little strength he had left, Shiro pushed the door open and looked outside to see a huge pack waiting for them, they had forgotten that the wolves were also outside. Before they could hurriedly close the door one of the wolves managed to slip through and bite off shiro's right hand. "So they finally got it" Shiro said to himself, looking at what used to be a complete hand as he rested on the locked exit door, not minding Victor's fruitless efforts to make a call, then he lost his consciousness
After minutes of hearing howls and bangings on the the door, the next thing Victor and Mia heard, was silence, then a knock on the door. "Hello, is anybody in" a familiar female voice said from the other side. With a great deal of reluctance, Victor slowly opened the door, and to his surprise, Orie and ms. Fubuki were standing at the door, with a huge pack of frozen wolves behind them.

Shiro woke up with slight headache and no idea where he was, he lifted his left hand from under Mia who had fallen asleep on it, then he looked around his surroundings. Everything was white except for the furnitures, the bed he woke up in was a normal household bed so he was sure that he wasn't in a hospital. After a quick analysis, Shiro was completely sure of where he was, Victor's house. Besides himself, there only one person had obsessive love for the colour white, and it was Victor's mom,
After looking around, Shiro walked himself to the door and placed his right hand on the knob "what the??!!" he exclaimed in loud voice that woke Mia up. "What is it?"Mia asked, in a voice that still sounded sleepy "My hand! hand!! hand!!!" Shiro couldn't his excitement, he ran around the room touching things as if to be sure of himself. "What's going on?"Victor asked as he opened the door, Shiro's cries of excitement had caught his attention, and now his best friend was lifting his sister up and hugging her tight..... with both of his hands. "So he can regenerate" said to himself in a seemingly unsurprised tone, then the excitement was stopped by a knock on the front door.

A tall man stood in front of the door, waiting for someone to open it. He didn't seem familiar with the area but there was a calm vibe emitting from his aura "I'm in position" he said, placing his hand on the device he wore on his ear "don't mess up this time" a voice said from the other side "I won't" he replied, smiling as the door opened. The person that opened the door was exactly who he wanted to see. "Hello Shin" he said as proceeded to stab his target with something that looked like poisoned dart.
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