From the Ashes

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The Dark Dragon


The Dark Dragon

In Maddence the kingdom of the Dragonites

at Castle Arcadian

Akoni stood glaring at his aging father, “The Summits are a pointless waste of our time,” he growled. “The other clans know nothing of protecting our people and we are constantly having to save their ass for something done decades ago by a prick that we all are required to adore. Oh, and lets not forget this bullshit duty we all speak of so often.”

The young man stood with a proud and arrogant look denying his father the satisfaction of a battle easily won. He loathed his father with every ounce of his being yet looked every bit the spitting image of the defeated aging man. Their eyes resembled the same almond shape and even their hair had the same dark curls cupping around the napes of their necks. Akoni stood just slightly taller than the man he called father and it gave him a sense of power that he couldnt quite describe. He was tired. He was exhausted of fighting battles for a petty lack in judgement his father had made so many years before and he felt nothing but disdain for the man staring back at him with the same exhausted eyes.

The handsome greying king stood with heavy shoulders burdened with years of regrets and sighed, “Akoni it will soon be you who is the prick taking this throne. I need you to understand the importance of showing ‘those’ people how to survive even if they forget their own duty. One day you will understand how important that duty is. Hopefully it will be before you too realize the cost of stupidity.”

Slade had aged many years since he allowed his guard down to a beautiful Fey woman that he wasn’t promised to. Just as he had known then he had loathed the day he allowed her to leave him. As incomprehensible at it was to his sensible mind he had missed the intriguing woman for nearly 25 years even though she had cursed him. She had once told him true love never died and he realized now how true those words had been.

Lakyra, the queen, drifted into the room noting the high tension between the father and son. This wasn’t a new occurrence and she felt the need to protect her only living heir more now than ever. She changed the subject quickly noting how handsome her son looked. She smiled gently touching his cheek, “My beautiful boy the summit is where I met your father. I fell madly in love with him maybe there is hope for you after all. Surely looking like this no woman can resist you!” She grinned knowing she would peak his interest in the summit even if it was for the wrong reasons.

Akoni grumbled but smirked goading his mother playfully, “Maybe you are right mother. I am sure I will come across a raging beauty who will turn my world inside out we’ll have lots of little grand heirs walking around causing havoc in my place! ”

He felt great pride in his smooth talking abilities and loved the ladies. However, he had no intentions of settling down much to his mother’s disdain. In his young life he had only seen what the duty of marriage could bring and he saw no use in wasting his or any poor girls time for a mockery of what love was supposed to be. He was a handsome man who caught the attention of many of the ladies in waiting and often had affairs to quench his thirsts but no one had ever made him doubt his commitment to being a lone dragon.

He kissed her on the cheek playfully smirking and bowed his head to his father in disgruntled acknowledgement. While he held both in extreme respect he had never envied their love story. In fact their so called romance made him want to run the other way. They were together from that sense of duty he loathed so much. He knew of his father’s naïve affair before the two were united and he also knew the cost their people paid because of it. His father had fell in love with a beautiful fey woman. When Slade had chose duty over love the fey goddess had cursed the lines of their people. His family had been affected on a monumental level when his twin sisters Kyra and Lyla had caused mass destruction in a fit of rage.

In order to save his people Slade had chosen to slay the two beautiful girls with the help of other clans. Lakyra knew it was the only choice but still grieved the loss of the loves she had the honor of raising for their short 16 years of life. The girls had grown mad with power almost suddenly and it been among the deadliest wars fought in their small claim of Maddence. Lakyra just couldn’t forgive Slade for allowing the curse in the first place. The only reason she hadn’t ran after the devastating loss was because she had realized she was pregnant with Akoni.

He began to walk away when he heard Lakyra snarl, “Let’s hope my son is stronger than you were.”

Sighing with sarcasm Akoni growled, “Long live love. And God help us all, long live the king.“′

He walked the darkening castles grounds lost in his own thoughts waiting to fly towards the Summit. He should have never been king he often loathed the day he was conceived. He was born of duty and would die doing the same. It felt like some sort of sad existence in one of the plays he managed to sneak away to often to get a reprieve from the prying eyes of every dragon who expected the perfect specimen to emerge his head roaring.

He decided flying to the Summit was more appealing than dealing with more dead conversations filled with weather and fighting reports that he had heard millions of times. He held his breath. Might as well make an appearance he thought. Akoni was a Dragonite and had the ironclad wings to prove it. Dragonites could use fire to fight and always seemed to have a larger than life personality. Akoni fit all of that and more. He was tall, dark, and handsome and never seemed to have a problem with women. They adored him. The problem was he had no intentions of settling down king or not. He had saw what a loveless marriage meant and wanted nothing to do with it. He swooped upwards with his wings outstretched to go through the opened dome. Coming down through the middle with perfect precision he landed making an appearance most wouldn’t forget.

That’s when he noticed the most beautiful woman he had ever seen as she rolled her eyes at his grand entrance. Her red hair nearly touching the top of her perfectly curved ass. She was out of this world beautiful and he had never been more intrigued with a woman before. The only issue was she looked unamused by his flamboyance.

“Now or never,” he muttered under his breath.

When he made his way to the alluring beauty she turned to walk away. He sped up grabbing her arm to slow her hoping she would give him a chance to make a better first impression. His fingers tingled as he realized she was burning him. He couldn’t suppress the laugh that escaped his lips.

“Well aren’t you a little spit fire,” he mused with his green eyes flickering ruefully.

She was most certainly a Phoenix. They had the power to heat their entire body to the point of destroying anything and the slight tingling in his fingers told him she was holding back. She knew she couldn’t hurt him too much with the little she had gave him a taste of, he was a Dragon and they had a high tolerance to fire. But the fact that she did it told him she had a personality he wanted to get to know as much as the rest of her. Phoenix’s had a way of getting his blood boiling in all the right places. His father forbade him or any other dragons to mingle outside of their clan. Maybe it was the forbidden bit that got him, but nonetheless he was intrigued and wanted to know her in a more intimate setting.

“So, Dragon,” she teased with her full red lips pursed in pure mockery. “What is it that a poor measly Phoenix can help you with? Do we need to discuss treaties or land agreements?”

She was catty and he couldn’t contain his grin. He would like to discuss some things with her but the treaties nor land were on the top of that to do list. “I would love to discuss how you made your way to such a boring event looking like that,” he motioned appreciatively laughing.

She grimaced, “You are an ass. That may work for your Dragonite whores but not for an heir to a Phoenix throne. I believe there are laws in place from your beloved father in regard to mingling with us lowly folks of the other clans.”

And with that she turned walking on her heels towards the garden with her curvy hips swaying enticingly, leaving the others around her laughing in mockery at the debacle.

Akoni stood shocked yet awed he had always been able to woo women easily but this one was different. She spoke her mind something he most certainly wasn’t used to. The women he met nearly threw themselves at him begging for future little princes. It annoyed him yet fascinated him all at once that for the first time in his life he had no effect on the red headed vixen. He wanted to know her more. He needed it like a drink to a drunks lips.

He followed her swiftly to the garden being sure no one saw him. As the red headed beauty had reminded him fraternizing with the other clans was absolutely forbidden. “Fuck it,” he mumbled. You only have one life to live and you shouldn’t waste it on the wish I would haves. Glancing around, he snuck behind the crowd to the door leading to the flaming beauty.

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