Shin sekai: a Raiden's racing heart

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White and white

As he proceeded to stab his target, his hand just passed through like there was nothing there. The shock on his face was priceless. He was really sure that the person he was sent to kill wasn't untouchable, so why?, was it some skill, illusion, or was his own mind playing tricks on him. He watched as the person in front of him turned and yelled in a tone that showed no signs of surprise "Shirooo, someone's hear to assassinate you" then turned and said to him "wait outside he'll be out in a minute". Still a bit confused, he took a few steps back as instructed and waited for what would happen next. His plan was foiled, but curiosity kept him on the job
Very little time passed before he finally began to see two of the same person, the one that was just arriving also looked unsurprised, and to make things more awkward, he was smiling. "Nice to meet you, my name is Shiro, Shiro Anderson. What's yours"
He was shocked at how one could be polite to a man that just tried to kill him, but at the same time, he was moved, so he reciprocated "I'm Lucas, just call me Lucas" he said, as he drew out his knife in response to his opponent's stance. Lucas wondered why someone who was battle-ready would be listening to music that was loud enough for someone else to hear through the headphones, so he turned to the other one and asked "Isn't he at a disadvantage with that?" but the boy just smiled and replied "you're the one at disadvantage." "So what's your name?" Lucas asked again while being careful of Shiro "it's Yang, my name is Yang" the boy answer without hesitation. Shiro a Yang were twins, no doubt about it, but what surprised Lucas was that their names meant the same thing, "White".
At this point Lucas was overcome with curiosity. The boys were polite to an assassin, there names meant the same thing, and how the hell does wearing headphones give you advantage in battle. But before he could ask anymore questions, Shiro's lightning grazed his left cheek as he dodged at the last second, it was the first time anyone had ever taken him by surprise. Normally, he would be the one surprising people, and not the other way around, he was as world class assassin, the best of the best, but right now he was being backed into a corner because of a factor that he didn't account for, but not for long.
Shiro's barrage of punches kept coming, and Lucas was evading all of them, moving like the wind in a literall manner, and countering them. It was very positive that Shiro was faster, but it was also affirmed that his attacks were predictable, a little too predictable. Shiro's strikes were repetitive, following the same pattern over and over again, neither increasing nor reducing speed, and Lucas was disappointed at this. Lucas could read Shiro patterns in detail, it was almost like he was also hearing the song Shiro was listening to, and that was when he realized that he had fallen for a trap. He had earlier thought that Shiro was too predictable for the skills he displayed, and now he realized. He was moving exactly how Shiro wanted him to move, the rhythmic movements had taken over his reflexes, and he was also being repetitive.
Lucas was trapped in the same dance-like routine, and his next objective was to break out, and probably leave before any other strange thing happens. Shiro, who was now a little distant from got ready for another strike, as he dashed, covered in lightning as always, and got closer to Lucas, something was different. The air around Lucas was stronger than usual, it was strong enough to be visible, and strong enough to cut Shiro deeply in the belly. "Oh come on!!" Shiro said in a frustrated tone as backed away, holding his stomach tightly.
Lucas finally saw himself at an advantage, he had broken Shiro's rhythm and wounded him seriously, he could complete his mission and and get it over with, but something in his mind told him "no"
Lucas turned his back to Shiro and said "I'm I'll probably come back, amuse me more when I do" then walked to a motorbike that was parked in a corner, hot wired it, and drove off. It was then that Victor came out to see what was going on. The whole situation was explained to him and he replied with an unsurprised "oh" then he asked "has anyone seen my mom's bike?"
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