From the Ashes

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A story written in a land only most dream of, taken from the tales as old as time itself, comes a story of love and heartbreak. Two souls entwined with the curse of love and loss but who chose different paths. Follow the story of Nova, a fey enchantress, bound by hate and darkness from a broken destiny she can't or wont escape. It leads her on a journey that brings new life and new meanings for a beautiful Phoenix who falls along the way following in the footsteps of her ancestors but longs to find peace and understanding in a world of cruelty and heartache. Follow their paths home and find yourself swept in to a world you will not soon forget!

Fantasy / Romance
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Love's Undying Curse


Love’s Undying Curse

Love, a word so simple yet so complicated. A word that can bring joy and pain, adoration and hatred, peace and ruin. A word that can bring grown men to their knees and an army to its sword with the wrath of thousands. A word of only four letters yet holding meanings as vast as the oceans surrounding the very lands upon which our tale begins. This is no fairy tale ending nor no tale you will soon forget. It’s the tale of dark magic seeping from the heart of an enchantress of fey blood lines. A fey broken long before a dragon shattered her heart so deeply she would lay ruin to a world of astronomical proportions. The type of love that crushes a soul to its very core. Its magic, its heartache, its healing, it’s a proclamation of learning what love truly is or should be. The story that will leave you aching for more, hoping for reprieve from the shackles that life so often offers. But first we must return to the beginning. The beginning of the end. Nova’s beginning and her undoing.

Spring had begun as vibrant as ever, bringing new life, new beginnings all around the ever beautiful fey wandering a land she knew little of, searching for the spring that held the sirens hidden gem. The gem was rumored to be tucked away in the hills of the Dragonite clan and she was desperate to find a way into Daia, the Nomad leaders, good graces. She had been angry at the fey enchantress called Nova, for a petty incident with a witty witch who thought her measly powers could match that of a fey line. As she had been turned into a toad for months now, Nova often mused she had won in the battle of measly magic though her pride and dark humor had cost her more than she had bargained for. It had all been in good fun until she had realized the arrogant witch was apparently a favored play thing and Daia wasn’t thrilled her new found romance was literally croaking. Needless to say, Nova’s place in the Nomads had met a newfound block in the road and she suddenly found herself in search of a long lost magical gem to let the wench free of her ‘dire’ circumstance. Apparently making love to a toad wasn’t received well by the-all-mighty Daia. “Fix it or you are banished from the banished ones,” she had yelled in her shrill voice as Nova gathered the little she owned in fury. Leaving with only the leather that hugged her body tightly and her book of spells, she set off on journey that would change the path of her life for all eternity. A toad. An ugly fat toad started all of this.

Crossing through the realms, once again without a home, Nova was reminded of the loss she had encountered in her short life of only 17 years and hoped beyond reason to go back to the only home she called hers. The Nomads had taken her in at only 7 years old. Her parents abandoned her in search of a power they could not attain. The fey tribe, as beautiful and mighty as they were, seemed to never be fully satisfied with the power they held and her parents were no exception. Even as a young child she had realized life was cruel. The very people who were meant to love her for life had forgotten that the fascinating child they had brought into this world was anything less than a nuisance, an inconvenience to a failed plan. Nova had never felt more lost than in those lonely nights leading up to the moments that changed her weary soul. In the coming years she would often return to her thoughts an wonder what if, what if she hadn’t made a rash decision, what if she hadn’t came searching. We all have our what ifs. We look back hoping, wishing beyond reason, that we could change that one moment. This was Novas.

When she had finally crossed into the Dragonite realm she had felt a great sense of relief washing over her. She could fix her momentary lapse in judgement and go back home. As the spiders spun their webs above her head trapping their prey, Nova fell into fates own trap. The kind of trap that would keep her tangled in its web, while she desperately tried to free herself.

She could taste her prize nearing, as her hands traced the bark of the trees protecting the forest floor, her eyes scanning upwards searching for the tops with no end in sight, breathing in the sweet smell of the rain that had fallen through the night. She listened to the sound of the tiny fairies wings whipping in the wind as they prepared a harvest, the birds chirping in their sing song whistles, but the wind brought a sound that caught her attention once more.

“The gem!” She exclaimed as quietly as possible not wanting to allow the forest to know she had come claiming her prize. She moved forward sensing the magic held ahead, hearing the sound of the water falling against the rocks ahead, her own siren playing its own song luring her in. She could hear the sound of water dripping and a man humming, stopping her dead in her tracks, she dropped quickly behind the protective cover of a nearby tree. Her body was on edge and she began to chant a fey protection spell. Calming herself, she looked around the edge of the rough bark spying on the man that bathed in the very falls that the stone was destined to be hidden in.

Bathing with his steel-clad wings outstretched she watched from a safe distance admiring the physique of a body that had seen many battles. Intrigued as he allowed the water to drip from his dark curly hair following the perfect sculpted ridges of a well worked body. Allowing a small gasp to escape she clasped her hand against her mouth. As he wiped the dark locks back from his face with both hands, she saw the most vibrant green eyes staring straight at her knowing she had been spying with little regard for his privacy. With a bemused look he had grinned knowing he was being admired, standing taller with an arrogance that told Nova this man was not shy. He smiled with the most brilliant smile she had ever seen and in that moment she knew how royally screwed she truly was.

“You could join me, little bird.” He said with such confidence in a sensual deep voice that she couldn’t deny, or rather she just didn’t want to fight. She allowed herself a courtesy deep breath before standing revealing the beauty that the man did little to hide his intrigue with. Nova was quite beautiful with long dark hair cascading around her slender shoulders. She had vibrant blue eyes that looked like you could swim in them, men favored her as they favored the sirens before they met their certain end.

And for those seasons they were like moths drawn to a flame. Forgetting who they were and who they were destined to be, they fell into the dark abyss of one another. For months, they loved and hoped for more than the stolen moments they were granted. He found her in the spring when all things were new and beginning. He gave her the warmth in the summer of a thousand suns filled with laughter and the nights you will die remembering with a smile. But as fall began bringing changes in the leaves that surrounded their little hide away in the glorious forest surrounded by mountains upon mountains, they sensed more than the change of seasons.

The calm and collected Dragonite had responsibilities bringing him home more often. His vow to another, before Nova had made her way into his life, weighed heavy on him. Slade knew the blood oath could never be broken and yet he came to Nova for escape. He came taking what wasn’t truly his and Nova accepted hoping to be able to keep him if for only moments more. As many women have fallen before and since, she hoped to change the man she loved.

Nova laid her head delicately to his chiseled chest listening to the rhythm of his beating heart dancing in symphonic melody with the sound of her raspy breathes. They had spent hours wrapped up in a safe cadence of satisfaction so pure she wasn’t sure she would ever truly be able to dance to her own rhythm again. She needed him. She needed him like the spring flowers blooming needed rain and sunshine, like the phoenix needed their fire, and like the sirens their oceans. She needed him more than words could describe, and yet she was ignorantly falling for someone she would never truly have. No matter how deeply his affection ran for her, he was bound to another through duty and honor. A Dragonite trait she had never quite been able to put much use to.

Slade the future Dragonite king. Her exceptionally tall drink of water on a hot summers’ day. Her green-eyed warrior. He changed her like the seasons. He gave her a safe place to rest her head if for only those stolen moments. He would look into her eyes and she would feel it in her core. That undeniable feeling of home. But Nova wasn’t his. His home was with Lakyra. Lakyra the fair maiden, beautiful and full of glorious light. I was the dark. The night that stole from the light. She was not what he needed. Nova wasn’t enough. Lakyra’s smell lingered upon his cheek where Nova knew her lips had graced before Slade found his way to her bed.

Jealousy, coursed through her veins like a river beating against a dam begging to be set free, as she tried desperately to hide the dark pulsating through her. Slade knowing his fey beauty, too well perhaps, leaned forward on his elbows lamenting, knowing the time had come to free his little bird once more. He loved her in his own way but he knew it wasn’t enough. He wanted more than she could offer and he would not lose his throne for a woman, no matter her beauty.

Holding her face gently between his hands he gently spoke as if trying to lessen the blow his words were sure to land. “Nova, my love, I am promised to her. It is my duty but you,” he paused trying to find the right words. “You my love deserve more than stolen time from another. You are my heart but I cannot abandon my people.”

With anger coursing through her veins she replied with hatred, “You can’t or you won’t. I will give you my all for all of my life. My sword, my magic, my heart, mind, body and soul. Choose me dammit. She will never know you as I do.”

“No, Nova, she will not fill the void you have filled but she will do her duty and I will do mine. We will marry and produce true heirs to the throne I am to one day rule. I cannot because I do not want to. I will choose her not because I must but because I am a man of my word. I will choose her because she is the one that will make me king of the Dragonites. Because with her power is mine. With you it’s a good time nothing more nothing less. I will not choose you because to me there is no choice. She is the chosen one.”

And for that he broke Nova into the shattered piece of soullessness that even she will learn to despise. The burnt remnants of what once was a beautiful, young nomad. A young nomad left without a place, without a home in a world full of cruelty and heartache. Left once more for a choice she had no part in. Forgotten again by men in their endless search for power.

Infuriated, she rose with her dark long locks of hair draping around her looking like the enchantress she was destined to be. Nova’s once vibrant with life blue eyes glowed as dark as the demons guarding the towers and she spoke clear and precisely not wanting to be misunderstood.

“You will loathe this day for all eternity. Your so-called people from this day forward will curse your name as I will curse your oath. Your children and their children’s children shall rue the day of your existence. Mark these words should twins be born from this day forward one shall show darkness and the other light. You may never know which will betray you. But you will fear as I have. You will fear which shall lay ruin and you will know what it is like to have you heart ripped from your chest when they prove these words true. Know I will never forgive your callousness. You shall pay for what you have done.

With satisfaction as pure as the water he had bathed in the day she happened upon him, She watched the man she loved cringe in fear. He knew her words to be truth and he was frightened. And frightened he would stay until his dying breath.


In Maddence

Some 16 years later:

The smoke infiltrated the night sky while the ground below it still seethed from the relentless beating it had taken. The rivers ran red as the waterfall seemed to cry down the rocks edging their way around the bodies of the slain warriors. Dragonites had seen war many times but this destruction was beyond even that. The evergreens that once stood tall and proud as Nova had gently graced her fingers across their weary bark were scorched and lay barren across the land. All this destruction, in just mere moments from what once was a bond between lovers. It was perfect chaos. Her perfect message resonating through every war cry from his fallen people.

The broken king and his loyal queen though beautiful stood assessing the damage of what once was. They were shattered, broken, as Nova had been not too many years before. Amidst the chaos in a perfect irony of what lay around them were their twin daughters. Nova’s masterpiece surrounded by her clear message, her promise.

King of these poor souls, Nova mused pleased with her handy work. She found herself admiring how he had aged pushing herself back into submission. “I will not love this man.” She firmly muttered under her breath. “No one will hurt me as he has again. I will make him pay for what he has done to me.” He made her nothing but yet as his shoulders hunched burdened with the weight of his people’s sorrow she felt a pang of guilt. Not much but enough to know she still lied to herself.

Raising his hand with the strength of the stubborn dragonite she knew him to be he bellowed out to his people. “Today I know you loathe my existence as do I. I can’t begin to hope for forgiveness for I am the cause of this pain. My children caused this. I caused this.”

The large aging man held his head low, “I will never forgive myself for this. I am a stupid man who fell into the bed of a heartless wretch. I broke a vow and she made me pay in my own blood. She will be found and she will be put to death. This will not go unavenged. I am no weak man and she will not take from a Dragonite. We are the protectors of man not born to weep at a woman’s tit. We will breath fire and brimstone until she is found!” His people cheered ever willing to fight another war. A bloody war for certain. He looked around almost sensing her presence and daring her to come forth. “A son will be born. No curse shall break him for he is my true heir you foolish girl!”

With that the man, Nova had once loved for reasons almost forgotten, joined his queen with men cheering loudly in support of the power he so easily possessed as the beautiful Fey warrior watched from the distance grinning. “Oh, my naïve Slade. The fun has just begun.”

And began it just had.

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