From the Ashes

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Fate's Fatal Flaw


Fate’s Fatal Flaw

As Everleigh caressed her brothers frail and tired cheeks, her mind wandered. How could she have missed something of such magnitude. Her mother still lived and yet had chosen not to be present for her “little loves” entire lives. They meant nothing to the woman that had gave birth to them. Everleigh felt the sting of realizing she was nothing less than a pawn to a woman that was meant to love them. A piece in a very big game of vengeance and hatred. Everleigh had never felt as hurt and angry as she was feeling in these desperate moments and longed for her brother to wake from his exhausted slumber. The use of their powers came at a tiring cost, but it was quite apparent that time jumping took more from a person than she would have assumed. She brushed the dark hair peppered with red through out, from his sweaty forehead, sighing. She couldn’t leave him no matter how angry she was at him for the secrets he had been keeping.

Xcaliber began to stir, as if in reply to his fraught sisters desperation. He opened his eyes meekly seeing his twin flame looking over him with worry and seething anger. He knew the look she gave him was that of heartbreak and he felt awful for having to be the one to show her where they came from. Their mother was a force to be reckoned with yet chose to allow them both to suffer insurmountable pain at the hands of their so-called people. All of this from a curse Nova, their own mother, had cast.

He weakly reached his hand to her lightly freckled cheek, gently rubbing a tear that escaped the brim of her eye. “From the ashes,” he said gently reminding his sister that he was still the same brother that she could always count on.

She grasped his hand in hers, as her shoulders collapsed in defeat. Knowing that his sister was at her breaking point, Xcaliber felt despair as his work was left unfinished. She needed to understand that loving Akoni was not something her mother would ever allow. Slade was the man that had broke her spirit and Everleigh could not love that man’s child. It would be unforgivable.

Determined to finish the task he must he took his hand from her grasp.

“I am so sorry for having to do this Everleigh, but I must,” he wanted to wait, he knew she had just gone through hell already yet being a seer knew she would never forgive him if he didn’t show her the final piece of the puzzle. “I must show you one more thing.”

The exhausted man, with his matching blue eyes, held his sister’s hands tenderly and pulled her further into the rabbit hole they called life. This would break the eternal tie that had bound them their entire lives and yet he was bound. His heart broke for her even now, yet the man she had more faith in than he had in himself, was about to land a blow to all that his sister was becoming.

Everleigh couldn’t explain what she felt but it was liberating. She had a sense of choice for the first time in her life and it felt as invigorating as the cool breeze on a hot summers day. She didn’t understand the change in her emotions until she felt Xcaliber’s hand motioning towards the winged phoenix flying above their heads. With red hair flaming as bright as a thousand suns, and eyes as vibrant as the clear oceans, Everleigh realized she was looking at her own reflection. She was the Phoenix in all of her glory.

Everleigh pulled in a sharp breath, realizing what was unfolding in front of her. This wasn’t the same girl who laughed at stupid jokes, who gave coins to the poor, or helped when she knew others needed it. She no longer resembled the young woman who meekly hid her powers, strength, or wit from the men that ruled her life. She was the embodiment of true power. The woman flying in front of them was an incomprehensible force not to be toyed with. Her wings and body flamed, and her eyes glowed blue with what looked like ice. She was free of others and their chains, but they would not be free of her. She could sense the anger in herself and it scared even her.

Looking around she saw destruction, beauty in a new form, she allowed a fleeting thought. Warriors lay fallen at her feet like mere ants. Most were of the Dragonite clan but she began to see that the other tribes had came as well. Like the Dragonite’s that lay surrounding her they too had fallen. She could sense the invigorating power seeping from her other self as she tried to reconcile the who she was meant to be and who she was. The creature before her was never the light, Everleigh realized with an instantaneous certainty. She was the darkness. She was the reckoning her mother had promised to the Dragonite, Slade.

She was destined to kill the clan of the man she now realized she was deeply in love with. Almost in acknowledgement to Everleigh’s revelation she saw Akoni with his wings outstretched running towards a young boy barely able to hold the shield he possessed. Everleigh realized immediately the child was in danger.

The phoenix, Everleigh’s future self, had sat her sights on the young boy and with a determination beyond the realm of comprehension, she was intent on killing the boy destroying the future of the kingdom Slade had chosen over her mother. As the phoenix swooped ready to devour the boy in the flames, Akoni outstretched his wings like an guardian angel and blocked the flames screaming in agony, yet refusing to allow the boy to perish.

Everleigh watched as the phoenix she was destined to become destroyed the man that held her heart. Screaming in her own hell, Everleigh pulled herself from the time warp with a power she had not realized she possessed.

The words of her mother rang in her ears as she sobbed uncontrollably.

Blood of my blood, heart of my heart,

It is time that we all must do our part.

Fill them with despair, fill them with hate

It is time, my little loves, we fulfill the Dragonite fate

For the first time in Everleigh’s life she couldn’t help but to admit, she was in fact cursed. She was cursed by the woman who was supposed to love her most. Everleigh felt the darkness seep in just a bit as she turned to her brother in rebellion.

“I hate you, I denounce you as anything less than a prisoner to the hell you created. I will never forgive what you have hidden from me!”

As suddenly as she had appeared in the lifeless chamber, Everleigh disappeared into thin air leaving Xcaliber to grieve what he had known would be the beginning of the end.

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