Shin sekai: a Raiden's racing heart

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Kuro no eiyuu

After an unusual morning routine that included preparing work materials and staring at a picture of someone only he seemed to know, Orie was set to leave. He grabbed his overcoat and scarf, and put them on, then he contemplated before putting on his hand gloves.
"I still can't get used to this cold" he said as he adjusted his scarf and straightened his coat.
As he walked and opened his front door, he stood in front of his apartment, and put down his head with his eyes closed, and began to speak in a prayerly manner

"Dear father, guide me
Great Zik, watch over me
Umunna'm(my brothers),
have faith in me
Ndi'ichë(my elders),bless me
Amadioha, protect me
And great Anyanwu,
Show me the way. "

Then he took a deep breath and shrugged, as he turned and made his way to work.

Meanwhile, Shiro was still looking at himself in the mirror, checking how the clothes he was wearing looked on him. It was his first time wearing someone else's clothes, and he was still adjusting to it.
Victor was a year older, but Shiro matched him in size, so there was no problem with how the clothes fit. The real problem was that it was the first time that Shiro wasn't wearing clothes that were completely white, and also the first time he was wearing a proper school uniform.
"I haven't given it much thought, but why do you always dress in white?" Victor asked, but got no reply from Shiro who was still looking at himself in the mirror. "I know it's the colour of your hair, but that can't be a reason can it?" He asked
Just hand over my headphones, I'm beginning to feel clumsy" Shiro replied, giving no answer to the question he was being asked. Then Victor pulled out a button just like the one he'd given to Shiro before, but this one was a different colour. It was dark blue the same colour of his school uniform. The former one was white and matched the clothes that Shiro was wearing at the time, while the current one was made to match the uniform.
"I built it, so it's basically mine"
Victor argued
"But I'm the one using it" Shiro replied as he collected the button and pressed it. As usual it made a little high pitched sound, and transformed into a pair of headphones, then Shiro put it on and turned on the music, waiting for his heartbeat to get in sync.

Victor watched patiently, as Shiro stood in front of him, nodding his head mildly to the beat, then he noticed something.
The top part of the headphones had undergone a change of colour; it was now white, and the whiteness was spreading. Soon the headphones were completely white, and Victor was beginning to see Shiro's uniform change colour too.
"Does that answer your question?" Shiro turned to ask a jaw-dropped that watched as the uniform turned completely white. "Mhnm" Victor nodded with nothing else to say, and proceeded to look at his watch.
"Ohh...yeah...we're late"
"But first"

As Orie stepped out of the bus, he looked at the school gate, the buildings, and the students who were rushing in at the last minute. Then he took a deep breath and walked in.
Since there were series of festivities going on in school, assembly was no longer necessary, classes just took row calls and waited for their activities to begin. Normally, school would be noisy, what was this silence, even the students who rushed in didn't make much noise.
He continued walking, making it past empty classrooms until he got to his own, which was also empty. He walked further and checked other classrooms, but they were also empty. At this point, he was beginning to wonder where everybody was going, then he looked out of the second floor window, and he saw a group of students walking to his right, towards the the school's big gym hall, where all sporting activities took place.
"But today isn't for sports" he said to himself, as he opened up his brochure that clearly read "museum tour"

Wondering what was going on, Orie walked downstairs and made his way to the hall, listening carefully as he walked, but to his surprise, there was still silence, a very awkward one because there was no way more than six hundred students, and about fifty staffs, would be in the same room without a single form of noise; normally a fight or two would have already broken out, but there was just silence.

"Normally, walking through this door would be no big deal but...." Orie said to himself as took one more big breath, as if to exhale the hesitation that was building up inside him, the he opened the door.
For the first time, Orie heard the sound that the door made when it was opened, then he walked inside as all eyes were on him. He hadn't even walked a significant distance when the sound of applause became loud.
At first he was confused....? No, he was confused throughout the entire ovation. After walking for a bit, he just stood there, looking around with no understanding of the situation until he looked to the other end and saw Natsumi ushering him forward.
"What's all this about?" Orie asked as he approached Natsumi, but she couldn't hear him because of the noise made by the applause, so he repeated his question a little louder, and she heard.
"Don't you remember yesterday? " she replied in an alluring tone, as the applause calmed down, allowing Orie to at least hear "yesterday"
"What about yesterday?" Orie asked, still not getting it. Then Natsumi leaned over to him, close enough to look like a hug, and in the same alluring voice, she whispered into his ear "tuoyo" surprisingly pronouncing it right.
Orie finally understood the situation, all of it was because of what he did the previous day. Of course, saving an entire school is a big deal, and anyone would be happy if a ceremony was organised just for him, but Orie knew the kind of school he was in, and wasn't expecting any kind of medal from anyone. His main concern was the look on Natsumi's face.

She had been doing her best to keep herself under control. From the moment Orie walked in, he heart rate just kept increasing, and as he got closer, she began to feel hot in all the right places.
"Was he always this attractive?" She asked herself, listening to her own voice.
When Orie reached her, she had already lost it, the only thing she could keep under control was her facial expression, but as soon as she spoke to him, it all came flowing out.
She was weak in the knees, hot in the head, and thirsty for what was right in front of her.
Orie could clearly see the redness on her face, and he could as feel the heat that was emitting from her body. Immediately, he knew that she wasn't feeling well.
As she turned to usher Orie up to the stage that was just right behind her, Natsumi missed a step and saw herself falling, but was caught midway by Orie who immediately carried her in his arms and walked out of the hall.
It was a typical romantic scene, and although no one knew what was actually going on, the students cheered loudly, as he carried his fainted lady, walking in what people saw as slow motion.

Orie immediately ran to the infirmary, and he was a bit surprised to see Dave. "Why aren't you with the others? " Orie asked, as he laid Natsumi down on one of the beds.
Dave just smiled and said "I already know how it will go, the students will be asked to leave, and you will be left with the staffs that will ask annoying questions. Then you'll come back here for your girlfriend to console you. How's that?"
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