From the Ashes

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I am Yours


I am Yours

The spell that grasped Everleigh’s darkened heart strengthened as she fought tirelessly against the oncoming slaught of the various clans as they defended all that was theirs. She had an undeniable anger that grasped at every corner of her being, aching for more destruction. She could only see anger, hurt, and resentment as she sent ice and fire in droves towards the defenseless clans that had gathered below her. She was no longer Everleigh, the phoenix heir, she was a dark, dead, war horse created in her mother’s deranged mind, who had no true love for anything other than retribution.

Intent on his target, Akoni focused on the only woman he ever wanted to love’s flaming eyes, hoping beyond reason that she would see his eyes and instantly stop the madness. She instead shot flames from her hands and followed it with ice shards sending them straight towards his heart. He dived just barely missing the large remnants of ice that grazed his shoulder causing a piercing pain to shoot through his arm. He knew that this could only end one way if he couldn’t get Everleigh to release the darkness that was consuming her.

He shot forward with such force it took Everleigh by surprise and she had no time to react to his advance. They collided with a force so great that a burst of wind pushed the trees back from the roots that held them in place causing a chain reaction. The fighters below shielded their eyes as the light from the phoenix and the dragons flames exploded like a supernova. Everleigh shrieked as they fell fighting the arms that grasped around her tightly.

They landed together with Akoni breaking her fall, still trying to protect the girl he knew was hidden under the flaming exterior of the dark phoenix. He knew that he would only have one chance, one opportunity, to bring the girl he had never knew he needed home. She fought vigorously against his arms still wrapped tightly around her as she tried to burn him. He felt ever flicker of the flames and knew he wouldn’t be able to hold her long without meeting his own demise.

She was determined to kill him, he could sense that. He suddenly realized she didn’t recognize the man she had fallen in love with anymore. Her mother’s magic was stronger than he could have imagined. He needed her to see him. He released his arms from around her allowing her free as she crouched like a tigress ready to pounce on him. He gently put his hands out and reached to her flaming face caressing her cheek gently, gritting his teeth as the pain of her flames as they burnt. Even his Dragonite skin had no protection against her scorching angered flames.

She hesitated almost remembering his emerald green eyes, she shook her head confused by the flash of the past creeping through. He saw her uncertain look and grasped her face tightly in his hands, “Everleigh, I know you are in there somewhere begging to be set free. You are stronger than you believe fight this dammit.”

Her head jerked as she tried to get away from the man she could see kissing her tears from her cheeks in a memory that was fighting to be set free. She only wanted to see what had been done wrong to her mother. She must kill them all. He was a dragonite, the enemy, and yet she could feel a connection to him that screamed that he was more. She needed free from his grasp, her fight or flight instincts were taking control. She knew this man, he knew her, and yet she was torn between the darkness consuming her and the light she felt he would bring. Her own internal war raging.

Akoni held her face tighter as he felt her resolve weakening. “Hold onto me, look in my eyes Everleigh! Its still me I am still here I never left you. I am not leaving you. I am still with you and will never let go! You will kill me before I give up. I know you are still in there. I know your tired of fighting this darkness alone,” he winced as she heated her face more still fighting against the words he spoke.

“Everleigh you are not the father who couldn’t let go of the past, or the mother who abandoned you. You are the brother who was willing to sacrifice it all, the lover who isn’t willing to give up, and the people who are fighting to protect you at all costs. You are the light not the darkness hold onto that dammit.” Tears escaped her eyes as she fought the memories flooding back of a father that couldn’t love her the way she deserved, the way her brother deserved. Xcaliber and his bright smile as he spoke his last words.

Akoni pushed harder knowing she was on the brink of escaping her mother’s version of hell. A very wise young man that reminds me so much of you told me to remind you that you can fall my dear or you can rise from the ashes! Now rise dammit because I need you to come back to me Everleigh! I am yours and you are mine and I can’t do this life without you in it! Rise dammit, rise!”

Bright flashes of memories began flooding through as she remembered the nights spent in Akoni’s arms. The way he held her at her darkest hours and told her he would never leave her side. The way he smiled at her when he tried to let her forget the darkness that was thriving inside of her begging to be set free. She stopped her flames cooling his seething hands with her magic, and leaned forward with her head against his.

“Akoni, my love,” she whispered with tears streaking her burning face evaporating in the wind that blew strongly around her. She placed her head against his forehead cooling his face with her ice powers kissing him gently she whispered, “I am yours and you are mine.”

Grasping him tightly she wanted nothing more than for this moment to last for a lifetime but she knew that her mother would never be stopped. She would only keep coming back for her perfect dark creature, more eager and desperate for the revenge she felt she was owed. She knew what must be done.

Summoning all her magic she pushed the ground back separating her from the man she knew would die for before harming. Akoni yelled out in frustration, realizing too late what Everleigh was planning. The ground shook as it parted the army from Everleigh and from the mountain holding her mother and Slade. The skies were grey with ash and embers flaked around them like rain. She would not allow Nova to harm anyone else she loved.

Looking at Akoni she spoke delicately hoping he would understand one day that she had to finish this, “I love you more than the air I breathe, I would die a thousand times to see you live, and I will harm no more innocents for the wrath of one! You will not follow me!”

As she spoke she lifted an wall of ice and flames in the pit she had created separating them further.

Akoni yelled in frustration as she used the branches of nearby trees to bind him.

“Everleigh, please don’t do this let me help you!” he pleaded. “I am yours if we fall we fall together!”

Everleigh smiled looking at the man with a love she had never felt as strongly before and said, “And I am yours, my love but I must do this alone.”

Her wings expanded as he fought feverently to free himself of the trap she had laid for him. She didn’t need him to save her, she had made her choice. It was her turn to save him.

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